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jobs where you can work from home

Once upon a time, work from home was a luxury that few could afford. In a way, work from home also stood for something that some people did to earn some money without leaving the house.

However, all these older definitions are undergoing a paradigm shift in today’s world. Nowadays, work from home is something prestigious and there are various high paying jobs where you can work from home.

And there’re several reasons why people view work from home jobs in newer light nowadays.

Rising Popularity of Work from Home Jobs

Employment portal Monster.com clearly defines what’re the reasons for popularity of jobs to work from home? There’re many, but I’ll enumerate just the main ones so you’ll comprehend better.

Jobs Where You Can Work From Home

These are also highlighted in the Work from Home report filed in mid-2020 by World Economic Forum, following the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • The Covid-19 pandemic rattling the world since early 2020 proves that contagion can be prevented by social distancing and self-quarantine at home. As a result, most companies offer work from home jobs.
  • In fact, the number of Americans that work from home rose sharply from five percent of the US workforce of about 18 million to a new seven percent, at 21 million.
  • Of the seven percent rise in work from home jobs in America, a large chunk came from the Federal government, which permitted its employees to telecommute during the pandemic.
  • Globally too, the number of work from home employees grew exponentially, due to lockdowns, social distancing and other norms forced by the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Prior to the pandemic, it was proven that work from home employees enjoy healthier and happier life due to various reasons such as flexible work hours and better pay.
  • Employers of remote workers could save a lot of money by allowing work from home. The money would otherwise be paid as travel allowance for commuting.
  • Absence of commuting leaves employees stress free, which results in greater productivity.
  • Work from home jobs dispenses with the need for employers to hire or buy expensive properties to open offices and other facilities.

The two reports by Monster and WEF prove that work from home is here to stay. In fact, there are several reports that you can view that clearly indicate that work from home is the future of employment in the post Covid-19 world.

20 Best Jobs where You Can Work from Home

Therefore, if you wish to ride the work from home wave, here’re a few places where you can find the best jobs. While some of them are direct employers, others are places where you can apply and find jobs that match your skills.

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1. FlexJob.com

FlexJobs.com ranks as the topmost website for work from home job hunters. This website serves as a meeting point that brings together employers and jobseekers for freelance assignments that pay well.

You’ll have to buy a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription to find jobs and for employers to find you.

2. Upwork

Also on top of my list is Upwork, one of the pioneers of jobs where you can work from home. Upwork also helps connect work from home freelancers with prospective employers from USA and other countries.

However, Upwork charges you 20 percent of your income up to $500 as its commissions. If you earn between $500 and $10,000, you’ll pay 10 percent of earnings to Upwork and a flat five percent on income above $10,000.

3. Amazon Virtual Locations

Amazon, the single largest online store in the world hires thousands of work from home employees in several countries under its Amazon Virtual Locations program.

This is an evergreen avenue to look for all kinds of jobs where you can work from home – from senior positions to temporary, junior ones, depending upon your skills.

4. eBay Inc

Another major employer for remote employees or work from home staff is eBay, also an eCommerce giant. You’ll have to visit their Careers portal and search for work from home vacancies.

Alternatively, you can create a free profile online and receive email alerts whenever something that matches your skills and location turns up at eBay Inc.

5. Airbnb

Global accommodations aggregator and largest website of its kind Airbnb also hire freelance and work from home talent at some of its key locations. Check the Airbnb careers portal for various postings of jobs where you can work from home.

They require work from home employees for various countries too. There’re better chances of bagging an Airbnb remote job if you speak a foreign language.

6. JournalismJobs.com

If you’re a journalist, proofreader, columnist, photographer, writer or editor, it’s very easy to find a dream work from home job with employers in America and elsewhere at JournalismJobs.com.

This website ranks topmost when it comes to looking for jobs in the news, entertainment, and advertising industries.

7. Walmart

With the largest chain of department stores across America, it’s obvious that Walmart also requires work from home staff for various roles including customer service and fraud detection.

Post Covid-19 pandemic, Walmart is shifting a lot of its jobs to the work from home format. Apply for these jobs where you can work from home on the Walmart website directly.


VIP KID is from China. It’s known as one of the largest learning management systems or LMS for Chinese students to study English, Math and other subjects from the American curriculum.

If you’re an educator and have the necessary degrees, apply for an online tutor job on VIP KID. They pay fabulous salaries and perks.

9. USA Jobs

USA Jobs is the online recruitment portal of the Federal government. If you’re an American citizen, create a profile for free and look for government jobs where you can work from home.

