Top 20 MLM Companies Based on Health Products

If you want to improve your health and live a healthy & wealthy lifestyle then you must read this article.

Whether you just want to buy the Health Products or also want to join the MLM program and make some money, in either case you must read this article.

We have given a list of 20 Health & Wellness based MLM companies.

health based mlm companies

Why Health and Wellness Based MLM Products So Popular

But before we go through the list, you need to know why health & wellness based MLM companies and their products are so popular. Why do people love them?

The Health & Wellness Companies are Genuine

Most of the Health & Wellness based MLM companies are genuine compared to other types of MLM companies.

As far as 20 MLM companies mentioned in this list are concerned they are absolutely genuine.

These companies have products and they do generate revenue year after year.

One of the most popular MLM company is Amway. You can buy their products as well as become members and promote their products.

Health and Wellness is an Evergreen Niche

The Health & Wellness companies are so popular because the very niche is evergreen.

There is more demand for products related to Health and wellness. For example the global revenue of such MLM companies is going to be around $250 billion in coming years.

Unlike other MLM companies which are in the market for only a year or two health & wellness companies are here to stay.

People Take Their Health More Seriously Now

As the income level increases more and more people are getting health conscious. They are willing to spend more money on various health products which can improve their health substantially.

For example the most preferred product is dietary supplements. People love to buy products like tablets, capsules, powder, shakes etc for dietary supplements.

They are also interested in products for weight loss and other antioxidants.

Products are Really Great & Unique and Not Present in Retail Market

Other reason why people like these MLM companies is because their products are really unique and are not present in retail market.

Some of the antioxidants or aging products or even rejuvenation products are really good and they do affect their health in a positive way.

Customers can see the results after using them. These products definitely cure diseases that they promise.

People Can Join the MLM Programs, Become Member and Make Money

Finally people like the MLM programs of Health & Wellness companies because you can buy products, use them and promote them.

Once you become a member you get a lot of discounts for the products you buy. You also make money as you get new members to join the MLM program.

Top 20 Health Based MLM Companies

In this article we are giving a list of 20 MLM companies. You can visit each of their website and read more about their MLM program.

1. Amway

Amway is one of the best MLM companies when it comes to Health and Wellness. You can imagine, the global revenue of the company is around $50 billion. amway

It offers all kinds of products from vitamin supplements to Skin care.

However Amway is famous for Nutrilite, the number one brand for selling Vitamins and dietary supplements.

Under the Nutrilite they offer products like Vitamins & Supplements, Nutrilite W.O.W Bundle, Nutrilite W.O.W Microsite etc.

Apart from Nutrilite other brands are Artistry and Attitude, both for skincare.

You can use their products as well as promote them once you become a member.

2. Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+ is a $12 billion dollar company and it is in the business for around 45 years.

Juice Plus+ is more of a pharmaceutical company because the main product that it offers is a capsule. Yes capsules. Juice_Plus

Juice Plus+ capsules are blend of over 30 different fruits, vegetables and grains in the form of powder.

Juice Plus+ capsule gives you a balanced lifestyle by offering whole food based nutrition. Juice plus+ also comes in soft and tasty chewable form.

Apart from capsules it also offers nutrition shakes and nutrition bars.

So the USP of Juice Plus+ is capsules that you can take anytime.

3. HerbaLife International

HerbaLife a Health and Nutrition company that worth over $4 billion and is operating for last 35 years. HerbaLife_International

HerbaLife has products for Weight Management and Nutritional food.

It also offers Energy and Fitness products and Targeted Nutrition products. However HerbaLife is very big on weight management products.

Some of the weight management and Nutritional food products are Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix, Personalized Protein Powder, Cell U Loss Advanced, Multi Vitamin Mineral & Herbal Tablets etc.

Similarly it offers various Energy and Fitness Drink Mix coming in different flavors.

In short, HerbaLife offers wide range of products from Shakes to tablets to energy drinks.

4. Isagenix

Isagenix is relatively a new company compared to above mentioned companies. It was started 14 years ago and today it worth around $3 billion. Isagenix

Isagenix offers all kinds of health and wellness products. They range from weight loss products, products for improving performance and recovery, for combating aging and improving overall health.

Isagenix has over 50 different products to offer. The products are in the form of tablets, shakes, bars, powder, snacks, cake and even cream, lotion etc.

5. Nikken

Nikken is a $9 billion company operating for over 40 years now. Nikken

You will be surprised to know that the Nikken is basically Technology Company offering physical products like Air Purifier, Water Purifier, Sleeping Mattress, Various Magnetic products etc.

