17 Easy Ways for How to Cash a Check Online

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17 Easy Ways for How to Cash a Check Online

Online check cashing isn’t anything new. However, we’re living in the new normal during which most of the work we do is generally online. Therefore, if you have a check to cash and wish to avoid visiting the nearest branch of your bank, here’s the way to do so online.

There are two distinct ways to cash a check online, i.e. by check cashing apps and via Do you know how to cash a check online? Computer. Here, I will describe both of them. You can select the one that best suits your needs.

Depositing a Check Online

Actually, you need to deposit a check in your bank account to cash it. There are two distinct ways of doing so. However, first you’ll need to check with your bank if they provide the online check deposit facility. In fact, several banks offer this facility. However, some offer it only for holders of premium accounts, while others offer it to all their customers.

There are two distinct ways to deposit a check online with your bank. Here, I will explain both these ways.

Check Deposit Through the App

A lot of banks have apps with the check deposit facility. If your bank provides one, follow these simple steps. That way, you can always cash a check easily from your bank.

Register for Online Check Deposit

As I mentioned earlier, some banks offer an online check deposit facility through their apps for select customers only. And even if you’re one such a customer, you’ll have to register to utilize this facility. Therefore, register for online check deposits through the app with your bank.

Fill in Check Details

Once you’ve successfully registered with the bank for online check deposit, the second step is to log in on your mobile banking app. Click on the check deposit service and fill out the details of the check.

This means filling in details such as the bank on which the check is drawn and the date. Also, include the check number.

Fill in the Correct Amount

The next step is to fill in the exact amount as indicated on the check. You’ll have to mention these both in figures and words. Usually, there will be two separate columns where you can fill in these details.

Scan the Check

The last step is to scan the check using the camera on your smartphone. Remember, the picture of your check or its scan has to be very clear for the bank’s software to capture details, including your name, bank details, date and amount.

Some banks require that you endorse the check with your signature and write your account details on the reverse.

Depositing a Check Through Computer

You can also use a computer to deposit and cash a check online. This facility is also available from select banks only. If you hold an account with a bank that allows online check deposit, here’re the steps to follow.

Register for Online Check Deposit

Like with the app, you’ll have to register to use the online check deposit service through the computer. Thanks to the new normal, lots of banks are now offering this service to their customers. You can simply fill out the necessary details for registration online and submit to your bank.

Endorse Your Check

The second step to take is to endorse your check by signing on its reverse and mentioning your account number. The process could differ according to the bank, but usually, you would have to endorse the check by signing it on the reverse.

Go to the Online Check Deposit Link

Login to your net banking portal and click on the online check deposit link. Here you’ll have to fill out details such as drawee bank of the check, amount and your name, check number and date. There will be separate columns to fill in these details.

Scan and Upload

To deposit a check through a computer, you’ll require a superb scanner. To upload the check online, scan the front and reverse sides of the check. Upload these images in the right sections and submit. Now, your check is already with the bank. 

Regardless of whether you’re using a mobile app or computer, your bank will usually send an acknowledgement either instantly or through email about your check deposit. 

With these above steps, you’re ready to cash a check online easily.

17 Easy Ways to Cash a Check Online

Now that you’re aware of the steps to cash a check online, here are some easy ways to do so. I’ll be writing about various private apps and those owned by banks where you can easily cash a check online.

You could select the ones according to your needs.

Online Check Cashing Through Check Cashing Apps

There are several third-party apps that allow you to cash a check. However, you’ll have to check with your bank if they accept check deposits through these apps. Also, find out whether these apps will allow the money to be credited to your prepaid debit cards or directly to a bank account.

1. PayPal


PayPal is the best cash checking app that you can use for online check cashing. Since PayPal is usually connected to your mobile wallet or a bank account, you have the option of choosing where to deposit the cash.

They usually take a week to 10 days to cash your check. However, if you require instant credit to your wallet or bank account, PayPal charges a fee of 2.5 percent to five percent of the check value.

2. Ingo


Ingo is one of the reliable check-cashing apps where you can cash a check online. However, find out if the app supports your bank’s online check deposit and cash credit to your account. Ingo also takes between a week and 10 days to cash your check.

Instant online check cashing and credit are available for full amount or part of the amount for a small fee, ranging from three percent to five percent of the check value.

3. NetSpend


It’s possible to deposit a check online and get the cash in your PayPal mobile wallet, bank account or prepaid debit card through Ingo.

They usually take about 10 days and sometimes more, if there’s a weekend in between, to cash your check. However, you can request part of the check amount for instant credit for a small fee.

4. Chime


Chime is another wonderful app to cash a check online easily. Simply follow the steps that I mentioned earlier to upload your check on this app. However, also check whether Chime can credit the money to your bank, mobile wallet or prepaid debit card.

They do support a lot of banks, prepaid debit cards and major mobile wallets such as PayPal. Chime takes about 10 days to cash your check, with instant credits available for part or full amounts for a fee that can go up to five percent of the check value.

