Sites Like Fiverr: 11 Top Alternatives to Fiverr for Buyers & Sellers

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sites like fiverr

Fiverr is one of the best websites to find short-term online tasks quickly. As the name suggests, the minimum you can make from an assignment is $5. However, in recent years, Fiverr also offers Fiverr Pro where professionals can charge much higher in the multiple of $5.

Finding short-term freelance jobs on Fiverr isn’t always easy. Therefore, most freelancers create profiles on two or more sites like Fiverr to make sure they get several tasks and uninterrupted income.

I joined Fiverr in 2024. I have good experience of buying and selling on Fiverr. I have made good money on Fiverr and also ordered hundreds of gigs on Fiverr.

But when I joined other sites with similar concept, I got excellent experience on some of these websites like Fiverr. If you’re among such freelancers like me looking for more side-gigs, here’re a list of best websites like Fiverr.

And if you’re a business looking for freelancers to work on a project, you’d definitely be looking for the best talent. Therefore, these websites similar to Fiverr might also prove very useful.

Best Alternatives & Sites Like Fiverr

About 18 percent of the American workforce or some 57 million people work as freelancers. This makes USA the home to single largest workforce for freelancers in the world. This is followed by India with nearly 20 million freelancers in white-collar jobs.

The trend in working freelance and hiring freelancers is on the upswing worldwide, with more people likely to join the gig economy in coming years.

If you’re considering freelancing or would like to hire freelancers for your business, here’re best websites and alternatives like Fiverr.

1. SEOClerk

SEOClerk is the top alternative and website like Fiverr. As the name suggest, you will find most of the gigs on SEOClerk related to SEO. There are thousands of sellers who provides SEO services like backlinks, guest posts, article writing etc.

Unlike Fiverr, you can buy or sell your services for as low as $1 at SEOClerk. There are many other services like digital marketing services, software and tools, web development and graphics design that you find at SEOClerk.

This must be the first choice if you are looking for sites like Fiverr and want to buy or sell SEO services.

2. Zeerk offers all kinds of jobs where you can charge anything from $3 onwards. This is one of the best and fastest growing alternative to Fiverr.

Skills you can sell on Zeerk include social media marketing, search engine optimization, writing, reviewing, business skills, audio and music recording and editing and graphic designing, among others.

Freelancers don’t pay anything to join Zeerk. However, for every completed job, Zeerk will charge 10 percent of your income as commission.

3. Fivesquid

Another superb alternative for Fiverr is Here you can sell any skill- online or offline- beginning at $7.5 onwards. This is a British website and hence, they list tasks that pay minimum of five UK Pound Sterling.

They also have jobs that pay higher, up to $65. Though the website operates from the UK, they have extensive presence in America too. Fivesquid is free to join. However, they charge commissions based on your earnings.

4. Kolabtree isn’t exactly a Fiverr alternative because this is a specialized website for researchers and scientists, writers and people with an academic bent of mind. There’re numerous services that one can offer on, if they’re willing to work on long-term projects.

The minimum duration of a project is usually one week. Freelancers pay nothing to join community. However, the website charges flat 20 percent of your earnings as its commission.

5. TaskRabbit works in collaboration with Sweden’s home décor and furniture giant, IKEA. They generally provide offline tasks such as home improvement, plumbing, shifting, repairs and other around-the-house works. TaskRabbit doesn’t charge a fee from freelancers.

There’re no minimum wages on TaskRabbit. Instead, a buyer posts their requirement for certain work. You bid for the work either on hourly basis or volume.

The client pays TaskRabbit, which credits the money to your bank account after deducting 15 percent of the amount as commission.

6. Gigbucks lists over 50 different skills, from digital marketing to creatives, video production to translation services. A freelancer can charge minimum $5 per task and more for extra or add-on services, up to a maximum of $50.

This is an ideal website for fresher freelancers wanting to gain some experience. This website charge 20 percent or $1 for every $5 you earn from freelance tasks.

7. Design Crowd

Australia-based Design Crowd is a crowdsourcing website for graphic designers, animators, photographers and other creative works. You can join Design Crowd for free.

There’re two types of freelance work available on Design Crowd: bidding for tasks or entering competitions. Joining Design Crowd is free for freelancers.

The website charges between 10 percent and 20 percent of your earnings as commission. They have over 800,000 designers with 25 to 100 designs per project and have completed over 361,000 projects

8. Work Market

Work Market claims to have paid over $300 million to freelancers last year. It has over 1,000 companies as customers for freelance work. And close to one million freelancers worldwide to match every skill needed by clients.

Joining Work Market is free for freelancers. You have to download an app to find freelance jobs on Work Market. According to various sources, Work Market charges 20 percent of the money you earn as freelancer, as it commission.

Joining Work Market is a bit tough since they conduct drug test, employee background checks and criminal records check before onboarding or if asked by an employer.

9. Crowdsprint

Crowdsprint is an excellent platform to make money on the side. It provides web, mobile and cloud-based app testing services to all type of businesses. Joining is free: they do not charge anything from freelancers.

However, you’ll work as team with other crowdsourced workers from various parts of the country or abroad. They pay between $5 and $100 depending on the nature of app and type of review the app developer wants.

10. Microworkers

On average, you can make up to $200 performing micro-tasks on The minimum pay they offer for any completed task is $5. All sorts of skills can find work on

These include simple tasks such as proofreading to editing, age detection to short data entry. Joining is free. And they don’t charge any commissions on your work.

You need to earn at least $9 plus fees for cash transfers charged by PayPal, Dwolla and other platforms, before requesting payout.

11. Clickworkers

And finally, Clickworkers, where you can find short, micro tasks that pay $3 and more, depending upon nature of the work and time. doesn’t ask for any specific qualifications for its countless online jobs that require different skills.

Anyone is welcome to join. They pay once a week on Wednesday and Friday for PayPal users, once a fortnight for Transferwise users and once a month if you ask payout to be credited to a bank account.

All accounts, including PayPal should be in your name only. Minimum payout amount is $10 plus transfer fees.

Fraud Websites Warnings

The US Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice carries regular warnings and updates on fraud websites that claim to offer services like Fiverr and other reputed ones.

Therefore, I recommend you read reviews of each website and do some online research to verify if the website is legit and not a scam.

In Conclusion

The above 10 websites are the best alternatives for Fiverr. Regardless whether you’re freelancer or buyer, register on more than one website to get the best talent and highest paying work. However, it’s also worth noting that finding freelance work isn’t that easy.

In fact, quite a lot of freelancers hold fulltime jobs and use Fiverr and other alternatives for a side-gig only. These allows them to get a steady source of income.

For buyers too, these websites are excellent since they can get their work done at prices they’re willing to pay. I am sure you will get good value on these sites like Fiverr.

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