Top 20 Free Paid Online Survey Sites You Can Join From India

There are hundreds of paid online survey sites where people can join free and make some good earning but most of the the website don’t allow people from India or many other countries.

Many of them are either for US people only or people from US, UK and Canada can join them. There are very few sites which are available for international users where people from all over the worlds are welcome. Its very difficult to find out which sites are good to join, which site provide the registration to Indians and which sites pay their members on regular basis.

Note:- If you don’t have idea of what is paid online survey then check here Paid Online Surveys guide which explain you everything about this.

Paid Online Surveys is the perfect online job opportunity but how to find the trusted sites.


Yes, paid online survey is a perfect part time income program but finding a trusted website is a very tough and tedious job. We have been testing many of the free paid survey sites from long time and made good money from the same.

Out of number of free survey sites where you can join, we have prepared a list of top 20 sites which sends survey on regular basis and pay there members on time. There were many sites which paid initially but after sometime stop paying us so we removed such sites. Although you will not become rich by working on online surveys but if you join all of the 20 sites, you will start making some decent money as you will get surveys frequently from one or other site.

Top 20 Free Paid Online Survey Sites –

Just check here about these 20 free paid survey sites with short description where you can join and start making money by doing the survey. Its recommended that you join all these sites and provide as much details as you can at the time of joining. More they will know about your profile, it will be more convenient for them to decide what survey you are eligible for.

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1. Star Panel

This is one of the most famous sites as STAR Panel is started by Star India Pvt. Ltd (STAR TV) in cooperation Military Hospital Patiala with the market research company Nepa India Pvt. Ltd. who also administrates the panel. After you join, they will ask you lots of details about your profile and maximum you can get up to 6 surveys a month and you can also choose how many online surveys you want. The number of surveys depends upon who you are and what your account settings suggest. Some surveys target a specific group and you may be screened out as a result. You can join Star Panel here.

2. iPanelOnline India

iPanelOnline established in 2004, is the first supplier of online market research samples in China. iPanel Online Has now become one of the largest samples supplies in Asia. After you join iPanel and participate in the survey, you will receive points and 10 points = 1 INR. When you will visit iPanel India website, you will find hundreds of members on its page with thousands of points. You can redeem your points as gifts, cash etc. You can visit the help section of its India website to know more about iPanel. Join iPanel Online here

3. SurveyHead

Again one of the good paid survey site. SurveyHead was founded in 2008 by the founders of From 1999 to 2005, goZing paid out over $5 million to people worldwide for completing paid online surveys. In 2005, goZing was acquired by a public competitor.Today, SurveyHead work with corporations and market research firms around the world to help them gain competitive intelligence through online surveying. If you fit the demographic for the current online surveys, you will get a survey as soon as you join SurveyHead. Even if you do not qualify, you will get an instant reward of $5. You can either use the earning to withdraw cash or purchase a wide range of gift codes from top brands. Join SurveyHead here

4. Toluna India is a community website dedicated to providing your online voice. After Toluna has taken over Ciao surveys, all the members of Ciao migrated their account to Toluna.  Make your opinion heard through your polls and opinions directly on Toluna! Let other people know what you think, and find out if people think the same as you by including your polls and opinions in your own personal blog. More then 40,00,000 members currently with Toluna. You can earn in 2 ways in Toluna, by participating in paid online survey as well as for the popularity of the content (polls and opinion topics) they create. You will get welcome bonus of 500 points after you join Toluna. Join Toluna India here

5. PanelPlace

PanelPlace is the world’s 1st portal dedicated to help its members keep track of research panels they joined and keep them informed of those they have not joined. This way, its members will not miss out on any paid surveys and can maximize their earnings. You will find many of the real people with their income proof on the home page of PanelPlace website. Join PanelPlace here

6. IndiaSpeaks

IndiaSpeaks is an online web portal where consumers join hands to shape and develop products and services through online surveys launched by brand-owners. The IndiaSpeaks panelists are primarily from India, and represent a wide spectrum of age, income, demographic profile and professional attributes. You will be invited through email to participate in paid online survey and once completed, you will be  rewarded for this. You can redeem your points even at famous brand store like Big Bazaar, Lifestyle, CCD, Barista, Pantaloons etc. Join IndiaSpeaks here

