50 Best Fiverr Gigs & Jobs Ideas for Fiverr Sellers

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If you want to make a career in freelancing or if you want to make some extra income online then I will highly recommend you Fiverr.

I have been using Fiverr since its launch in 2024. I have worked both as buyer and seller on Fiverr. I have made good money on Fiverr selling my digital marketing services.

But I equally love hiring people on Fiverr to complete various tasks related to WordPress, videos, graphics work, content writing and more. If you have a business, you can signup Fiverr here and hire quality people on Fiverr.

But today, I will show you some of the best ideas or skills that you can sell on Fiverr and make some cool money.

I will show you Fiverr ideas where you can make $50 per hour if you have good skills and I will show you some if the Fiverr gigs that you can immediately sell on Fiverr even if you don't have some special skills.

50 Best Fiverr Gigs & Fiverr Jobs Ideas

Fiverr Gigs & Jobs

Here are 50 best and unique ideas that you can sell on Fiverr . You can check the name of the sellers with the links, their services, number of total orders (based on reviews) and the basic/premium price of the gig they are selling.

I am sure, if you copy one or two ideas from these 50 ideas, you can get regular jobs on Fiverr and you can make $20 to $50 per hour on Fiverr

1. Killer SEO Amazon Listing

Seller Name: deryano

  • Just for writing one 300 words short listing which includes 1 product description, 1 title and 5 bullet points this Seller is charging $55. 
  • And $55 is just basic, if he tweaks it for SEO with addition of few more words and bullet points, he is charging $95 for Standard and $115 for premium for doing the same thing.
  • So how much money does he making? If you see his ratings then you can see it is 5 star and given by over 1353 people. And the number of orders in the queue is 28.
  • But in reality, only 25% of people who buy the seller’s service gives rating which is 4 times less what is shown here. So the order numbers could be 4 times that is 4 X 28 = 112.
  • Which means he could be earning

    a) 112 X $55 = $6160 for basic,

    b) 112 X $95 = $10,640 for Standard and

    c) 112 X $115 = 12,880 for Premium

  • Hence this Seller makes anything between $6000 – $12,000 per week or month (depending upon the frequency of orders) by selling just one service on Fiverr.

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2. Original Impressive SEO Articles

Seller Name: dartwriter101

  • This seller is charging $15 for writing 100 words only. Which means $.15 per word. The article includes just 1 focus word and topic research.
  • If he is writing 400 words optimized for SEO then he is charging $40 and for 800 words he is asking $100.
  • Going by his orders which could be 40 – 45, he is earning
  • 40 X $15 = $600 for Basic
  • 40 X $40 = $1600 for Standard
  • 40 X $100 = $4000 for Premium
  • His income could be $600 – $4000 per week/month for writing few 100 – 800 words articles.

3. Articles & Blog Posts

Seller Name: maddieco

  • This seller is also doing the same thing but her charges are very high. And the articles are not SEO optimized.
  • $100 for 300 words, $175 for 600-word post and $325 for 1200-word post.
  • However, her orders are less. So, if she is getting 8 to 10 orders then she is earning
  • 8 X $100 = $800 for basic
  • 8 X $175 = $1400 Standard
  • 8 X $325 = $2600 Premium
  • Anything between $800 – $2500 per week or month for writing 8 to 10 articles.

4. Text Logo Design

Seller Name: mrgrapix

  • This seller designs professional text logo with unlimited revisions for his clients.
  • For designing one 2000 pixels original Logo he is charging $100, for 2 Logos $160 and $250 for 3.
  • If he is getting 4 to 5 orders then his earnings could be $400 – $1000 per day or per week depending upon the frequency of orders he gets.

5. Brilliant Logo

Seller Name: peckham

  • Another Seller who designs logo. But he is charging $3570 for designing 5 logos, $4590 for 7 logos and 10 logs for $4950.
  • Charges are very high because for designing per logo he is charging $714 – $495 and revisions are also limited.

6. 2D Animated Explainer Video

Seller Name: officialrajat

  • This Seller is charging huge $120 for just 10 seconds long 2D animated explainer video with voice over and background imagery.
  • For a 60 Seconds he asking $295 and $360. 
  • He has also got 12 orders which is 12 X 4 = 48 orders approx.
  • So, for 40 orders he is earning minimum 40 X $120 = $4800 and maximum 40 X $360 = $14,400 weekly or monthly. For just 10 secs to 60 seconds long animated videos.