Though the American government didn’t have any significant number of telecommuting employees earlier, they’re hiring some positions in the post-Covid-19 world. Standard policies for Federal jobs are applicable.

10. Lockheed Martin

Would you like to work from home for one of the largest aerospace companies in the world? Check out Lockheed Martin’s telecommute jobs.

A lot of their IT jobs are available on work from the home basis, though you may have to report to some military installation or the company’s own offices occasionally.

Lockheed Martin ranks among the best employers in the world.

11. Icliniq.com

For physicians, dentists, psychiatrists, counselors and other medical professionals, Icliniq.com offers an opportunity to practice from home either fulltime or as side-gig.

Registered medical practitioners can sign up as online consultants. You’ll require a valid medical practice license and PayPal account to receive the money. Patients can ask questions and seek consultations for a fee.

12. Conduent

Conduent ranks among the largest customer care services provider in America. They provide jobs where you can work from home for telecallers of all kinds. And the good news: they hire across USA, regardless of your location.

You may have to pass a voice and accent test to qualify for a telecaller job at Conduent. However, they don’t really require much educational qualifications, as long as you can provide excellent customer service experience on the phone.

13. Sears

There’s an amazing selection of jobs where you can work from home that you can find with superstores giant, Sears. As one of the largest offline and online retailers in USA, they require work from home staff around the year.

Sears offer both fulltime and part-time work from home jobs. Telecaller, IT and customer care are some areas where you can easily find telecommute jobs at Sears.

14. Clickworker.com

Clickworker doesn’t give long-term jobs. However, this is an excellent resource if you’re looking for side-gigs or don’t want fulltime work. These are mainly computer based jobs and hence the name, Clickworker.com.

You can find all sorts of small tasks such as editing, Search Engine Optimization and other digital marketing processes as well as micro-tasks. To begin work from home jobs, you’ll need to download the Clickworker.com app and register.

15. Scribendi.com

As the largest portal for editing jobs, you can find year-round excellent work from home assignments at Scribendi.com. To qualify, you’ll have to pass a complex editing test that includes vocabulary, grammar and punctuation as well as rewrites.

This portal has a premium posting section too. If you complete a specific number of tasks successfully, you get automatically upgraded to the Scribendi.com Premium.

16. Northrop Grumman

And how about working for a company that’s a world leader of sorts in weaponry and weapon systems? Try telecommute or work from home jobs at Northrop Grumman.

They have jobs to work from home for highly specialized skills, mainly in IT and related applications. Their careers portal always features telecommute jobs.

17. Charles Schwab Corporation

For anyone that has excellent IT and banking skills, I would recommend applying for work from home jobs at Charles Schwab Corporation. This banking and finance giant doesn’t have many telecommute vacancies.

And whenever they come up with any and post the same on the Charles Schwab Careers portal, they get a fabulous response from jobseekers. The company pays very well.

18. JP Morgan Chase

Also in the banking and finance sector, you can find quite a few jobs where you can work from home at JP Morgan Chase. Visit their Careers portal. Jobs at this banking and finance major are mainly in IT and related sectors.

Your skills have to be relevant to the banking and finance industry in general. Jobs here are hotly contested since the corporation is an employer of choice.

19. Fiverr & Fiverr Pro

Fiverr actually began as a website to offer side-gigs to people with various skills. The maximum one could charge on Fiverr was $5.

However, the company has since graduated into more serious part-time and freelance work with Fiverr Pro. However, they charge 20 percent of your income as their service fee.

You can signup Fiverr and list very basic services for $5 and list add-ons for a higher free. Once you have an excellent track record, you can move to Fiverr Pro. This is an evergreen website for jobs where you can work from home.

20. Assorted Websites

And finally, there’re lots of assorted websites where you can find superb jobs where you can work from home in almost every category- from sales and marketing to accounting, complex IT skills to engineering.

These websites include Monster.com, Indeed.com, and Glasssdoor.com among others. These three top recruitment websites have hundreds of work from home vacancies for various skills at any given time. These are superb websites for people that want to enter the work from home field.

In Conclusion

These top 20 websites are superb regardless whether you’re starting career as work from home professional or looking for a change. Some of the largest corporations of America are also actively promoting work from home.

Hence, you could easily benefit from any of these. An advantage of working from home is that you don’t need to relocate to another place to work with your employer of choice.

And for employers, it allows the flexibility to hire the best talent without having to worry about finding them locally or leasing office space. In the coming years, we’ll definitely see a further boom in work from home.

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