5. Green Dot

Green Dot

Green Dot is useful if you’re not in a hurry to get the cash. They take over a week to cash your check online. Generally, they will deposit the money directly to your bank account or prepaid mobile card.

Find out whether they support your prepaid debit card for depositing the cash.

Green Dot also supports credit cards such as those from Walmart and other providers. Therefore, you can easily top up a credit card that Green Dot supports by depositing a check.

6. ACE Elite

Ace Elite

And finally, Ace Elite. This is an amazing app known for cashing your check in three days to seven days. They generally provide cash deposits directly to select banks and prepaid debit and credit cards.

You can also top up your mobile wallet with the money you get from the cash. If you want instant credit, they charge a small fee starting at three percent of your check value.

However, this is a very reliable third-party app for easy online check deposits and cashing. 

7. Brink’s Money

Brink’s Money

You can cash a check online on Brink’s Money easily. They cash all kinds of checks. You can request the credit to your bank account, prepaid debit card or even top up your credit card with this app.

They provide instant credit for a fee. And they take about 10 days to clear your check and deposit the cash in your bank account.

Cashing Checks through Bank Apps and Websites

Several top banks in America also provide the facility to deposit and cash a check online. Usually, most banks will credit the money to your account in three working days.

In some cases, they could give you instant credit too, either for the full amount or for a part of the check value, up to a maximum of $500.

8. Charles Schwab Bank

Charles Schwab Bank

Schwab offers you the facilities to deposit a check online, through net banking or their app. The money is credited to your account either the same day or within three working days.  In some cases, you can also get instant credit for the money worth the check amount.

9. Chase Bank

Chase Bank

This is also for its customers. Chase allows you to deposit and cash a check online with ease. You can use their mobile banking app or net banking to deposit a check online and cash it.

They credit the money the same day if you deposit before 11 am and after two to three days if you deposit after that time. In some cases, you can request instant credit for the check amount, too.

10. Merrill-Lynch 


Use Merrill-Lynch’s mobile banking app or website to upload and deposit your check online from the comfort of your home. This facility is available for Merrill Lynch customers across America.

They cash government, municipal and other similar checks instantly, too. Meaning you get the cash credited to your account within a few minutes,

11. Wells Fargo Bank

Wells Fargo Bank

If you’re a customer of Wells Fargo and cannot visit the nearest branch to deposit a check, you can do so online.

They provide the online check deposit and cashing facility through their mobile banking app and net banking services. Read their terms and conditions, accept them, scan your check on their app and deposit it to get the cash.

12. Bank of America

Bank of America

Similar to other banks, Bank of America or BoA also offers the same facilities for uploading and cashing a check from your home or office.

You’ll have to scan the check on a scanner or take its picture using their mobile banking app and upload it to cash it. BoA also provides instant credit in some instances. Usually, they take about three days to deposit the cash in your account, in the normal process.

13. US Bank

US Bank

As a US Bank customer, you can avail of their online check deposit facility. Use your net banking portal to register for this service. And they also have an app where you can deposit a check online using the processes that I’ve explained above.

They take three to four days to cash a check if you deposit it by 10 am local time and three days if you deposit after 10 am.

14. First Midwest Bank


First Midwest Bank offers you the facility of depositing a check online, too. You could use either their app or their net banking portal to deposit a check for cash.

Read their terms and conditions as well as procedures to cash a check online before you proceed. They provide some part of the check amount as instant credit for a small fee.

15. GoBank


Scan your check or take its picture and upload it on GoBank’s mobile app or net banking portal to cash a check easily. They also provide instant credit for salary checks, up to a specific amount only, depending on your income and without fees.

For the full amount to be credited instantly, you might have to pay about two percent of the check value as their service charges.

16. Bank Santander

Bank Santander

Though Bank Santander doesn’t have as many branches across America as some other banks, they do have a superb net banking portal and app that allows you to easily cash a check online.

The service is free, like every other bank. Check their website on how to upload the check for cashing. You can also use the Bank Santander app.

17. TD Bank

TD Bank

One of the fastest and easiest ways to cash a check online is from TD Bank if you’re an account holder here. Simply upload the check on their mobile banking app or net banking portal to get the cash.

TD Bank also accepts all kinds of checks and provides instant credit for salary checks and government checks. They take about three days to credit the cash to your bank in some cases.

Wrap Up

It’s very easy nowadays to cash a check online. Most top banks provide the service, and there are third-party apps that you could also use. Cashing a check online saves a lot of time and the hassle of visiting the bank to deposit one.

However, you need to be careful and provide the correct details of the check and your account on these apps and net banking portals to get the money fast.

Always use a secure Internet connection while accessing your banking or other app to upload the check. Since every app and bank has different requirements, make sure you read them carefully to deposit the check.

This would help you get the money faster. As a rule, always destroy or cancel the check so that it can’t be reused should it get stolen or misplaced.

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