7. Audio/Video Transcription

Seller Name: trans_queen

  • Manual high-quality transcription services at just $5 for a 10 minutes long video. $15 for 25 minutes and $35 for 60 minutes long videos.
  • Price charged by this seller is very modest hence more orders are being placed. If she is getting over 150+ orders then she is earning $750 to $5250 per week or per month converting audio files to text. 

8. Improve Your Website

Seller Name: twistedweb123

  • This seller gives a report which has 10 points on how to improve your website. And he is charging minimum $20 for that PDF report. For improved reports with SEO audit and 15 points he charging $45 and $125 with video walkthrough.
  • You can see he has got 15 to 20 orders. So he could be making $900 minimum and $2500 maximum weekly or monthly depending upon the order flow.

9. Do Follow SEO Backlinks

Seller Name: seosupremacy

  • For 10 Manually built white-hat do-follow SEO backlinks he is charging $50. For 50 such links $150 and $225 for 100 backlinks with competitor’s backlink analysis.
  • If his order stand at 8 or 10 then he is earning anything between $500 and $2250 (weekly or monthly depending upon the orders) by creating 50 to 100 backlinks. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to create one backlink. 

10. WordPress Speed Optimization

Seller Name: kenjennings

  • If your site is uploading slow and bounce rate is high then can take service from this seller to optimize your website. For basic he charges $55 for giving report with Gtmetrix. $75 for report with Gtmetrix + Google Insight and $125 with Google Insight + Gtmetrix + CND set up.
  • He will also give support and revisions for standard and premium buyers.  
  • For 20 – 25 orders he will be earning around $1375 minimum and $3125 weekly or monthly.

11. Facebook Cover Photo Banner

Seller Name: newbold3d

  • This seller is designing Facebook Cover photo banner for flat $50. The guy doesn’t charge anything more than $50. Just one service. No Standard or Premium Service!
  •  Going by his orders he must be earning around $2000 – $2500 weekly or monthly depending upon the order flow.

12. Designing Resume, Cover Letter etc

Seller Name: harvardcv

  • This seller’s service is selling like a hot cake. Design ATS resumes for a price of $55 and if you want cover letter with LinkedIn profile optimization then the seller is charging $85 and $100.
  • You just take a look at the number of orders. It could be 400 – 500 orders weekly or monthly.
  • Going by orders the seller’s earning could be between $22,000 minimum and $40,000 maximum. That’s huge!

13. Design Power Point Presentation

Seller Name: dhairya333

  • This seller is charging $35 for creating 10 professional powerpoint presentation slides using Licensed images. For 20 slides $65 and $120 for 40 slides with limited number of revisions. 
  • With 8 to 10 orders the seller is easily earning $650 – $1200 weekly or monthly. Creating powerpoint slides is very easy.

14. Designing WordPress Website

Seller Name: irfanpro

  • Setup your website with WordPress CMS using your selected theme and plug-ins for $35. If you want more customization like Ecommerce then the seller is charging $125 and $260.
  • There could be over 40 orders waiting for this seller. With this kind of order, he could be earning $1400 minimum and $10,000 weekly or monthly. He is earning this much just for setting up your website and not creating it.

15. Landing Page Design

Seller Name: thecoderg

  • This seller is creating landing pages for $5 basic, $40 for standard and $100 for premium services. For $5 just one section and for $100 everything opt-in-form, autoresponders, responsive design etc.
  • The seller must be getting 20 – 25 orders weekly and his earnings could be anything between $1000 and $2500/week by creating landing pages.
  • Affiliate marketers can save a lot of time and money by taking his service.  

16. Writing Summary and Proofreading

Seller Name: sachinsehra

  • $5 for summarizing 7 pages document into a 500-word article and $15 for summarizing 15 pages document + Some Research work.
  • If the seller is generating 4 to 5 orders daily then he is earning $25 – $75 daily. For monthly $1500 – $2000.

17. SEO on YouTube Videos

Seller Name: aaliyaan

  • If you want to rank your videos among Top 20 results on YouTube page one then this seller is doing it for $25 as a basic service and $295 for Premium which includes meta tag optimization also.
  • According to his number of orders he could be earning $750 min and $8000 max.

18. Design Custom Flyers, Brochure etc

Seller Name: gauravcgx

  • Design single sided custom flyers, brochures and posters for $40. If you want double sided then charges are $60 and to get source file & License pay $80. Unlimited Revisions!
  • The seller has 4 to 5 orders. He could be earning $200 to $400 per day or per week depending upon order flow.

