8 Ways to Get Free Money from the Government

You can get some free money from the government in case of immediate financial help, education, buying a home, or starting a small business.

Get Free Money from the Government

Almost everyone knows that the USA is one of the richest countries in the world. Indeed, the US is also the world’s largest economy.

As a result, some of us believe that the American government has plenty of money to give us for free. Or, you can get free money from the government without missing anything.

You’re not mistaken when you believe that the American government has a lot of money to give free. It does give billions of Dollars free every year, through various grants and other programs for citizens.

However, not everyone qualifies for this free money. But you can always check if you qualify for such grants and other programs through various US government websites.

If you’d like to check your eligibility or know more about these grants and programs, continue reading.

Get Free Money from the Government

The US government gives free money only in rare instances. Meaning, you can’t get money for starting a business or for covering the loss of property and belongings. However, you can get some money from the government for free, if you use any of these following ways and are eligible.

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1. Find Unclaimed Money

Find Unclaimed Money

Money lying unclaimed for any reason such as the death of the owner or bank depositor or Social Service subscriber can easily be yours. That’s because, after some period of time, the money goes to the US treasury.

If you can prove that you’re a legal heir to the money or that it belongs to you, it’s possible to lay a claim and possibly get it. You can find details at unclaimed.org. The process can however be long and could involve lots of legal documentation.

Because the US government wants to ensure that the money goes to the right people only. You can get some money from the government in this manner.

2. Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment Benefits

The Department of Labor gives some dole if you’re unemployed for a prolonged period and have no other income. The amount of dole you get depends on various factors such as your civil status and nature of work, among others.

This money is given free every month, during your period of unemployment. However, once you get a job or even find part-time work, you have to declare the same to the Department of Labor, which then decides whether or not to continue giving you free money from the government.

The department also makes it compulsory for you to actively seek jobs in your profession or another type, at the earliest.

3. Social Security Interest for Elderly

Social Security Interest

Elderly citizens, meaning those above the age of 62 years can get money from Social Security to cover part of their living expenses. However, they have to be subscribers of Social Security while they were earning and should have made regular contributions.

This money is free and given as an assistant to senior citizens. You could have withdrawn your Social Security money but still get this assistance. Also, you can get this free money without touching full or part of your money lying with Social Security.

4. Federal Housing Agency Grants

Federal Housing Agency Grants

There’re two grants that you could get from the Federal Housing Agency or FHA. One of them is to pay full or part of the money that you’ll be paying as a downpayment when you take a house on mortgage.

To qualify, your income should be below a particular upper limit, which depends from state to state. Secondly, you can also get a grant for covering part of your expenses in renovating or repairing an old house.

The house should be in your name and you would have to give various documents as proof and reasons for the repairs.

5. Education Grants

Education Grants

The Department of Education provides different types of grants to both students and educators. These grants and their eligibility also differ according to the state in the USA where you live.

Such grants are also available according to various colleges and schools. You can check at your nearest Education Department office whether any grants are available for your area, either as a student or teacher.

Generally, students from financially weaker families qualify for these grants. Also, if you’re a teacher, you can get some money from the government, free, for upgrading your skills.

6. Department of Energy Grants

Department of Energy Grants

The Department of Energy offers grants in most American states. These grants are available for weatherizing your home. That means, for ensuring that your home is safe against weather hazards and you have ample warmth or cold at home during winters and summers.

You can visit the Department of Energy website and learn a lot about these grants. However, I would suggest you visit the nearest office of the Department of Energy and find about these grants since they differ according to area and states.

About 30 million American homes qualify for weatherization, according to the Department of Energy. Usually, senior citizens get priority for these grants, especially for weatherization against winters.

7. Supplemental Nutrition Programs

Supplemental Nutrition Programs

The Supplemental Nutrition Program is part of the US government’s drive to ensure that Americans don’t suffer from malnourishment or undernourishment due to a shortage of money.

This might come as a surprise, but there is a section of financially weak families and households in the USA that face the threat of malnourishment or undernourishment.

In such cases, the US government provides either financial assistance to these families or issues stamps for buying food products. Priority is given to women with children and infants as well as senior citizens.

8. Community Development Programs

Community Development Programs

The US government and various states also have a few programs and grants for the welfare of ethnic communities in the country. However, these grants and programs are very area-specific and will be available only in a limited geographical area of the country.

They include the development of indigenous Americans and other ethnic minorities in the country. The objective of these programs is to ensure proper education and healthcare for members of these communities.

In Conclusion

Though there’re claims of other programs and schemes, research proves that they’re no longer available or discontinued by the American government. The best way to get free money from these grants and programs is to approach the nearest office of the department that would handle such programs.