Get Paid to Take Surveys & Complete Online Offers for Cash

Do you know there are many legitimate sites where you can get paid to take surveys & complete many other online offers for cash.

And yes, I am not going to ask for you any investment. Everything is absolutely free & without any investment.

Believe me, I am making money from most of these sites from the last 5 years after receiving continuous payment from these sites, I am confident that anyone can make money from this.

More than 70,000 of our members are already earning cash & other rewards from these sites & now its your turn.

I will show you 6 sites and recommend you to join all these sites for good income. Initially the earnings are slow but if you consistently work on these sites, your earnings will be multiplied in next 1-2 months.


Get paid to take surveys & online tasks with 6 GPT sites

Although there are many GPT (get paid to) sites where you can get paid to take online surveys & complete different tasks but working on best GPT sites will ensure you don’t waste your time & get paid promptly for taking surveys & many simple offers.

If you are looking for purely online survey sites then you can find the list of 20 survey for money sites here. But GPT sites are a complete package where you can earn money by completing many other offers. Here are the sites-

1. ClixSense

ClixSense There is no better sites than ClixSense to make money online. I am regularly earning from this from the last 5 years.

I have already included this site in the list of one of the top PTC sites in my earlier post. But ClixSense is much more than a PTC site because there are number of ways to earn from ClixSense.

You can even earn by taking online surveys, completing hundreds of simple offers & tasks, participating in forum and winning in ClixGrid game. You can multiply your earnings by referring your friends, relatives or any other people in ClixSense.

2. SwagBucks

SwagBucksThis is one of the best ways of making money if you are living in US, UK, Canada, Ireland, and Australia.

Although you can earn with Swagbucks if you are from India or other countries but there is no great scope. So if you are from India, you can skip this & join CashCrate on number 4.

Swagbucks is a loyalty program where you can earn free stuff including 1,000's of products for doing the things you do everyday.

There are number of ways to get paid from Swagbucks like searching web, playing games, completing online surveys, watching videos, buying daily deals etc.

3. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is one of the oldest GPT site with 65 millions worldwide members. You can earn here by taking surveys, completing offers& downloading apps from the site. You can also make cash by winning Raffles, Contests & Lucky Numbers.

If you want more cash, then you can refer PrizeRebel to your friends & relatives through Facebook, WhatsApp & other ways and earn 20% lifelong earning.

You earning will be shown in coins & you will get $1 for every 100 coins. You can receive your payment through PayPal, BitCoin, bank transfer (US only) or even gift cards.

Join PrizeRebel Here

4. CashCrate

CashCrate has been around since 2006 and has over 4 million members worldwide. Its absolutely free to join & thousands of members make hundreds of dollars every month from CashCrate.CashCrate

Need proof? You can check their Payment Wall and see real payments posted by real users. You can also visit the CashCrate forums, where you can talk to other CashCrate members about their experience with this GPT site.

You can earn money in cash crate by completing survey & many more offers and even by referring more people.

You can earn 20% of your each direct referral income & 10% from their direct referral. Get $1.5 as bonus once you signup & confirm your account. Join CashCrate Here

5. InboxDollars

InboxDollars You can get paid for your online activity from InboxDollars. Its one of the famous GPT site owned by the “cotter web enterprises, Inc” with the same fantastic earning opportunities as SendEarnings.

You earn 5% of your referral’s earnings as well. They also pay by check with a minimum of $30.

Everyday you get 3 paid emails from InboxDollars. You have to work hard to get your first payment because once you receive first payout, you will get free gold membership as well as $5 as bonus.

You just check these emails & follow them to get paid.

6. TreasureTrooper

TreasureTrooper One of best money making GPT site. TreasureTrooper has paid more than $6,675,000 to its members till date.

You can earn by completing $1 surveys, fill out forms, sample products, make money performing searches, complete tasks, playing mini games etc.

To make more money, you can refer people to TreasureTrooper. 20% from the direct referral & 5% from the indirect for lifelong. Join TreasureTrooper here.


  1. This site really seems so attractive but its more than three days now, I have not been given directives for starting work apart from emails that show me another site, am getting confused. Help me on how to start work.

  2. Hello, Thanks for given me d opportunity to earn money on d site, at least dat can be useful for credit online. I am interested to work with accordingly with sincerity. So i am chooseing d online site Clixsense . I pray to God to help me through this in Jesus Name. I am writing down my bank account name (Diamond Bank Plc, Maraba Branch Abuja Nigeria.) I live in Abuja, Nigeria. Please i will want all the Ads and any other information be sent to my email. Please keep me inform when money enter my bank Account . Inconclusion, as i ve gone through former comment, d site is very interesting . Tanks Again from Elizabeth Atim .

