17 Best Places to Get Free Land in the United States in 2024

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For many of us, owning a home has always been a dream. Some of us fulfil it, while others struggle to get money and a mortgage to buy one. As you would be aware, one of the most expensive things while buying a home or building one is a lot of land. Yes, often, the lot costs much more than the house itself.

If you have a job that allows you to relocate, or if you want to build a retirement home for yourself, there’s something that you could definitely do. And that is looking for free land in America.

You might believe I’m joking about this, but no. I’m serious, and I mean it when I say that there are as many as 17 ways to get free land in the United States. I’m sure this would interest you. If so, continue reading this article till the end, as I explain how to get free land in the United States.

Who Gives Free Land in the United States?

Obviously, the question on the top of your mind is, who gives free land in the United States, especially at a time when a simple lot can cost a fortune?

The answer is simple. A lot of US states and regions give away land for free. They do it for various reasons. One of these reasons is that the governments of these states want to repopulate the towns, cities, or localities. Other states give it for agricultural uses. Some others provide free land to specific ethnic communities, while yet others give free land in the US to balance the environment.

Regardless of the reasons, there are as many as 17 ways to get free land in the US. I will discuss these in the following paras. So, continue reading because this article is of interest to almost everyone who lives in the USA.

17 Ways to Get Free Land in the United States

These ways to buy land with no money in the US are completely legit and safe. That’s because you’re getting free property directly from the administrations of various states and cities. Here, you can save a lot of money than buying or renting a home for yourself. However, I would still advise you to be careful and avoid any unexpected offers of free land from strangers or self-styled agents because they could be scams.

1. Lincoln, Kansas

Lincoln, Kansas

Lincoln is a small town in Kansas state that has the cheapest land in America. It has a population of about 4,000 people only. The town and Kansas administration are trying to attract people to move to Lincoln by giving away free land in Kansas for residential purposes. By doing so, Lincoln and Kansas hope to increase the town’s population.

2. Marquette, Kansas

Marquette, Kansas

Also, in a small town located in Kansas, the town administration is giving away fairly large lots of land for you to build a home. However, the catch is that you have to start building your house within 180 days after the administration officially transfers a lot of land to your name. This is an ideal town if you’re looking at building a retirement home for yourself.

3. Mankato, Kansas

Mankato, Kansas

Mankato is a small city in Kansas that is said to offer a semi-rural ambience. It has a population of only about a thousand people. Therefore, you can understand why the Kansas and Mankato administrations are anxious to give away free lots of land to people like us.

The condition is that you have to start building your house within six months from the allotment of the lot. And your house should be at least 1,200 sq. feet in size

4. Osborne, Kansas

Osborne, Kansas

This small city, known as Osborne, is one of the best places to buy land for everyone – family, single women, men, and seniors. The city is giving away free land to US citizens.

The city administration takes $500 as a deposit from you, which is returned after you build the house. To comply with the rules, you have to build the house within 12 months of getting the land and move in 24 months.

5. Plainville, Kansas

Plainville, Kansas

Similar to Osborne, the city of Plainville is also offering lots of land for free to American citizens. You’ve to pay $500 to the city, which is refunded once you get the land.

The house has to be built according to the requirements of the city administration, and construction work should start within a year of getting the land. You have to move to Plainville, Kansas, within 24 months of getting the land.

6. La Villa, Texas

La Villa, Texas

As we all know, Texas is one of the best states to buy land. The city of La Villa in Texas gives away free land in Texas. You have to apply directly to the city administration, which has a list of free lots of land that are available.

In La Villa, the land is free, but you’ve to bear all the other expenses, such as taxes and levelling, among others. There’s a five-year lien on the lot, meaning that if you sell the lot before the completion of this period, you have to pay some costs to the city administration. Buying & selling land is one of the best ways of investment.

7. Flagler, Colorado

Flagler, Colorado

If you’re looking for free land to set up a business or open a store, Flagler, Colorado, might be the right place. Flagler, Colorado, is giving away free land to American citizens for business purposes.

While the land is free, you have to bear all related costs, such as taxes. The city is located east of Denver and is an ideal location for business.