7. Brand Institute

Brand Institute is the world’s premier brand identity consultancy. Its brand agency portfolio of services includes brand strategy/architecture, name development, market research, regulatory and visual identity solutions. Those belong to pharmacy industry make more money here. Usually online survey from this company can pay $2 to $30 and you can receive your money by cheque or PayPal. Join Brand Institute here

8. PermissionResearch

PermissionResearch is part of an online market research community with over 20,00,000 members worldwide. Permission Re
search trusts on its members to gain valuable insight into Internet trends and behavior. This research is used by major media outlets and companies trying to understand how people around the globe actually use the Internet. As a member of PermissionResearch, you have the opportunity to participate in research that is improving the Internet. To recognize your participation in its panel, they will plant a tree through its Trees for Knowledge program. In addition, from time to time, PermissionResearch members may be contacted about special surveys that offer cash or gift cards as a "thank you" for participating. Join PermissionResearch here

9. Planet Pulse

Pulse Group is a first class offshore Research Process Outsourcing (RPO) company serving some of the largest research, media and consulting companies in the world. It owns Planet Pulse, the most active and recognized network of online survey respondents whose valuable opinion is trusted by researchers the world over. Planet Pulse values your opinion and rewards you for your time. ‘Pulses’ is the e-currency of Planet Pulse. You will be rewarded with Pulses for every completed survey. Planet Pulse rewards up to 5000 Pulses per completed online survey. In Planet Pulse 100 pulses = 1 USD and you can redeem $25 in your PayPal account. Join Planet Pulse here.

10. SurveySavvy

Luth Research found SurveySavvy in 1999. One of the best site which pay very high for every completed paid survey. Not only you get paid for participating in online survey but also when you refer your family and friends to join SurveySavvy. Join SurveySavvy here

11. Spider Metrix

Spider Metrix begun operations on June 26, 2000 and it is a privately held organization, based in Melbourne Australia. Managed by its founding members and supported by a great team with expertise in Information Technology, Business, Psychology, Marketing, Graphics and Advertising. For every test you are invited to do, and you accept, you will earn spiderPoints which can be redeemed for all kinds of Rewards, such as Vouchers, Cash, CDs, Books, Electronic equipment and so on. Join Spider Metrix here

12. GlobalTestMarket

One of the old and best site for paid online survey. Founded in 1999, GlobalTestMarket is powered by GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.), one of the world’s leading providers of market research. GMI serves more than 1400 clients in more than 60 countries worldwide, and provides a global solution for companies that wish to conduct online consumer research across multiple countries. Most of the surveys are on topics such as Movies, Restaurants, Automobiles, Consumer products, Current events or any topic of your interest. GlobalTestMarket will reward you for every online survey you complete. Once you reach 1000 points, you can withdraw $50. Join GlobalTestMarket here

13. ValuedOpinions India

ValuedOpinions is owned by Research Now, a leading online fieldwork and panel specialist. As a member of Valued Opinions you will be invited to participate in various online surveys as per your interest you provide in your profile. For every completed paid survey, you will receive INR 50 and INR 100 and up to INR 1000 for specialist surveys and that will credited to your ValuedOpinions account within 28 days. Join ValuedOpinions here

14. The Panel Station

The Panel Station is essentially a community of consumers that shares its views and opinions about a variety of products and services via online market research surveys. The Panel Station focuses on customers from emerging economies like Brazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico. You can withdraw cash after your account reaches 1000 points. Join The Panel Station here

15. YourSay

Established in 1997, YourSay is one of the first companies in the world to help marketing and research companies worldwide gather consumer opinions via the Internet. As a YourSay member, you’ll be rewarded when you participate in surveys conducted online, by phone, or in-person. You’ll also be rewarded when you refer others. On checking its testimonial section, you will find so many people from India and other countries making good cash from this site. Join YourSay here


The NPD Group, founded in 1967, is the leading global provider of integral market research data to Fortune 500 companies in a wide range of industries. Its research is an essential component in the strategic planning of over 1,700 manufacturers and retailers, and its insight into the marketplace enables them to make fact-based, profitable business decisions. If you are not already joined with NPDOR, there are chances that they are not taking joining any more. In that case, you can bookmark the site and try after few days. Join NPDOR here

