1. I linked my SBI Saving account and waiting for confirmation of amount which PayPal is going to send in next 6 to 7 days, my question is your SBI Account is saving or current? If it saving do i need to Enable overseas payment option to accept or receive payments or it is already enabled by the bank.pls let me know

  2. I created my paypal account in name of my father’s pan card as i provided his pan no. Can i use my bank account which isn’t same as pan card details?? Plzz reply

  3. Hi. I live in UAE. is it possible to link my PayPal account with my Nigeria bank account.

    Similarly, can l transfer money from my PayPal account to another bank account

  4. Hi Team,
    Good Evening
    This is Swara I have PAN no in name after marriage that is Swara Khapne but my bank account is in my maiden name that is Ranjana Mulik. Kindly help how I can link them both in paypal account to get payment.

    As i need to start with online work.

    Awaiting revert at earliest.

    Ranjana Mulik

  5. Sir , please guide me- my PayPal account is created days ago, but its taking too much time for verification. Bank and card details. I need to make a payment urgently (to USA). Isnt there any way to fast forwrd all process and make payment in single day. Please let me know.

  6. Hii,I want to create a PayPal account. But I do not have a pAN card.what I have to do..?can I make account without pan card???

  7. Pritam sir if i don’t have a pan card Nd i have a SBI account on the basis of my votal id as it’s miners account how would i create my PayPal account ?????

  8. PayPal India is a fraud, they are not able to resolve the technical issues with my account since last 70 days, it took 30 days for my client to pay to my paypal account and since last 35 days they are not releasing the payment automatically or manually, every time i call customer support they say, your issue has been escalated, not sure which space center their technical center is stablished, as my issue hasn’t reached there after 25 escalations. LOL

  9. I have about question about signing up pay-pal. If I’m just creating a Pay pal account and I’m not from India. Do i have the option to select my country or do I have to choose India? Sorry for asking such a stupid question but I just wanna be clear cause i notice on your this web page link is different from the other pay pal site and when i select my country it moves me to a different one. And Instead of showing the option (individual then business). It shows (Personal then business). I’m just wondering will it effect anything and will effect me by selecting personal instead of individual . both almost say the same thing. Once again sorry for such a stupid question.

  10. what is PAN card and how can I get the PAN card in my country Nigeria or otherwise can I use my national identity card for the same purpose

  11. Dear sir i have already in paypal account.but i have a problam .i cant submit detail to my debit card .my india bank account in punjab national bank .can you please tell me this bank is really linked in paypal .my mobile no-9716549677.

  12. Hi pritam,
    I have a question regarding the PayPal transfer of money to our bank account within a week and their transaction charges .

    If I’m going to earn thru PTS, then the money/week will be less and I’ll lose out more money than I earn . Say, I’m going to earn $1/week, then

    $1= 67₹
    After deduction of 4.4% ,
    ₹67-2.9= ₹64

    After Currency exchange deduction of ₹50,
    64-50= ₹14!

    Please clarify

  13. HI,

    Thanks for your post!
    I have received an email saying my account is limited. Complete the tasks. I have completed all the four tasks but my email verification still shows pending? I have already confirmed my email several times. Also I don’t get the screen in account overview as you mentioned in Step 10.
    Any help would be appreciated. I tried contacting Paypal India several times. No one answers at the toll free no.

    • @Neha, Generally the is confirmed once you complete the task and I don’t see any reason why PayPal is not helping. I will recommend you to create a new account with another email ID.

  14. Hi ,
    I have opened a account in paypal.
    I received the mail for email confirmation but after that can’t proceed according to your guidelines which you have provided.it is again asking for log in when I went to confirm email and also step no.8 in which we have to give security answers not showing and can’t proceed further for adding bank details and pan.
    Please help.

    satish. poojari008 @gmail.com

  15. I hv already verified my email address but it’s still showing it’s pending in the tasks. Guide me !

  16. hai pritham sir, i have an account in bank ,i am from india.i am not having pancard.is it possible to verify account without pancard

  17. Hi,
    I opened a fresh SB account in SBI but as per Paypal, SBI is not in their transaction list. It’s for all the members to ask Paypal the valid list of Indian banks
    for transaction. As I know, ICICI and Axis banks are in their list and I have to
    open new account in either of bank to start afresh. If I am wrong, kindly guide

  18. Hi,

    Myself Meena.

