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I hope everyone has heard about OLX and Quikr. People go there to sell their old stuff at best price. If you have a used car, a mobile phone, furniture or a computer then you can sell them on OLX or Quikr at a high rate.

You can say OLX and Quikr are the Indian version of Craigslist. In India, both of these websites are more popular than the Craigslist’s.

Earlier when there was no OLX or Quikr people used to sell directly. Now people find they get more money for their used items on OLX than selling directly.

If you have a used car and you want to sell it then you might prefer OLX or Quikr over selling it directly. You get more money.

However, this is not the case for every item. You might get a better deal selling directly than on OLX with some other items.

sell on olx quikr

Hence, you have to go by the item you are selling.

Why OLX is the Best

You need to know what makes OLX site best among the others. OLX stands out from the crowd because of following reasons

1. Rich colourful ads with pictures and videos – The ads are very vivid and you can see the picture of item as it is. For a used car the ad will show the same car that you will be selling to a customer, not an image of some new car.

2. Full control on Selling Ads – You have full control on selling, buying and other activities on OLX. You can manage your community with My OLX.

3. Connected with Social Media – Another great thing about OLX is it is connected with social media. Hence, you can show your ads on Facebook, MySpace profile.

4. Accessibility – The site is accessible on mobile phone and ads are really good. So you can sell your item to mobile customers also.

5. Language – OLX is available in more than 40 languages, hence everyone can see and understand your ads.

Which one is Best: Direct Selling or Going for OLX & Quikr?

Now you have to make a decision which one is the best. Although this blog is written in favor of these sites but there are instances when direct selling is more appropriate then selling on a free classified.

So what are those situations when you might prefer to sell directly rather on OLX or Quikr.

There are few products or items like jewelry, car and other expensive items that could be sold directly.

If you have a friend that knows a customer who can take your product at a price you want to sell. If you know that market value of an item and you believe you are getting best out of it selling directly then no need to go for OLX.

However, direct selling is not popular because you don’t get the market value of the product therefore people choose OLX to sell them.

How Do You Sell on OLX or Quikr?

Well selling stuff on OLX and Quikr is very easy, anyone can do it.

Selling a product like mobile phone or baby cot is an art. In fact, selling any product is an art especially if it is used item.

First you have to create an account with OLX and this is very easy. Then you can start selling your used items on the website. However, you have to keep few things in mind before you get a customer.

The first challenge would be creating ads.

Yes, you have to create great ads that can pull people like a magnet. You need to keep in mind that you are selling a used item and you want to make best out of it.

Normally people choose to sell on OLX because they get more than the half price of a used product when they bought it. If they bought a car for Rs 5 Lakhs then they want to sell it for Rs 250,000/- or Rs 275,000/-. This is the reason they go for OLX.

Hence, you have to create great ads. For creating great ads you have to create a great title. Your title must be able to attract people.

If you are selling a car then write a title that no one has written and at the same time the OLX search engine should be able to rank your ad on the top of the search result.

The great thing about posting ads on OLX is there no word limit. So you can right all the description about a product. Give information possible and try to highlight the best thing about your products. You need to have a marketing mind.

Tell them about the condition of the product and upload an image of your product.

Here, I want to talk about the photos that you upload. Take the pictures of your product with good camera. Your product in the image must look good because customer will definitely see the image.

While taking a photo with your camera keep lights, background, angle etc in mind.

Once you have created your ad now you also have to promote it. Use social media like Facebook and Twitter to spread a word about your product.

Here, I would suggest you must be honest about your product. Do not lie about it.

How to Get Best Out of Selling Your Used Items on OLX

In previous paragraph we told you how to sell a product on OLX. But how do you get most out of it. It means more value for money.

Well this is an art and I can share few things with my own experience.

Consider pricing very carefully. You have to set a base price that is very reasonable.

Then you must always accept hard cash for cheaper items. If you are selling a car then you could go for bank transaction.

Never neglect the power of social media. Just creating an ad is not enough; you need to get people to know about it. Hence spread a word about it.

Finally, try to meet people publicly to tell or advertise about product you are selling.

Quick Tips for Selling Online on OLX or Quikr

Here are some of the quick tips for selling items on OLX or Quikr

  1. Always decide between direct selling and selling on OLX. If you think you will get better deal on OLX then go for it.
  2. Creating ads is an art. And you must take time creating ads.
  3. Images and photos of your product are very important. Always try to hide if your product has some defect. On an ad it must look good.
  4. Before putting a price of a product check out the market value of it and then set a base selling price on OLX.
  5. OLX is best for tech gadgets like mobile phone, computers even cars and other automobile. Avoid selling furniture and other low cost items.
  6. There is no contract hence a customer may decide not to buy your item at a later stage.
  7. Do not force customers to buy something.
  8. If there is too much competition then do not put your ads and wait for right moment.

So these were few quick tips for selling items on OLX.

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