It means Nikken does not have products like tablets, capsules, powder, shakes, cream etc which are very common products of other Health & Wellness MLM companies mentioned in this list.

Some of the products featuring magnetic technologies are Marquesa Collection, Kenko PowerBand, Kenko Powerchip, Kenko Seat etc.

Similarly products featuring air wellness are KenkoAir Purifier, Air Wellness Traveller.

Products featuring Negative Ion technology are Kenko Dream Comforter and Light Comforter etc.

There are other products that feature technologies like Far Infrared technology, Full Spectrum Light technology etc.

Nikken Wellness also offers wellness products for daily diet and whole body renewal.

6. Forever Living

Forever Living is a $2.5 Billion health and wellness company. Forever_Living

There are three different kinds of wellness products that Forever Living has to offer.

The first category is drinks. The USP of Forever Living is its drink. One of the best products is Aloe Vera Drinks.

Apart from Drinks Forever Living also offers various Bee Products like Honey.

Second category of products is cosmetics personal care like Skin care.

The third category is Weight Management programs and products.

7. OriFlame

OriFlame is more of a cosmetic MLM company that focuses on beauty products. OriFlame worth over $2 billion and it has being in the business for over 48 years. OriFlame

OriFlame does not offer regular health and wellness products like Drinks, shakes, tablets etc. In other words the products offered are mainly cosmetics and not edible items.

Some of the beauty products are night creams, multi perfection eye treatment, Velvet skin care, Face scrub and other make up products like eye liner, mascara, nail paints etc.

8. Melaleuca

Melaleuca is pure Health & Wellness Company that worth around $1.2 billion and functioning for over 30 years. Melaleuca

Melaleuca offers all kinds of products for categories like Vitamins & Supplements, Food & Weight Loss, Hot Beverages, Cleaning & Laundry, Medicine Cabinet, Dental and Facial Care, Hair Care, Essential Oils, Beauty, Pet Care etc.

So you can figure out Melaleuca has a wide variety of products to offer. However the USP of the company is Vitamins & Supplements products for men, women and children. They are really great and you must definitely buy them.

9. Shaklee

Shaklee has being functioning for over 48 years now and it worth over $900 million.

The unique thing about Shaklee is its money back guarantee. Shaklee promises that if you Shakleedon’t feel better in 30 days then you can return the products and they will pay you back.

The main products that it offers are tablets that provide essential vitamins, proteins and minerals to give nutrition to your body.

You also have products for weight loss, beauty and your personalized health.

Shaklee is well known for its quality and higher standards of the products.

10. Arbonne

Arbonne worth over $500 million and it is in the business for over 31 years. Arbonne

Arbonne offers products for two main categories beauty and nutrition.

The catalogue includes categories for Skincare, bath and body, hair, makeup and nutrition.

Skin care products promises to reduce signs of aging and nutritional products offer protein shake mix. You can also find various products for makeup also.

Arbonne also gives you a discount if you are a regular customer.

11. Sunrider

Sunrider is a $700 million company offering over 415 products for health, beauty and household needs. Sunrider

Sunrider has been in the business of manufacturing quality products for over 33 years.

Some of the major branded products offered by Sunrider are Sunrider Herbal Foods and Beverages, Sunrider Herbal Concentrates, Vitalite Weight management and Active Lifestyle Formulas, Kandesn Oi-Lin Skin Care and Color Cosmetics, SunSmile and SunBright etc.

12. Nature’s Sunshine

Nature’s Sunshine is a $400 million health and wellness company functioning for over 43 years. Nature_Sunshine

Nature’s Sunshine offers all kinds of products for health, energy, digestion, memory, sexual, weight management, cholesterol, stress etc.

The best part of Nature’s Sunshine is that it offers a discount of over 30% on every product.

Some of the most sold products are Probiotic Eleven, Chinese Negative Pack TCM, Thai-Go etc.

13. Team BeachBody

As the name suggests Team BeachBody is solely for losing weight and keeping you in shape. Team_BeachBody

Team BeachBody is total package that has programs for losing weight. The program may include workout calendars, program guides, nutrition plans and progress trackers.

Some of the branded programs are P90X, P90X2, P90X3, INSANITY, TurboFire, Brazil Butt Lift, 10 Minute Trainer etc.

The company worth around $250 million.

14. 4Life

4Life is a health and nutrition company worth over $250 million. The company is quite new but it has got some great products to offer. 4Life

The main branded products are called Transfer Factor Core Products and Targeted Transfer Factor.

Some of the Transfer Factor Core products are Transfer Factor Plus a powder mix to enhance your immune. Then there is RiteStart Women for daily supplement.

There are some other branded products also like 4Life Transform, ShapeRite, enummi Personal Care etc.