17. PlanetPanel

PlanetPanel  is owned by MSI – ACI Europe BV, a global research and consulting firm based in the Netherlands. Each invitation will give you information about the current survey topic and what kind of prizes you could win by completing that survey. Join PlanetPanel here

18. The Harris Poll Online

The Harris Poll is one of the oldest and most prestigious polls in the world. You will make money as a cash prize winner from $50 to $1000 for every participation. Join Harris Poll Online here

19. Socratic Forum

Socratic Forum members participate in state-of-the-art Web-based surveys about the hottest new technologies and software, e-commerce innovations, business-to-business products and services, and forces driving the global economy. Join Socratic Forum here

20. MixReq

MixReq company was created in 2011 and we successfully contribute to many advertising agencies in different countries. They have the best payment structure-
1) $2 to $15 on your account for each completed paid survey;
2) $9 to your account for each person you refer.
3) 15 % of the earnings from the each reference earnings.
Join MixReq here

Don’t expect too much from the Paid Online Surveys because you don’t have control on the number of surveys you receive from these sites. You can make a decent earnings if you join all of the survey sites and completes all the survey you receive. 30 minutes a day or 1 hr every alternate day is more then enough for all these sites. I have personally made sufficient money from these sites but because I am too busy in other high paid online jobs, I don’t give much focus on these. Its a
good start if you don’t have earnings from any of the online jobs. Your daily 30 minutes can earn some good part time income.

If you are already earning or started earning in online survey then send your suggestions through the comment box below.



    • sudha rao says

      Hi ashpak, I know a good typing site, where you can join for free, and earn well providing you are a verified Paypal member, and know typing speedily and accurately. Pls email me for more details. Thanks, Sudha

      • Anitha says

        Dear Sudha,

        My name is Anitha. I am from Kerala. I am also searching for data entry jobs. Please mail me details.

        Thanking you


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          Hello Sudha
          DId you got the data entry job
          if yes
          then please tell me also
          i am also searching for online jobs from a long time

          • David Smith says

            There are many sites online pulling people to join them…

            I joined Income Elite and never got anywhere… even after paying them a joining fees of USD $19.95 and then another USD$ 49.95

            I am now stranded…

            Can you share some site, which is genuine and working!

            Cheers and thanks for ur time.

            David Smith

        • Sathish says

          I am looking for a data entry job from home.

          can u please let me know the website address and the details of work to be done.

          • PramodVPai says

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          Hi anitha i found data entry job last one year i worked in freelancer data entry job definitely get more money nearly i got Rs.1lakh so dnt wait to start work with quries in that job surely my team help u.

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            hello mr.rakesh…..can u help me with this free lancer site …i dont know how to use it ….

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            Hi rakesh.

            Hope you are doing well, can you please help me with this? how to sign up and how i will get work or how would i get paid??

          • shikha says

            Hi rakesh, actually i joined the dellagroup site but i didnt get anything. the website is completely fraud. infact i dont refund my money. please help me for online earning without investment.

          • megha says

            hi Rakesh,

            do u have another options for onlune jobs like surveys,aads etc…
            Actualy i m a hosewife and can’t go outside my home so i realy need online jobs…
            Plz help me and send me some links which are trustworthy and with free registration.

            Thanks and Ragards,


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            Hello Nithinlal
            I am from Kanyakumari district .I want to detail about online making money website .My contact no is 8015287147

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          go to , but you can’t be a wealthy person in one day but try you will do it. i was get 250$ project from that links.

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          This is Shifa from Tamilnadu..I am also searching data entry jobs and any other online jobs..pls mail me the details of online jobs and also can u explain me about freelancer website?

          Thanking You


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      • Geetha says

        Dear Sudha,
        I take your testimonial seriously and would want the details of this typing work ASAP.
        Thanks to you in advance,

      • Xavier says

        Hi! sadha rao!

        I have a good typing speed and would like to have a typing work if its genuine. Pls forward me details of the same

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        I am very much interested in this oppurtunity..I would request you to kindly explain about the job profile..

