20 MLM Companies with Best Health Products (Best Vitamin & Supplement Brands)

Health products are mainstay for most Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and network marketing companies. And most MLM companies that make health products seem to be highly successful in various countries around the world.

There’re countless reasons why MLM companies that make health products are successful. In the following para, I will discuss some of these reasons. If you’re looking for products from best supplement brands or wish to start a home-based MLM business, these points would definitely help make better decisions.

Reasons for Success of Vitamin & Supplement Brands in MLM

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But before we go through the list, you need to know why health & wellness based MLM companies which are already best supplement and vitamin brands are so popular. Why do people love them?

1. The Health & Wellness Companies are Genuine: Most of the Health & Wellness based MLM companies are genuine compared to all other companies in the world. These companies have vitamin and supplement products and they do generate revenue year after year. You can buy their products as well as become members and promote their products.

2. Health and Wellness is an Evergreen Niche: The vitamin and supplement brands are so popular because this is an evergreen industry. There is more demand for products related to Health and wellness. For example the global revenue of such MLM companies is going to be around $250 billion in coming years.

3. People Take Their Health More Seriously Now: People are willing to spend more money on various health products like vitamins and supplements which can improve their health substantially. People love to buy products like tablets, capsules, powder, shakes etc for dietary supplements. They are also interested in products for weight loss and other antioxidants.

4. Products are Really Great & Unique and Not Present in Retail Market: Other reason why people like health based health companies is, because their products are really unique and are not present in retail market. Some of the antioxidants or aging products or even rejuvenation products are really good and they do affect their health in a positive way.

5. People Can Join the MLM Programs, Become Member and Make Money: Finally people like the MLM programs of Health & Wellness companies because you can buy products, use them and promote them. Once you become a member you get a lot of discounts for the products you buy. You also make money as you get new members to join the MLM program.

Present Day Scenario

Modern-day pharmaceutical companies haven’t really been able to fill this void left by the departure of apothecaries. Because they tend to make healthcare products with formulas developed by their in-house pharmacist, nutritionists and other experts. And these products are generally mass-produced.

This is where MLM companies come in. There are 20 top MLM companies that make health products and they are popular vitamin and supplement brands. Generally, their health products are made with ancient formulas or use ingredients that modern-day pharma companies ignore due to high costs and other considerations.

Furthermore, consumers are shifting from Allopathic health products to herbal and traditional formulations due to fears of consuming chemicals that could prove harmful for health.

These phenomena has given rise to top 20 MLM companies that make health products.

Top 20 MLM Companies That Make Health Products

If you’re looking for health products that aren’t easily available in the market, want to try alternative therapies or become an MLM associate to start own home-based business, here’re my curated list of top 20 such companies.

1. Wachters

Wachters is the oldest MLM companies in the world that makes health products. They’re around since 1932. Wachters Organic Sea Products operates from California. The company specializes in health products made from seaweed, plankton and other marine ingredients only.

They have an entire range of marine ingredients based health products to suit diverse needs- from daily nutrition & supplements to specific medical conditions.

2. Shaklee

Founded in 1956, Shaklee ranks among the oldest MLM companies that makes health products. Weight loss and nutrition are some of the main areas where Shaklee, an American corporation operates. They hold 71 patents for their research and development based products.

3. Neolife

Neolife began as GNLD International and ranks as the third oldest MLM companies in the world that makes health products like best supplements and vitamins. It was founded in 1958. They make a wide range of nutritional supplements based on organic products only. Neolife also allows its MLM associates to sell online.

4. Juice Plus

Juice Plus+ is a multi-million dollar company and it is in the business for around 50 years. As their name suggests, Juice Plus is all about healthy drinks made with herb and plant extracts. In recent years, they’ve also began making health supplements to help people fight various long-term lifestyle disease such as obesity and diabetes. It is one of the best supplement brands that makes health products and their stuff is available around the world.

5. Herbalife

Herbalife International ranks among the top 3 MLM companies of the world & Herbalife is one of the best supplement brands. This American company has hundreds of products for almost everyone. They have nutritional supplements, herbal medicines for long therapies, weight loss solutions, vitamins and lots more. Herbalife operates in most countries of the world.

6. Amway

Amway has been around in 1959 and can easily count as one of the pioneers of MLM companies in the health products category. Amway, a best supplement brand, operates worldwide and have fantastic range of herbal and organic health supplements, nutritionals and other herbal medicines for the entire family. Amway Herbals has worldwide operations.

7. Forever Living

American MLM giant Forever Living makes some superb health products that you wouldn’t find elsewhere on the market. They have an entire range of nutritional supplements including capsules and syrups as well as Aloe Vera based products useful in variety of medical conditions. They also have distribution outlets for their business associates worldwide.

8. DXN

DXN is a South Korean company that specializes in medicines and healthcare products made with Ganoderma, an herb typical to that part of the world. They also make a variety of skincare and dental health products. DXN products are unique since they primarily use Ganoderma as their main ingredient.

9. Isagenix

Arizona-based Isagenix International makes a variety of health supplements and nutritional supplements for people of all ages. They have a global presence. It is one of the topmost MLM companies to operate in the Middle East and West Asia regions of the world.

10. Limu

Limu makes health products, mainly refreshing fruit flavored energy drinks and other essential nutritional supplements from Fuciodan seaweed and freshest tropical fruits. Its products are best for people that enjoy busy outdoor life and sports. Their range of seaweed and fruit based drinks are most in demand in the MLM market for health products.