19. Keyword Analysis – SEO

Seller Name: mithundebnath

  • 100 Keywords analysis covering 1 topic for just $5. For 200 keywords analysis $10 and $40 for 300 keywords plus competitors’ backlink analysis.
  • For such an easy task he is earning $20 minimum and $150 per day or per week depending upon the order flow.

20. Fix WordPress Errors

Seller Name: picaya

  • This seller is offering various services for fixing WordPress errors, bugs and CSS. For fixing one small issue the seller is charging $10, for site audit also $25 and for complete package including site audit, SEO, security he is asking $85.
  • If the seller is getting 8 to 10 orders weekly then he could be earning well over $100 to $850 per week.

21. Brainstorming Business Name

Seller Name: rapidworks

  • This seller is going to suggest most appropriate domain names for your business or project. For just suggesting 5 plain business names he is charging $15 and if you want it to match your domain name then he is asking $25. For further social media and trademark checks his charges are $75
  • By going his orders in the queue, he is earning anything between $600 and $3000 weekly or monthly. 

22. Press Release Distribution

Seller Name: datwriterguy

  • He will write press release and distribute on the internet within 24 hours. For distributing a press release to 3 websites he is charging $10, for 200+ sites $45 and for 300+ sites including mainstream media he is asking $70.
  • He could be earning $100 – $500 weekly or monthly.

23. Basic Data Entry Work

Seller Name: tulesh

  • This seller is selling basic data entry services like excel spreadsheet data entry, copy & paste work, typing etc. But he is charging on hourly basis. For 2 hours work $10, for 8 hours work $40 and $100 for 20 hours of work.
  • Even if he is getting 10 to 12 orders weekly, he is earning $100 to $1000 per week doing simple data entry work.

24. Virtual Assistant to Data Entry Work

Seller Name: topniches1

  • She is also offering all kinds of data entry work. However, she will take instructions from the buyer on minute to minute basis and complete the work. Her charges are same as the previous seller in the list.
  •  She is getting well 40 orders weekly and could be earning $400 to $4000 per week.

25. Data Entry Work

Seller Name: nubali_iffat

  • Like the previous two sellers she also offering all kinds of customized data entry jobs and services for almost same rate. That is $5 for an hour. 
  • Going by her order she could be earning around $50 – $2000 per week.

26. Translation Work

Seller Name: priyanka03

  • For translating from English to Hindi and vice versa this seller is earning $5 per 500 words. For translating 2000 words the fee is $20 and for 5000 words $50.
  • The seller is even getting good number of orders. For 10 such orders she is earning $50 – $500 weekly.

27. Telemarketing Services

Seller Name: chrisdraven

  • This seller will call people on buyer’s behalf and pitch them about clients’ products and services. For 5 hours of work with 100 telemarketing calls he will charge $40, for 25 hours of work with 500 calls the fee is $190 and for 50 hours of work with 1000 marketing calls he is asking $380.
  • Even the seller is getting 5 orders a week then he is earning between $200 and $2000 per week.

28. Video Testimonials

Seller Name: videoswiz

  • On Fiverr you can make money even giving video testimonials. You just have to give favorable comments for someone. For 60 – 80 words this seller is charging $10 for basic, $20 for standard and $40 for premium service.
  • The seller is earning few hundred dollars by just recording 10 – 30 seconds long videos.

29. Spokesperson

Seller Name: aansar

  • If you want a spokesperson who can present your point of view then you can hire at Fiverr. Just for saying 50 words this seller is charging $20, for 100 words $35 and for 200 words $45.
  • Even if she gets 4 to 5 orders in a week her income would be $100 – $250 per week.

30. Buy Products in India or USA

Seller Name: sol_pro

  • This seller on Fiverr will buy products in India and ship it to your address anywhere in the world. For doing this seller is going to charge $5. In the same way, there are many seller from USA or other countries who provide the same services,
  • If there is a demand from international buyers then this seller can make good money.

31. Your Tour Guide

Seller Name: touseef266touse

  • This seller will be a tour guide in New Delhi city and rest of the India. He is selling his service for just $5 with no strings attached.
  • He will get orders from international tourists who visit India quite often.  

32. Flower Man

Seller Name: varun_karkhanis

  • He will deliver a message for clients as a flower-man. He will dress flowers and deliver messages like happy birthday wishes, sing a song etc. For saying 50 words he is charging $10 flat.
  • His earnings will depend upon the frequency of orders.

