21 Ways to Get Free Kids Books Online and By Mail

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Reading is one of the best hobbies that anyone can have. In fact, most top billionaires in the world such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett and Sir Richard Branson among others, claim they’ve reached their positions and maintain it because of their reading habits. Almost all of these billionaires read a book, or at least a few chapters, daily.

There’re several benefits that your child can get from reading books. Here I’ll list each one of these benefits that you can give your child for almost free.

Benefits of Reading Books

Every child that reads books can benefit tremendously. There’re no limits on what type of books they can read. Here’re some of the benefits of book reading for your child.

Helps Develop Concentration Skills: Yes, reading books helps your child to develop concentration skills. This will prove vital when they’re at school or go for higher education. Their concentration and attention span will be much longer compared over children that don’t read books.

Learn New Words: Although books are written in simple language that make it easier for everyone to comprehend, your child can easily learn some new words, even before they’re school-ready. This helps them develop a superb vocabulary and communications skills even before they attend school.

Increases General Knowledge: Reading books definitely increases your child’s general knowledge. Even if they read fiction stories written by authors for kids, such books are a goldmine of information and general knowledge. Therefore, your child develops a life skill that would prove useful at later stages.

Plus, there’re several more benefits of reading for your child. 

Now you might wonder, how to get books for your child? Actually, the answer is very simple. There’re as many as 21 ways to get free kids books online and by mail.

Get Free Books for Kids Online and By Mail

The websites that I’m writing about offer free memberships. Therefore, you don’t have to spend anything to get these free books for kids. In some cases, you would have to pay postage to receive these books. However, that is a small amount considering the number of books you can get for free.

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1. Google Books

Google Books has countless books for children. You can also find some educational books for kids on this amazing website that comes from Google. All you need to do is key in the search words by genre and Google Books will display the available choices. They can read these books online only. Some books are available free for download while others are available at discounted rates.

2. Free Kids Books from Amazon

You can find countless free books for children on Amazon. Search for any good title for children and you might find that the Kindle version is free. You could download these books for your kids. In fact, you can find the widest possible range of books for kids on Amazon, all for free.

3. eBay

eBay also ranks on my list of places to get free books for kids because you can find countless titles that people simply want to give away. The only thing you need to do is pay for their mailing. You can search with the keywords ‘free books’ on eBay and find many that could suit the needs of your kids.

4. Read.gov

Read.gov is a website run by the US government’s Library of Congress. It aims at promoting the reading habit among both children and adults. You can find thousands of superb books on American history and other topics that’re specially made for children. Membership is free and you can enroll your child on this website. A lot of American classics for children and young adults are also available here.

5. Goodreads

If you’re looking for books for children of up to 10 years of age, Goodreads is another website that you could try. They stock more than 200 title of all genres that’re suitable for your children. They can read these books online and, in some cases, even download them on a computer.

6. FreeKidsBooks.org

FreeKidsBooks.org has close to 1,000 free books for children that’re available for online reading as well as downloads. You can register your child for these free books. They can read as many free kids’ books as they like, because the website doesn’t have any upper limits for its free members.

7. Magic Keys

Magic Keys features the Children’s Story Books Online, has thousands of free books for kids from some of the topmost authors. Additionally, children can also find superb crosswords, mind games and puzzles at this website. They also have a section for teenagers and young adults. If you’re looking for free online books, check out this website.

8. NetGalley

NetGalley is one place where you can order free books by mail for children and young adults. Generally, they give away copies of books that’re yet to be launched to the public. However, you have to pay them in kind by writing an honest review about the book that you order. This is one website where your kid can read books much before other children can even lay hands on them.

9. Story Cartel

And if you’re willing to give a superb review on websites such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Goodreads, visit Story Cartel. They have a very wide selection of children’s books as well as books for young adults. They can read these books online or download them where possible. All that you need to do is create an account for self or in the name of your child to access these books.

10. Lola’s Book Tours

Lola’s Book Tour isn’t really about books for kids. Instead, it’s a website where you can order free copies of books by mail to review. Often, they also feature books for children and young adults that your kid could be of interest to your kid. You might have to send the necessary postage to get the book delivery at home. And you need to provide a review of these books as a member.