  3. I have joined clixsense and able to earn only 6$ from surveys in past 2 months. how benefit clixsense is. can someone tell me


  5. Hello to whom it may concern. Would please also send /email me big money making sites through Money Connexion at which i can earn big $$$$$$$$$ for completing online surveys. I like educational,multiple choice,opinion surveys,true or false surveys,research study surveys,medical history surveys,enviromental surveys etc. Question: When you earn money from completing online surveys regardless of what amount earned from little money to big,big, dollars are your earnings tax free. What i mean is no deductions for IRS taxes or social security? Please via email me back on this? Thanks.

  6. Hello, where is this online free money catcher? I want to get paid. Why are computers making easy life difficult?

  7. Thanks for all the info you have provided, a bit skeptical as lately I have come across so many scam sites. Will give this one a go and will definitely leave a feed back here if am successful.

  8. Hello Everybody,
    ClicxSense is the Best and Better PTC Earning platform in the world forever. If you are doing tasks in this site with some concentration for a few hours you can earn much more. From my experience I can tell that you will not get a big amount for the first month but if you are continuing you can make minimum $500 per month easily. There are So many opportunities available in this site to earn more and more. If anybody really interested Then join With Us an amazing earning Platform ClixSense by clicking or copy-pasting the link below

    Thank You

    • Sorry!!! I have worked on these sites but you can earn very little money. You will feel yourself it doesn’t make any sense to spend time for this little money. I have very bad experience

  9. Hi..I am from India and i signed up at Inbox dollars but only for the 3 surveys received after account creation, I am not getting any paid mail or any further surveys..don’t know the reason…can u plz help

    • Hi my name is Ruth from South Africa i am very desperate for this plz if there is any opportunity let me know God bless you Amen

  10. Hi
    Am shail from Mauritius am just writing you to tell you i want to make money from pc……..tell me an easy way please

  11. I I want to create my own blog,and also I want to earn from google adsense,please guide me how to do?

  12. Hi ,
    Myself Ranjit Das from kolkata . I am looking for a part time job . I have seen your blog that is very nice , I am appreciating for that . As per your concern “”You can earn upto Rs.100 per thousand Captchas typed. You can type 1000 Captchas in 1-2 hours depending upon your typing speed. If you work 4 hours daily, then you can earn upto USD $400 (INR 20,000) solving Captchas.”” My typing speed is 36WPM and I am doing some captcha entry job as a part time but i am not satisfied because they provide me . 45 cents per 1000 captcha . I want to earn more money . please help me .

    • Hi Jit, this is collins from Uganda, am also looking for online work, howz Joy?, greetings for Uganda.

    • Hi,
      Does these websites or the jobs are really trust worthy or simply they write all these!?
      Did anyone is getting benefits from it! Could anyone explain me

    • Hi I’m Jean Sabit 40 years of age single mom I really want job pls help me I came from phillipines

  13. Hello ,

    Kindly help me .

    I cant add my debit card details in PayPal account .

    I already verified my paypal account with bank account ..but i want to take premium membership in online site , so that i add my debit card details .

    But it shows this message , “This card is not accepted. Please use a different card.”.

    Kindly guide me , why its not accepted ?

    • Crosscheck with the bank. Some banks like state bank of India have separate debit cards for domestic and international payments.

  14. These are good GPT sites but In my opinion this is the best GPT site around, your earnings are instant as soon as you earn at least $1.00, the support is amazing and the money adds up fast.

  15. In clixsense i am alwys getting message as you are using disposable username please help me to create in that

  16. I live in India and I want to earn at least 2$ per day so plzz suggest me a good legit website like ptc website plzz and u r awesome at blogging keep it on!

  17. Dis is really good but can u tell me d best way to earn at least a 2$ per day through a website on which it is free to join like ptc job only plzz

  18. Hello im from dehradun…can i make money online through websites like paidverts,clixsense,cashcrate,etc…from dehradun…

  19. Earning from gpt’s for the beginners is very difficult, more so if one is from India. One needs to select the right sites. Also few tricks help a lot to increase earnings. But all said and done its a wonderful opportunity for Indians to make some residuary Income.

    I have working on the GPT for the last 3 months. I have reached 10000Rs a month now.
    Here’s my paypal history for the month of may


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