At Last I Crossed $5500 this Month in Google AdSense

Pritam Nagrale

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To be frank, I was thinking this title to be “At Last I Crossed $4000 this Month in Google AdSense” but this month not only I crossed US $4000 but also US $5500 mark.

Last year, I have earned more than $35000 from AdSense alone and from the last 1 year my monthly average earning in AdSense was $3000+.

Although my total earnings from all other sources was more than US $4000 per month but I wanted to cross this figure in AdSense only.

So I started working on my goal and I am really excited to tell you that, this month, I have made around $5644 in AdSense.


Here is the video that will show you my AdSense income for June 2014

My Net Income from Blogging

If you are confused how exactly I am making my income from AdSense when many internet marketers say “AdSense is Dead” then you need to wait for my next article.

I am going to show you everything that I did to earn from blogging. And yes, if you are not making even $1000 then this will be a very useful post for you.

Here is my gross income and expenses to calculate my net income-

Gross Income

  • Google AdSense: $5644 (As you have already checked above)
  • Affiliate Marketing: $450 ($300 from Clickbank & $150 from
  • PTC Sites: $520 (Mostly from Clixsense & Neobux)
  • SEO Training: $300

Gross Income: $6914


  • Office Rent: $250
  • Salaries: $250 for 2 employees
  • Content writing: $200
  • Hosting charges: $100 (For all the hosting for all my blogs)
  • AWeber Subscription: $149
  • Utility Bills & Overhead: $100 (internet connections, phone bills, petrol & other misc expenses)

Expenses: $1049
So my net income is $6914 – $1049 = $5865 or Rs. 3,50,000 at Current Exchange Rate

Important Points about My Earning

  • I have got around 20 blogs and this most of this earnings is from 10 blogs.
  • More than 95% of traffic to all my sites comes from India. Less than 2% traffic from USA
  • I never use any blackhat SEO technique.
  • I don’t spend money on any paid SEO software like ahrefs or any keyword tool.
  • Wait for my next article to know ‘how exactly I am doing this’.

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