How to Identify Data Entry Scam

In this bad economic condition and rising inflation, lot of people are suffering from depression struggling to fulfill even basic requirements of their family. Several people are suffering from pay cuts and other has lost their jobs

It is very difficult for one person to pay off all sorts of monthly bills of their entire family. There is good news for people who are facing financial crisis. There are some earning opportunities from which you can improve your economic conditions.

You can try out online jobs in which some are very profit making jobs. Among them nontraditional data entry job is fantastic job for almost every member of your family.

Non Traditional Data Entry Programs

Non traditional data entry is just like affiliate marketing in which you get paid for placing and submitting ads online to promote the products and services of other companies. The work is unlimited to submit and income is limitless.

The question only arise is that how much time you can devote and how much efforts you put in the program. Among all other data entry jobs available for most of the people these programs are favorite programs because there is flexibility and limitless income.

Today many people criticize the data entry job. But there is lot of to do with this truth. There are number of people work on stereo type data entry job but they apply their own idea of how it should be. Some people think that it is like “Get Rich Scheme”. Online data entry job is very legitimate and practical way to earn income and not like get rich scheme.

Online data entry job is great but it is all about searching good company who give commitment of submitting good projects rather than only giving promises of making thousands of dollars. You might have read the slogan that earns lot of money within one week and so on.

All the slogans are true but little bit exaggerated. Just like other jobs it needs work, time and effort. It is easy as compared to traditional jobs. It needs dedication in work. These types of jobs are highly hunted on Google and alike famous search engines.

Lot of scammers has picked up duplicating data entry programs. These websites try to get money in form of small fees as most of the data entry providers charge. Beware of fraud companies before you decide to start with any data entry program.

Here are five steps to recognize Data Entry Scam

  1. Search on Google for the company name and verify for any prior complaints.
  2. Check that whether company has valid official contact details email id which matches to the domain name.
  3. Ask some questions to the company through email to seek further information on the program. The fraudulent company will unable to answer technical questions due to lack of knowledge about the program.
  4. Ensure that the company has been in business for at least two years. The fraudulent company will not stay online for long period due to several complaints against it.
  5. Ensure the mode of payment that the company accepts. If they receive Pay Pal, then check whether they are Pay Pal verified member or not. Then the company is not fraud. The data entry scams immediately terminate the membership with Pay Pal if they receive lot of complaints. Many people do not think necessary to investigate but having Pay Pal account is the one step of surety.

Just follow these 5 little steps to find authenticate data entry jobs.


  1. Nutan says

    Dear Freinds
    Please do not get scams from homebased online parttime jobs from internet. in here most of people get fooled by earning money by internet there is no way to earn money by easily. these companies providing homebased job with investment. here i am asking why we have to invest for our hard work? this is the simple question arising from us but we really neglet this. one i am already suffered by investing dataentry jobs but i didnt paid anything which only i loose my money and time also. still i am getting some offers from other companies. here i want to know the details of these companies which legal or not. So can any one help me to get details of below mentioned companies if any one worked before please let me know as soon as possible my email id:
    Here are the company details mentioned in their website:
    SURESH KUMAR(0)7358116818
    SARAVANAN (0)7358227179
    Please mail me is this companies provide legal genuine work or not?. This company have investment to get their project 1000Rs to 3000 Rs which available project is: image to doc and HTML Tagging

  2. saeed says

    hello i want to know why this company are not providing their register with government body and address of company ?

  3. Rekha v. bafna says

    I want to do work from home data entry for part time work
    i do no want to any investment
    so please give me this job


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