11. Enchanted Book Promotions

Enchanted Book Promotions gives you free books in exchange of reviews as a service to authors. Again, this website isn’t strictly for children’s books. However, you can search under the genres and find a section of books for kids. You could order these for your child. In return, you’ve to provide an honest review on their website, Amazon and Goodreads.

12. Libby

Libby is an app that which works like a free and open library. It features millions of books, including a lot for children. You can download this app on Android-based smartphones, iPhones and tabs. They offer Kindle versions of the books to read for free. Also, your child can post a review of the books they read, to help readers make the right choice.

13. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg features close to 60,000 free e-books. They have a special section for books for kids on their website. You can find free books for kinds in various genres such as school stories, fiction, adventure and science, among others. This is a very user friendly website that your child can browse to find books and stories they wish to read.

14. ManyBooks.net

ManyBooks.net features thousands of e-books. You can download them in different formats such as EPUB, PDF and DOC files. This website isn’t exclusively for children’s books. It features e-books for people of all ages. They also have a huge collection of books for kids. You could download them for free. Sometimes, they have special offers where you can order a printed book through the website by only paying the postage.

15. Children’s Books Online: The Rosetta Project

Children’s Books Online is a website where you can find thousands of illustrated old books and comics. They cater to children of all ages as well as pre-teens and young adults. You have to register you child free on this website. And once the registration is accepted, your kid can access any of these books and comics free of cost online.

16. Bibliomania

Bibliomania is an online library that carries some 800 books of classic American literature drama, study guides and other genre of books. This is not strictly a website for books for kids only. Instead, they cater to people of all ages. You can find both fiction and non-fiction stories on Bibliomania. Check out their fiction section for books for children, pre-teens and young adults.

17. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

The Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library allows you to get free books delivered by mail right from the time your child is an infant. And you can continue getting these free books till they start attending school. However, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is available only in select states across America. You can refer to their website and find if the program is available in your

18. Read Comingo

Read Comingo provides free books for children in English and Spanish. You can register yourself or your child for their free membership online. Once your application is successful, you can get access to both- their online library- and also request for delivery of select books by mail at your doorstep. This is a superb way to get some latest and classic books for your child’s collection.

19. Fresh Fiction

You can get printed copies of books for free or download their PDF versions online or even read online at Fresh Fiction. In return for these free books, you have to provide them a review of the book you get. Free Fiction is for people of all ages, including kids. Therefore, you can register for getting free books for the whole family. However, you would have to bear the postage costs of these free printed copies of books.

20. LibraryThing

If you can review books, then another superb website to get printed books is LibraryThing. They also have books for all ages. And they have a huge collection of books for kids, which you can try. LibraryThing provides two options- Online Books and Paper Only. If you choose for the Paper Only option, you will receive books for kids at your doorstep. However, giving them a review for the books you get is compulsory.

21. PaperBackSwap

There’re close to two million books for all ages available at Paperback Swap, a truly amazing website. Paperback Swap is actually an online book swapping forum where you can exchange books with other readers. If you have some old books that you don’t require, the best thing to do is begin swapping them through this website for books for kids. All you have to pay is the postage to get home delivery of these books. Actually, the postage you pay isn’t wasted, since you don’t have to pay on books that you receive by mail.

Special Mention

Any mention of free e-books and paperbacks would be incomplete without the mention of one of the largest websites in America. And that’s Craigslist. If you require printed books for free, post an ad on Craigslist and await a response.

There’re countless people across America that wish to give away their books rather than have them lying around the house occupying precious space. However, they’re unaware of places to give such books. Therefore, if you place a classified ad on Craigslist asking for free books and offer to pay the postage, you can get a real pile. And your expense would be more than justified because you will get books for people of all ages and not merely kids.

In Conclusion

These 21 ways to get free books for kids online and by mail are all legit, time-tested and proven. They can save you a lot of money on buying books for your child. Reading books can definitely help your child in several ways, as I mention earlier. Memberships to all the websites and free book sources that I mention, are free of cost. Therefore, you could join one or more of these websites right away.

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