15. Take Shape for Life

Take Shape for Life is basically a company that offers various weight loss programs. Take_Shape_for_Life

Take Shape for Life offers plans and products to lose weight.

Some of the branded plans under OPTAVIA are Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan that offers kits, bars, shakes, smoothies, drinks etc, Optimal Health 3 & 3 Plan also offers same thing.

Take Shape for life is a $200 million company functioning for over 26 years now.

16. Organo Gold

Organo Gold is basically Gourmet Beverage company. Because it’s main products are coffeeOrgano_Gold beverages like Colombian Roast, Te AMO, African Red Tea, Rodeo Chai etc.

Organo is a very new company started 8 years back and the net worth is around $225 million with presence in 50 different countries.

17. Thrive Life

Thrive Life is a $50 million health food company started in the year 2006. Thrive_Life

Thrive life offers fresh organic and gluten free produce like fruits and vegetables. It also sells dairy products, meat, sauces, beverages etc.

You can buy all these items from the Thrive Life. They also teach various recipes.

18. Phytoscience

Phytoscience is very popular in India and Malaysia. The company was founded in the year 2012 in Malaysia. Phytoscience

Some of the branded products are Double Stemcell, 2 Slim, Snowphyll Snow Algae Chlorophyll, Triple Stemcell Skin Care, H2o Moisturizer, Shine Stems etc.

It has over 10 branded products for health, nutrition and skin care.

19. Trevo

Trevo Trevo offers only one product and that is in the form of liquid nutrition. In just one bottle you get all the 174 nature’s finest ingredients obtained from all over the world.

The drink accelerates and activates your health improving mental focus, and cognition.

20. Free Life

Free_Life Free Life is a health and nutrition company with revenue of over $1 billion.

Free Life offers nutrition drinks, shakes, capsules, lotion and other beverages.

Some of the branded products are TAIslim, TAIwellness, TAIfit, TAIhome, L’dara etc.

So these were 20 MLM companies for Health and Wellness. I recommend you to visit their websites and find out more about their MLM programs.


  1. Also need to add LifeVantage – Anti-aging supplement all natural that activates your body’s own ability to create its own antioxidants and reduces oxidative stress 👌

  2. The majority of these companies are falsely advertising and greenwashing the American public. Shame on you for posting them and not knowing that they’re not healthy companies. The truth is on the back of the label and the ingredients that are in the product not what the front says or what they’re mission statement claims. You still need to look beyond that. As a cancer survivor a post like this offends me!! For example our bond has sodium lauryl sulfate in it which is a highly toxic ingredient that creates the suds to make people think they are getting cleaner. In your list Melaleuca is the absolute most worst offender! They like to be known as the wellness company but the back of their labels have warnings and multiples to hundreds of toxic chemicals.
    Please stop giving the American public uninformed information. Learn how to read the back of your label and make a wiser better choice for your family. We have the power with our dollars to stop spending with these companies that are making false claims of Health. Make a difference in your own community learn simpler ways find better companies, and create a better future for your own children.

  3. Friend,
    Do you know a Best Wellness and Health Company whose product can Protect from aging,strenghtens health power and is the cheapest in the market?And this Company has its product only in one Product?I want to Promote it.

  4. Rain international will be on the list soon. Pure seed based nutrition a completely new concept. Amazing products and a new and very competitive compensation plan.

  5. You should include longrich it’s also a very good network marketing business with a very easy strategy and it’s very flexible allowing the member to work at his own pace with good rewards and very affordable to start. I am a happy member

  6. I am with the juice plus company and we are the number one team growing in the USA and international. My leadership drives your business and give you results. Contact me and let’s grow health together

  7. You should definitely add Plexus to this list. It truely is amazing for real health and wellness. So many people I know have lost weight, get better sleep, improved moods, and been able to stop taking a lot of medications to control symptoms of chronic issues. It has an amazing compensation plan as well!

    • I agree Megan. I take Plexus products and loved them so much that I began selling them.

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    • I do not know when you requested this, as it is not dated. so apologies if years old. 🙁 Either way, please contact me if still interested, as I’m with the Juice Plus Company and unlike all the other companies on this list, JP is whole food, not supplements, so anyone taking any of these can still benefit from taking JP. The business plan is also like no other and you gain full benefits like Health, Life, dental, eye and much more once hitting top two levels. 🙂

    • I am Amway Business Owner. I would like to partner with people to do this business. It has got education system to help dout the business.

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    • The forever living products is the best because they provide many more compare then other u will check to information through internet then u call me 9855372027 i will explain u every company detail and how to join flp i have give u question s answers

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