11. Morinda

Morinda is indeed a very exclusive MLM company that makes health products. The reason is they source all ingredients, especially fruits and herbs from the Polynesian country, Tahiti. This is the only company that uses Tahitian products. Morinda sells its health products by MLM under the brand name Noni.

12. Nikken

Nikken continues to welcome MLM associates in newer countries and areas. They have an unbeatable range of health products, especially herbal nutritionals and long-term herbal therapies. They use Japanese form of medicine to make Nikken brand health products. It ranks among the fastest growing MLM companies in the world.

13. Ariix

Aarix is an American MLM company best known for its slimming and weight loss solutions and nutritional supplements for your health. Ariix is prominent across America and Europe. This MLM company that makes health products is rapidly spreading its presence in Asia and other parts of the world too.

14. Unicity

If you’re woman and want some exclusive health products, check Unicity.com for their range. They have health products for microbiome enhancement, cholesterol lowering and lots of other purposes, suitable for female users. Unicity is a top American MLM company that makes all products after extensive research and development processes only.

15. Melaleuca

With more than 400 products that cover every lifestyle and age, Melaleuca is one of the biggest MLM companies from USA. They have a very vast range of health products such as fiber supplements, nutritional supplements and herbal long term therapies for treatment of various medical conditions. Melaleuca also welcomes MLM associates around the world and its community of direct sellers is growing rapidly.

16. Sunrider

Weight loss solutions, vitamins, nutritional supplements active persons and specialized formulas for people for all ages are made by Sunrider. While Sunrider also offers customers an opportunity to order their health products directly from their corporate websites, it also welcomes new MLM associates. They’re always looking for MLM associates in new areas.

17. Arbonne

Protein supplements, anti-stress medications, tablets and syrups to counter vitamin and other deficiencies are among the wide range of health products made by American MLM firm- Arbonne. You can order directly from their website too, though the purchase will be processed by their MLM associate in your area.

18. PM International

PM International is a MLM giant from Germany that specializes in health products. All health products from PM International are herbal and contain ingredients the company sources from suppliers around the world. PM International also operates worldwide and has extensive network in America.

19. Organo Gold

You can start you day with cup of nutritious coffee made by Organo Gold. This American MLM company makes most of its products with the Ganoderma mushrooms typical of East Asia. Other than coffee and milkshake mixes made of Ganoderma and other ingredients, Organo Gold also make a wide range of health products sold by their MLM associates.

20. Mannatech

A wide range of health products like best supplement and vitamins are available from Mannatech, an American MLM company. However, Mannatech doesn’t operate worldwide. You can try placing an order online for their health supplements. However, these will be serviced by their MLM associates.

21. OriFlame

OriFlame is more of a cosmetic MLM company that focuses on beauty products. OriFlame worth over $2 billion and it has being in the business for over 54 years.

OriFlame does not offer regular health and wellness products like Drinks, shakes, tablets etc. In other words the products offered are mainly cosmetics and not edible items.

Some of the beauty products are night creams, multi perfection eye treatment, Velvet skin care, Face scrub and other make up products like eye liner, mascara, nail paints etc.

22. Team BeachBody

As the name suggests Team BeachBody is solely for losing weight and keeping you in shape.

Team BeachBody is total package that has programs for losing weight. The program may include workout calendars, program guides, nutrition plans and progress trackers.

Some of the branded programs are P90X, P90X2, P90X3, INSANITY, TurboFire, Brazil Butt Lift, 10 Minute Trainer etc. The company worth around $250 million.

23. 4Life

4Life is a health and nutrition company worth over $250 million. The company is quite new but it has got some great products to offer.

The main branded products are called Transfer Factor Core Products and Targeted Transfer Factor.

Some of the Transfer Factor Core products are Transfer Factor Plus a powder mix to enhance your immune. Then there is RiteStart Women for daily supplement.

There are some other branded products also like 4Life Transform, ShapeRite, enummi Personal Care etc.

24. Phytoscience

Phytoscience is very popular in India and Malaysia. The company was founded in the year 2012 in Malaysia.

Some of the branded products are Double Stemcell, 2 Slim, Snowphyll Snow Algae Chlorophyll, Triple Stemcell Skin Care, H2o Moisturizer, Shine Stems etc.

It has over 10 branded products for health, nutrition and skin care.

25. Take Shape for Life

Take Shape for Life is basically a company that offers various weight loss programs. TSFL offers plans and products to lose weight.

Some of the branded plans under OPTAVIA are Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan that offers kits, bars, shakes, smoothies, drinks etc, Optimal Health 3 & 3 Plan also offers same thing.

Take Shape for life is a $200 million company functioning for over 26 years now.

26. Nature’s Sunshine

Nature’s Sunshine is a $400 million health and wellness company functioning for around 50 years. Nature’s Sunshine offers all kinds of products for health, energy, digestion, memory, sexual, weight management, cholesterol, stress etc.

The best part of Nature’s Sunshine is that it offers a discount of over 30% on every product.Some of the most sold products are Probiotic Eleven, Chinese Negative Pack TCM, Thai-Go etc.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, these top 20 companies manufacture very exclusive health products and are known as best supplement brands and best vitamin brands. Actually, MLM form of marketing helps them keep product prices lower while enabling women and men worldwide to find a sustainable source of income. Some of these health products are indeed amazing and wouldn’t be available elsewhere.