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Where To Sell Star Notes (2)

The next time you get US Dollar bills or star bills and you are paying them to someone, watch out. You might be having one, or more, star notes, as they’re called. And, some of these star notes are worth more value in the currency collector’s market than their face value.

As a matter of fact, there’re several places where you can sell star notes online and even sometimes, offline. This means, if you’re lucky to find a star note, you can make some money very easily.

You might wonder, what are star notes? That’s because stars appear on every US currency note. and where to sell star notes?

What is a Star Note?

Actually, star notes are regular American currency notes and nothing more. However, they get the name ‘star note’ because a tiny star is printed after the serial number of that note. In fact, most of us wouldn’t even notice this tiny star since we never really read the serial number of a note.

The Federal Reserve places this tiny star after the serial number for one reason only. Some notes get damaged during the minting process. Therefore, the Fed removes these notes before they go out for circulation.

These damaged notes are reprinted. However, as a rule, and for technical reasons, the Federal Reserve cannot print notes with the same serial numbers as the damaged ones. Therefore, it places a tiny star symbol next to the serial number.

US Dollar bills that bear this star next to the serial number are broadly known as star notes. Therefore, the next time you check your purse or wallet before paying someone or getting money, find whether you own a star note. It could be worth a lot more than you imagine.

Where to Sell Star Notes?

This brings us to the second and most important question: what to do if you find a star note?

Actually, you have two options, if you do come across a star note. One, of course, is to keep it in your collection. The second is to sell it. Now, let me warn you that not every star note sells for a high price or gets more than its face value.

I will discuss this soon in the article. Therefore, read till the end and find out what kind of star notes sell and where to sell them. If you’re very fortunate, you might make thousands of Dollars with a single, Dollar bill.

1. eBay


By far, eBay is the topmost place where people sell or buy-star notes. That’s because eBay is a place where antique hunters and people looking for rare stuff visit often. Open a seller’s account on eBay and you’re in business. Upload pictures of the star note and write a small description that helps buyers.

To sell a star note on eBay, first find its value, using the process that I will be described later. That way, you can decide the price. Add shipping and other costs too. Remember, eBay charges a commission from the seller, so add that amount as well.

2. Etsy


For those who’re unaware, Etsy is a website where you can shop on various marketplaces or create one to sell something. However, Etsy isn’t any ordinary website where anyone can open a marketplace. Instead, you can open one only if you have something rare, antique, unique, or handcrafted item to sell.

In our case, it would be the star note. You can open a marketplace on Etsy and display pictures of the star note. Also, write an attractive description that would help buyers. Normally, you’ll have to pay a fee to open a marketplace on Etsy. However, you can avail of their trial period for one week to 21 days.

3. Facebook Marketplace

facebook Marketplace

It’s also possible to sell star notes through Facebook Marketplace. As a matter of fact, Facebook Marketplace can prove to be the best place to sell your star notes because it’s free. You can attract money collectors from your area to buy the star note.

To sell on Facebook Marketplace, simply click on the ‘house’ like button on your Facebook profile and create a post. You’ll have to upload good pictures of the star note, a brief description, and mention the price. You can accept payments by PayPal or bank transfers.

4. Craigslist


Craigslist, the largest website in the USA where people can post free classifieds is also an excellent place to sell your star note. That’s because lots of buyers of antiques and rare items scan Craigslist for things of their interest. The free classifieds that you post could attract such collectors.

Posting an ad on Craigslist is quite simple. All you need to do is provide details of the star note in about 50 to 80 words only. There’s no need to upload pictures of the star note since that would cost some money because Craigslist also offers a premium service for such ads.

Visit here – If you want to know How to sell on Craigslist

5. US Treasury

US Treasury

If there’s an office of the US Treasury in your area, approach them directly to sell your star note. The government buys star notes that are rare and out of print. That’s because they want your star note for their collections and display.

Alternatively, you can email the US Treasury in Washington DC by sending a photo of the star note with a small description. Generally, they respond to such emails within a few days. If your star note attracts, they will buy from you.

6. Museums


Often, US history museums also buy star notes, if it’s of any value to them as an exhibitor for historic reasons. You could approach a museum in your area or write to one and find if they’re interested in buying the start note. Obviously, their interest will depend on a lot of factors, but you can easily explore this way to sell your star note.

7. Antique Shops

Antique Shops

You can find a lot of online and offline stores that buy and sell antiques and other rare items. Often, such websites and shops also sell postage stamps, coins, and currency notes that are rare and unique or have an antique value. You could check at such shops in your city or find one online.

8. Collectors Clubs

US coin Collectors Clubs

There’re several clubs of people that collect currency notes that’re rare or unique, as their hobby. You can definitely find one in your area if you Google words such as ‘currency note collectors near me’ or similar ones. Members of these clubs could be potential customers for your star note.

Types of Star Notes That Sell

Now, as I said earlier, not every star note will fetch you a higher price than the face value of the currency. Here’re some reasons why your star note might not be worth anything more.

  • The star note is badly damaged
  • The star note comes from a stock which is new and already in circulation. Hence, it’s not rare or unique
  • The note is from a past stock but there’re tens of thousands of such notes in circulation in the US

Similarly, here’re some reasons why your star note can fetch a higher price too. These are more important.

  • Your star note has a rare serial number such as 2222 or 3333 or even 1111 or a series of zeroes.
  • The star note has palindromic numbers such as 2234322 or something similar and also a star.
  • A star note is very rare and dates back to historical times of the Fed
  • The star note has some more defects despite having the star after its serial number.

Here’re some more details on how to identify a rare star note, according to coin seller, Silverpicker.com

  • Low numbers such as 00000001
  • High numbers such as 99999999
  • Repeater such as 23232323
  • Solids such as 11111111
  • Binary – entire number consists of only two unique digits such as 29992292
  • Ladders such as 12345678
  • Radars – palindromic numbers such as 25644652

You can also refer to this website to check the value of your star note, and find whether it’s worth selling. Maybe, you can find a jackpot from this website.

Wrap Up

Some star notes have fetched over $100,000 or even more, depending on how rare they were. However, a lot of such rare notes remain to be found and sold. Maybe, you’re the lucky one who has one right now. If you wish to sell such a star note, use any of these eight ways that I describe above. It’s quite possible that you too can strike a fortune.

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