        Thanks and Regards
        Priyanka Sharma

      • Zartaj khan says

        Hii sudha how r u

        I m 29 yrs muslim boy.i have accuracy and speed in typing please tell me about how to earn money more ..


        I have a typing speed of 40 WPM aand also am a verified Paypal member. I am interested in typing work. Please mail me all details or call at +91-9757054408. Looking forward to your reply.

        Dhairya Bharat Gala

      • John says

        hallo sudha, i m John. i want to do online part time work from home without investment. whatever site u know is that legal, will they give my payment regularly. tell me this. if yes then give me address of that site. reply me soon.

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        hi i am looking out for a online job so dat i can earn more money in a less time. so if u know any sites like dat just guide me to reach der…

      • Surendra says

        I can type both in english and hindi languages with accuracy and speed. I want to work online. I am a verified Paypal member.. Please suggest me good and trusted typing sites that pays regularly and provides typing work.

      • ketan dave says

        hi i m searching genuine free home base online jobs or data work …. please help me to regarding this kind of work sites or other ….

      • Rajen says

        Dear Sudha,

        Please let me have the site details for typing job.
        Please let me know how to get verified my PAYPAL ACCOUNT.



        Hi sudha, pls tell me any good and genuine online work which is free to join and earns a good online income.

      • T V PRATAP says


    • SUROJIT says

      hi friends it is a survey site where you can earn 5000 to10,000 per have to participate the company survey by this you get money and also if you share your options by answering questions you get money and many option in this site for earn money . your money you can transfer direct to your bank account and also convert it other currency.if you need pocket money then try it no registration fee no need to daily log in.
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      • Pradeep says

        HI Surojoit,
        Thanks for this opportunity.
        I Have join this site from last six month but till now h have earned only 400 rs by through of participate survey and share option and daily login too.

        please let me know how to increase opportunity for earn money


    • prasanta kumar sethi says

      I want to know how to join and earn money.I do not have personal laptop.can i work in cafe.

  1. poonam shukla says

    If vou have any type of wark at home then mail me as early as posibale. becouse i don’t have earning of the on line work(job) THANKS POONAM SHUKLA

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  3. karuna says

    hai i m working with i have come to read a news from internet that. this is a scam site and no one is going to be paid. wht is the truth about it..pls make a clarification and let me know. because i dont wanna waste my time.

  4. krishna says

    i have a doubt on whether they really pay as they r paying quite high & 45 days later after achieving 500$.reply pls.

  5. Kalpana says

    Thanks for ur mails and guidance. I am trying to join some sites.

    I found one survey but i m trying to register in that site so many time they always show message invaild email id to my all mailing id’s. The site is:

    Please check is this site true or fraud, please reply me through mail and suggest some paid email sites please…

    • Part Time Jobs says

      Hi Kalpana,
      Please check we have not included this website in our top 20 lists so it may not be a survey site. Don;t focus on sites other then these 20 survey sites.

    • damodaran says

      Dear Kalpana,

      I checked that site surveyspasyu. There is no survey available, bu there you can find some other jobs.

    • Part Time Jobs says

      Hi Kalpana,

      There are 2 types of sites you will find on internet. One which provides you the details and guidelines on various online jobs and second which provide the online jobs and pay to their affiliates. If you want to check whether the site is genuine or not, just check out this.
      If a site comes in the second category where it claims that they pay to their members for working there, just visit, click on images and then search with the following keyword “sitename payment” or “sitename proofs” and just replace sitename with the name of the site and search the results. If you find lots of payment by cheque or paypal then that site is paying to their members. If you don’t find a single payment or only 1-2 payments only then site does not pay its members and its considered as scam site.

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  8. kevin says

    I have joined lots of online money making site without investment/ free registration, some of them are survey and some click ads, but most of them are so attractive but before reaching the minimum payout amount, the survey/ads always began to stop, so, technically we do there work for free for a short while and they find another people to do the same and forget about us. but in all those time i have never came across this sites, i hope and wish that sites are real. and thanks to for the suggestion.

  9. Sunder Venkataram says

    They are asking us to join the Mix-req survey site. It is a SCAM!!! The present site is different than the one they had last month. I still have not been paid my 600$ from Mix-req. For God’s sake, you people at jobs8home… dont ask people to join Mix-req. The owner is a crook from Russia.