33. Best Tinder Profile

Seller Name: mcralph

  • This seller will create best Tinder Profile for you with the best photos. For creating a profile with 1 selfie photograph he is charging $15, profile with 3 photos $40 and with 6 photos $70.
  • If you go by number of orders, he is receiving then he is earning $600 minimum and $2800 maximum weekly or monthly. 

34. Personal Online Dating Coach

Seller Name: tessamac

  • For pimping your dating profile and giving 75 mins long intensive coaching session on dating she is charging between $95 and $225.
  • Even if this seller is getting 10 orders per week, she could be earning $950 to $2250 weekly.

35. Birthday Video from Trump

Seller Name: heriyusuf

  • This seller will make a video where Donald Trump will wish you happy birthday. Only videos for wishing happy birthday and not merry Christmas or happy new year.
  • For doing this the seller is charging $5 – $35. Earnings could be $50 – $200 per week. 

36. Remove Black Magic

Seller Name: healingenergies

  • The seller is going to remove all kinds of curse and black magic from a person’s body. And for doing that she is charging flat $5.
  • She is also getting orders and making $40 – $60 per week or month depending upon the orders.

37. Thank You! Video

Seller Name: ragdesigners

  • Thank You Video for healthcare workers who are working in hospitals since COVID – 19 pandemic broke out. For full HD video she is charging $5 and for videos on Instagram, Facebook charges are $25.
  • She is getting orders and also generating revenue.

38. Decorating Logos

Seller Name: vamcrx

  • Logo decoration for any occasion. For basic makeover $5 and with background added, source file he is charging $20.
  • The seller is also getting good amount of orders. He could be easily earning anything between $50 and $200 per week.

39. Mimicry

Seller Name: shbhm1994

  • This seller from India will do mimicry of famous Bollywood stars for commercials. He is charging flat $50 for saying 45 words. Other sellers are charging as low as $5. 
  • His clients must be advertising agencies and event management companies located in India.

40. Diet and Workout Plan

Seller Name: greatbody

  • The seller will create a professional diet and workout plan for their clients. He is charging between $35 to $70 depending upon the plan client chooses.
  • Earning potential is really great here!

41. Illustration Drawing

Seller Name: creativevalley9

  • The seller will draw custom yoga exercise workout fitness illustrations. For one black & white drawing he is charging $5, for 2 illustration with color $10 and for high quality you have to pay $20.
  • Going by his orders the seller could be earning anything between $50 and $100 per week or per day depending upon the order flow.

42. Pregnancy Articles

Seller Name: nordthomp

  • The seller will write articles and blog posts on pregnancy for websites and blogs. For 500 words she is charging $10 flat with 2 revisions.
  • The niche is very popular so she must be getting 3 to 4 orders daily.

43. Psychic

Seller Name: psychicbunny

  • This seller will describe clients’ future boyfriend or girlfriend as his/her psychic. For 500-character count description she is charging $15, for 3000 character reading $80 and for 6000-character description charges are $165.
  • She could be easily $500 to $1500 per week.

44. Videos from Heaven

Seller Name: socalchrist

  • The seller will have Jesus send you a custom video from heaven. The seller will say whatever the client wants him to say. For basic video he is charging $10, with cloud background $25 and with your choice of background $45.
  • He is getting good number of orders also. 

45. Drawing Cartoons

Seller Name: rickycastillo

  • He will draw cartoons on client’s instruction. Seller is charging $5 for drawing one cartoon.
  • Earning $50 – $75 per day is no biggie.

46. Telepathy

Seller Name: animalenergies

  • The seller will teach how to communicate with animals telepathically. The course material is in the form of PDFs and Word Documents.
  • She is charging flat $5 for doing this.

47. Recipe Video

Seller Name: evgenybazaleev

  • This gig involves step by step processes showing how to make the recipe from scratch to presentation. For 1 recipe video the charge is $95, for video + logo charge is $115 and for videos + logos + photos he is asking $135.

48. Bookkeeping and Accounting

Seller Name: alex_jazpe

  • The seller will give you services like financial reports, tax reports, accounting catch for flat $10.

49. Children Story

Seller Name: evacool

  • She will write children short story for you. For 400 words long story the seller is asking $5, for 10 stories $50 and if clients want fast delivery the charges are $90.

50. Family Tree

Seller Name: gunston1929

  • This is gig is about tracing someone’s family tree. The seller will trace your entire family tree and send it to you for flat $5.

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