Does Online Survey Work in India?

If you are from India & searching for ways to make money online then you must have come across the concept of earning from ‘online surveys’. In fact, you must have seen many websites who claim to earn you good income through online surveys. These websites ask you to order their paid online survey package where you will get the list of fresh survey websites.

They claims – “You can register on these online survey sites & then these sites will send you surveys either by email or you can check these surveys upon login to your account dashboard. You can get paid US $5 to US $25 to complete these surveys.”

Now the question is –

  • Can you really make money from online surveys?
  • Does online surveys work in India??

online survey india

Paid survey is one of good idea to make money in your part time but most of the surveys websites work for US/UK people only. You will find only a few sites where Indians can join.

But you will be surprised to know that 9 out of 10 websites does not send any paid survey to Indian even if they allow international members to join their sites. Most of these sites will only be interested to collect your email address so that they can use for future business purpose or sell the email database to others.

Now Indian scammers take the advantage of this. They collect the huge list of such fake survey sites where Indian can join & then they sell the list of these survey sites for 500/- to 1000/-.

Now, you can find the list of these survey sites absolutely free on internet but still people who does not have idea on how to search, buy the online survey lists & become the victims. You will not make even a single penny by taking their survey package.

There are hardly 20-25 surveys sites which are trusted & send the survey to Indian people. And yes, its easy to register on 20-25 websites.

But as you receive a huge list of survey sites (around 100 –500), you give up after registering on 30-40 sites. As you don’t continue to register on all the sites, you don’t bother to check if this really works.

Does online survey really work in India?

Online survey does not work in India, if you want to earn even INR 10,000 because there are only few sites who sends you weekly or monthly survey & the total earnings from all these survey sites will not be more than Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000.

So to support your part time income, you have to choose other work from home options as well. But again you will find the same problem of finding only genuine sites where you can actually earn & not waste your time.

So if you want to earn from online surveys then you have to register only on those websites which are trusted & send you regular surveys. You can find here the list of 20 online survey sites where Indian people are earning some money as stated above.

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  1. Prabhakaran says

    A very sane piece of advice. There are many sites promising quick bucks and selling the names of worthless survey agencies. People are so gullible that even after your caution, many will go ahead and buy the package, only to rue later!

  2. Saritha says

    Hi Friends,
    Iam Post Graduate and working as a Teacher, I am looking for some genuine sites conducting Online Indian Surveys (or Ad Posting) and are good in services and reasonably good pay masters.
    Earlier I have some bad experience (where already I have lost money, by paying registration fees)
    Thanks in Advance,
    —– Your Sister

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