  10. Nabil says

    Hi, i have signed up on all the sites given above. I want to know some of the high paid online jobs as you said above that your also busy in the same. So, can provide me with some of the information your working to earn high income online on my email address –
    Regards, Nabil.
    Hope you’ll reply with a positive answer..!

      • khushboo says

        Hi. I write 2 blogs
        But both are not qualifying for Google Adsense. Can u give your precious time in solving my problem. I am feeling very disappointed. Please help

        • Pritam Nagrale says

          As per Google’s policy to apply for AdSense, Your website must be 6 months old.
          Your site must have some original & good content, proper navigation & decent traffic.

  11. r gopal says

    how do u join? Iam moving in circles & keep getting reverted to same page again & again just there is no clear straight path ahead. will some one pls help as to how to register for on line surveys without moving into circles?

  12. shubham says

    is their any site which provide regular surveys, and can make me uptoo500 rs per day. if its a paid site , i can pay but should be a legit site.please give me link of any such site

  13. Akkisky says

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  14. kumar says


    In case you have genuine free part time job pl help me with it. I don’t want to join any paid site as got cheated twice. I have good typing speed also can join any survey partime job from home



  15. Shivank says

    I don’t really know all of the above, how true the content or these websites are. I have my own doubts if any of these sites pay you even a buck.

    If there is anyone who has really really been paid, please send me the link or mention the website which actually works.

    Thank you.

  16. ash says

    mixreq is scam i have made $920 dollar bur they dnt paid me and even i have reffer 19 people n half of them reached minimum payment $500 but no one paid if u have any geninune site then tell me my id is

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      Globaltestmarket is a genuine site. But it takes more time to reach the minimum payout. But payment is guaranteed. I got Rs. 2500 last month. Mr. Danish, Could you please let me know the website address of surveypaid?

  20. Sohit says

    Hi frens,
    I wish to work part time n want to earn some money….so frens would u suggest some trusthworthy sites from where i can start working…

  21. says

    Valued opinions is the one of the genuine paying website where i earn tickets as compliments after gathering 400 INR….so guys give a try…its a genuine site….but u should have some patience to do those surveys

  22. r v n rao says

    Sudha Rao

    My name is nageswararao from A.P. I am interested to do online data entry jobs. I request you to
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    hey guyz, i knw some surveys paying sites which are legit and i m getting good money from it. if u want to join them too contact me on my mail as i treid many a times to post the links here but the site is not showing any one of my comments.. so u can get it by contactng me.. thnx

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    For me none of the above worked, infact i have never heard about a few of them ever. I guess this list needs to be updated real time with some really good tools around like SoGoSurvey, Fluid Survey and Survey Monkey.

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        Thanks for your co-operation,


        • Prabhakaran says

          I am extremely sorry, the message in question was not meant for you. It was for a person named ‘Prabhakar’ who had mentioned that he was looking workers for creating e-mail ids. In spite of replying and sending a reminder, there was no response from the person. My sincere apologies.

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  52. Ashok says

    Dear Priya N,

    Thanks for the nice composition of genuine links for home based / part time earnings.
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  53. poorani says

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    Hi. Triaba is another surveypanel you can join in India. Triaba is a part of the Cint OpinionHUB (Like many other panels). Panelmembers is paid by Paypal.

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  57. Udayan Joshi says

    Dear Priya N.,
    Very Thank you very much for inform about online job. can you tell me for which you were busy in other high paid online job as you wrote “30 minutes a day or 1 hr every alternate day is more then enough for all these sites. I have personally made sufficient money from these sites but because I am too busy in other high paid online jobs, I don’t give much focus on these. ”
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      Hi Udaya –

      I am looking for paid online jobs, as you said in the above comment could you please help me to get geninue online paid job. Thanks

    • mansi malhotra says

      hi Udayan…
      cn u suggest me some links frm whr i cn also earn wrkng online as u said u hv already earned well frm these sites??? cn u also suggest me hw mch cn i earn on an average frm dese sites wrkng for an hour a day??? i hv already lost Rs. 5000 frm one of such sites in confusion… it waz a spam… so plz suggest me with a genuine site tht pays well..
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      response awaited