    I am currently working in London as a contractor with tier 2 dependent visa and my visa is going to expire in Jun 2016 and I am travelling back to India which is my home country.

    But my employer wants me to continue work from India.As I am citizen of India, I do have full work permit and I dont need any sponsorship. But I have below queries.
    1) Suppose my company pays me through invoice directly to me not through any agencies and how much tax I need to pay to my Indian Government.
    2) What options I have?
    3) What are all legal process I need to follow?

    Thanks & Regards

  19. Does your ‘individual’ paypal account allow you to receive credit card payments? I didn’t think it did, so I am trying to upgrade to a business account so that I can accept credit card payments from my customers. (I am starting a small start up online services business, where I will be a sole trader with income below all tax thresholds. (name of pan & PAypal & business account all my name). On paypal, the business registration page is insisting I add “business registration date” despite my clicking ‘sole trader’ and ‘less than 224000 INR which is the lowest ‘anticipated Av Monthly volume’ option given. I don’t have a registration & I understand I don’t need to for such a small startup. If I can’t accept credit card payments on my individual account, what shall I do?

    • @Manisha – You can accept credit card payment with business account only. You can upgrade to the account & if you are facing any difficulty, you can contact the PayPal support.

  20. Hi sir my name deepthi I am a student I am interested in doing online jobs but I have no pan card and PayPal acvount. But in others bank I’m having account. So I’m in little confused can you please answer to my query sir

  21. good day, i really want to get started with clixsense and currently, paypal is not accepted in Nigeria as i currently reside in nigeria. so kindly put me through how to work things out as a nigerian and also as a potential beginner in the clixsense environment.


  22. hello sir,
    I have a doubt about adding purpose code,to do different free online job at a time from different websites which purpose code should I used..e.g free online job like viewing adds,data entry,AdSense,captcha etc…plz do tell me the proper purpose code.

  23. I have created a PayPal account and linked my bank account.But PayPal do not send the money for verification of bank account.. What may be the reason ?

  24. I have a doubt regarding using PayPal. I created my Pay Pal account and linked my card.I don’t have PAN(applied). I know I can’t receive payments without adding PAN details and all. So my doubt is if I start working online is it like a) Company pay to my PayPal id, it stays there and not transfer it to my bank account and once I fill my PAN details i can transfer it to my bank account. Or b) I can’t work until my PayPal is completely verified with PAN etc

  25. 1. I have a doubt. I created my PayPal account with my name as SHAHEEL ROSHAN KHAN. This is my original name. But whenever I receive message from PayPal my name is mentioned as SHAHEEL KHAN omitting my middle name. I face same issue when I tried to enter account details.

    2. I don’t have PAN. But I have applied for the same. So can I work online now itself or do I have to wait till I receive my PAN


  27. hi,
    i am a house wife. i dont have PAN card. but i have account in Bank Of India, but no netbanking facility. what can i do? how will i create paypal account. i want to earn money from online working jobs. please help me

  28. Do you think it would be a good idea to buy a PayPal VCC from Auction Essistance if I cannot get my own credit card?

  29. Hi, Thanks for the details as to how to open a paypal account in India!
    Well in India can i buy online through paypal from internationals sites who use paypal as payment options? how will the money from my bank account get transfered to the sellers paypal account! i have added bank account and shall be adding debit to my paypal! will the 3D secure thing of visa block the transaction or it will go smoothly!
    Waiting for ur reply

    Thank u!

  30. Hi,

    Any Idea how much Paypal deducts as fee for dollar payments. Or is any other way, I can receive money from U.S. without paying fees

  31. Hi… I am Valerie from Kenya, I need to open a paypal account, is this paypal link only for Indians? Your response will be highly appreciated.

  32. Hi,

    My Nationality is Pakistani. and working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Can I open a account thru paypal.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Mohammad Sami


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