11 Best Places to Fill Your Balloons with Helium

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where can i get balloons filled with helium

Want to get some balloons for your party or any other event filled with helium? That’s not a problem anymore now. There’re as many as 11 places nearby where you can get balloons filled with helium for a small fee.

If you’re wondering what’s helium- here’s a small explanation. Helium is a colourless gas that doesn’t burn. In fact, used in small quantities, helium is safe to use. It is mostly non-toxic.

These qualities make helium the best gas to use for filling balloons. And there’re reasons to fill balloons with this gas too.

Reasons to Fill Balloons with Helium

There’re a few reasons why people love to fill balloons with helium instead of any other gas or simply by themselves.

Firstly, helium is lighter than air. Hence, balloons filled with helium tend to rise upwards. Such balloons are ideal for kids attending parties since they love to carry balloons tied to their wrists and prevent them from flying away.

Secondly, it's also possible to release balloons filled with helium into the air during celebrations. In fact, it’s a tradition in certain communities to let go of a bunch of balloons during a ceremony.

And finally, balloons filled with helium can be used for a lot of decorative purposes for events and parties. They are firmer than those filled with any other gas, such as carbon dioxide.

As a matter of fact, some event companies also get large balloons that bear the name of a company or a couple getting married or something else, filled with helium. Such balloons are then flown over the venue and held down by a firm cord.

11 Places to Get Balloons Filled with Helium

Now, let’s look at the 11 places near you where it's possible to get balloons filled with helium. Of course, there’s a small expense for getting a large balloon or a bunch of smaller balloons filled with helium. I will discuss these later in the article.

1. Walmart


Walmart offers this service of getting balloons filled with helium. You can request their customer care at the store to direct you to the counter, where they fill balloons with helium. You can get a small discount sometimes if you buy the balloons at Walmart too.

2. CVS Pharmacies and Stores

CVS Pharmacies and Stores

A lot of CVS stores across the US also offer filling balloons with helium. However, the facility might not be available at every CVS pharmacy or store. Therefore, check in advance by calling the nearest CVS Pharmacy to see whether they have the helium filling service available.

3. Albertsons


All stores of Albertsons and some of the stores of the Albertsons group provide helium-filling services for balloons. In fact, their charges are among the lowest. You could also buy some superb balloons for parties and other events at Albertsons or their company stores in the US.

4. Dollar General

Dollar General

Another sure-shot place to get balloons filled with helium is Dollar General stores. Usually, most of their locations have helium-filling services, and all you have to do is walk in and get the required number of balloons filled with helium.

5. Kroger


Kroger superstores provide helium filling services for all sorts of balloons. At some outlets, they also fill larger size and odd-shaped balloons, though charges may vary according to the volume of the helium gas used. However, their rates compare well with almost every other store where you can get balloons filled with helium.

6. Meijer


If you have a Meijer store nearby, you’re lucky. Because most Meijer stores have the facility to fill balloons with helium. The balloon-filling counter might sometimes be located outside the store itself and could be from a special counter.

7. Ralphs


Ralphs operates in some 190 locations in southern California. As part of the Kroger group, they also offer the services of filling balloons with helium. If you stay in southern California and have a Ralphs nearby, go to them to get your balloons filled with helium.

8. Publix


With close to 1,900 stores in various states, Publix is an employee-owned corporation. Most of their stores offer helium-filling facilities for customers. It is also possible to buy amazing balloons from their party supplies section at any Publix store.

9. Party Depot

Party Depot

Residents of Virginia can find a Party Depot in select cities. They cater to various requirements for parties. Hence, every Party Depot store has a counter for filling balloons with helium. You can get some extra discounts if you buy their balloons too.

10. Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is said to operate at over 10,000 locations across the US. However, Dollar Tree doesn’t fill rubber latex or plastic balloons. Instead, they fill only metallic or foil balloons with helium. This is an ideal place for getting odd-sized balloons filled with helium.

11. Party City

Party City

Party City stores can be found all over the USA. They have close to 800 Party City stores. As the name suggests, this store brand also deals in party supplies, including balloons. Additionally, you can find all sorts of balloons at their store, including larger ones and get them customized if necessary.

Cost of Filling Helium in Balloons

The cost of filling balloons with helium depends on various factors. For example, you can get simple rubber latex or plastic balloons filled with gas for anything as low as $0.65 to $1 each. Or, you can pay $1 to $1.25 for a regular-sized foil balloon.

Charges will also depend on the size of the balloon. Usually, you can get lower prices if you’re getting several balloons- especially 24 or more, filled with helium, from these stores.

Wrap Up

Before wrapping up, I will add that it's best to get balloons filled with helium right before using them for decoration or other purposes. That’s because balloons can burst, or the helium can leak, making the balloons look flabby. A few event management companies have their own gear to provide balloons filled with helium for parties and other functions. You can visit any of these places to get balloons filled with helium.

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