  58. kedar says

    hi sir/madam

    can you advice me on as what is the monthly earning potential of survey job if i work on them 2 hours daily

  59. Mahesh Chandra Patnaik says

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  61. Sharmila Parte says

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    • abhishek mukherjee says

      I am Abhishek Mukherjee from Dhanbad(Jharkhand) and I want to signup for some online works, but actually I fear a lot because of these scams and threats, but after looking at ur reply I thought to contacting you and if u can plz help and suggest me what is safe and do’s and don’t I will very much helpful. Are these site reliable and do they pay wisely and also I don’t have paypal account…so will I be paid and other such things. Hope you will reply me out..Waiting for your valuable reply soon

  62. Jessy says

    Thank you for assisting us with the details pertaining to survey jobs. I am new to this field, so thank you for the information.

  63. David Topno says

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  64. abhay says

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    There are many various grades of Survey sites out there and I can understand if people get put off especially if the first few Survey companies that they deal with do not deliver on what they have advertised

  66. amit ahuja says

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    • Avinash says

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      • Anuradha Chinthala says

        You have indicated that you are aware of some trusted survey sites. I request you to forward to my email, as I am House Wife and would like to earn from home.

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        Hi Avinash !!
        Good to see your concern about people wasting money & their efforts on online job offering companies.
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        SS Miglani

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    • Parameswari M says

      Valued Opinions
      Star Panel
      and Global Test Market.
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        hi yogita
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  74. Damodaran says

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    Lot of people is saying that GLOBAL TEST MARKET IS A good company, where as i have got today the same experiemce same other companies.

    If there is other reliable companies, please let me know friends.

    Thanks friends


    • Tanjavuru Ramachandra Madhukar says

      Dear Mr. Damodaran,

      You please try these survey companies.

      1) Valuedopinions (

      2) Panel Station India

  75. sujith simon says

    good day every one

    pls let me know how i can get my payments shouild i have to provide any bank ac or do i need a pay pal ac i think i have a pay pal acc dont know whether it is acctivated or not pls help me how to do pls any body help plss post some earning sites also

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    Thank you for sharing. I love making money online and having seen the survey list to me means earning more and more. I will try out all and will see which one is better.


    please send me Data entry work on my email id I am urgently required work to fill survey form any work will do but send
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  78. hitesh says

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    • saran says

      Thank you for sharing. I love making money online and having seen the survey list to me means earning more and more. I will try out all and will see which one is better.

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  80. vijay tiwari says

    mai bahut pareshan tha ki achnak mujhe kisi ne online jobs ke bare me bataya to maine turant hi ha ki aur aaj mai bahut khus hu

  81. says

    You wrote, —- “” I have personally made sufficient money from these sites but because I am too busy in other high paid online jobs, I don’t give much focus on these.””

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    S. Mukherjee

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  82. Sachin Saini says

    I am looking for online data entry jobs. I am very fast at typing. So please suggest me some good sites

    • Neha V says

      All the websites mentioned above redeem the cash in some form or the other for e.g. gifts or vouchers for e-commerce websites or movie tickets. Is there any trustworthy Indian website which provides money which can become a part time source of income for us.

  83. survey money says

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  84. madhusudhanan says

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    I saw your reviews but i’m searching for a online form filling jobs.please tell me a legitimate site address. to my mail id searched a lot but i didn’t get a good one.Any one of us come forward to mail me..

  85. lakshay says

    hello. i am a 15 old boy and i want some free sites that pay me for easy online work

    if u know about any of that type of site then please reply me

    thanking u

  86. ram says


    I am doing fulltime job, but I am not satisfied with my salary…. So pl help me to find good and trusted online site…

    I’m good in typing and staff duties…plz somebody help me…

  87. says

    Hello Mam,
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    • Pritam Nagrale says

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  88. Sneha says

    I am interested in any type of online job plz give me correct guidance about that….if possible then provide me some genuine online job providing websites…..

  89. rose says

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  90. rajesh chandran says

    HAI ..
    I am RAJESH searching for a online survey jobs at home please give me details aboout genuine sites and payment details..


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