8. Agate, Colorado

Agate, Colorado

The town of Agate, Colorado, is giving free land to Americans who wish to start farming or grow fruits and vegetables. The land is free while you bear all the other related costs, including taxes.

A part of your produce also goes to a cooperative in Agate as a charity. This is an ideal place for those who have some experience in agriculture or growing fruits and vegetables.

9. Elwood, Nebraska

Elwood, Nebraska

You can get free land for residential purposes in Elwood, Nebraska, from the city administration. You have to pay $500 at the time of application. The money is refunded when the city gives you the free land.

However, you have to build a house within 180 days of getting the free Property. The house should be a minimum of 1,400 sq. feet and should stand on a foundation instead of load-bearing or other similar structures.

10. Loup City, Nebraska

Loup City, Nebraska

With most of the population ageing, the administration of Loup City is giving away free land to attract newcomers and especially encourage the younger people to move in.

While there’re no age stipulations to apply for free land, you have to pay a deposit to the city, which is returned when you get the land. The land has to be used for residential purposes only and should comply with all Loup City regulations.

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11. Beatrice, Nebraska

Beatrice, Nebraska

Beatrice has a population of about 12,000 residents and wants more people to move in. If you’re willing to relocate, apply to the Beatrice city administration for a free land allotment.

Once you get the land, you’ve to build your house within the time limit given by the city admin. Also, this house should comply with all standards of the city administration. This location is ideal since it’s just about 50km from Lincoln, the state capital. Here, you save a lot of money than you spend when you buy a new home .

12. Curtis, Nebraska

Curtis, Nebraska

At this moment, I don’t have much information about the type of land and other details about free land in Curtis, Nebraska. However, the city gives away free land for residential purposes only.

These lots of land come in various sizes. Hence, you’ll have to personally visit the offices of the Curtis city admin and find the details yourself.

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13. New Richland, Minnesota

New Richland, Minnesota

Nature lovers and persons who love the outdoors can look for free land given by the administration of the city of New Richland, Minnesota. This city is located near lakes and beautiful forests, which makes it ideal for sports and hunting games.

You can also visit the nearby lakes for fishing and other outdoor activities. Apply directly to the New Richland admin for free land in Minnesota.

14. Claremont, Minnesota

Claremont, Minnesota

If your household income is less than $96,803 per year, you qualify for free land in Claremont, Minnesota. You’ll have to provide all proof of your income while applying for the land.

This city is known for its friendly people, and the cost of living is also fairly low compared to elsewhere in the state. You have to build a house that complies with the specifications of the Claremont administration.

15. Marne, Iowa

Marne, Iowa

The city of Marne in Iowa is looking at increasing its population after thousands of people moved away for jobs and other reasons. This is a very healthy city and is surrounded by lush greenery.

You can apply for free land under the Marne City Act if you’re an American citizen. Terms and conditions apply for getting free land in Marne, Iowa.

16. Camden, Maine

Camden, Maine

Camden is a small town in Maine looking to grow its indigenous economy. Therefore, the city admin is giving away free land to individuals and families interested in setting up a business or a store in the town.

You have to apply directly to Camden admin for a lot of free lands in the US and mention the purposes you require the land. Allotment usually takes three to six months from application.

17. Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, New York

Who hasn’t heard of Buffalo, NY? This is a city known for Niagara Falls and its closeness to the US-Canada border. You might be surprised, but the city admin of Buffalo, NY, often gives away free land to American citizens.

They have a program for giving free land, and details can be found in the city admin offices.

Wrap Up

Actually, getting free land isn’t a bad idea if you can relocate to any of these places and work. During the new normal, most of us are working online from home. If you’re a freelancer or will continue working from home, moving to these cities after getting free land can prove to be a good idea.

Details about free land programs of these cities and towns are often not available on their official websites. Therefore, I would suggest you call up the city admins of these places or visit yourself and get details firsthand. It’s also better to visit the cities I mentioned above to get a look at the various services and amenities there.

For most of us, building a house is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and hence, it is best to build a dream home.

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