TV Advertising vs Online Advertising – Pros & Cons

Television was the popular marketing media in 1950s and even in the current internet driven world; this marketing media remains one among the best mediums for businesses.

Television marketing is highly engaging and it has the ability to make the best connection with the target audience that too instantly. Without any doubt, it has a wide reach and how does this type of marketing bring an effect on the business growth?

Here are the pros and cons of television advertising for the marketing department of businesses to understand:

TV vs online advertising

Pros of TV advertising

Usage of audio, visual and actions

Television advertisements make use of actions, visuals and audio for conveying the message that can rightly grab the attention of the intended audience. When the messages are rightly conveyed, the advertisement will become more credible to the audience.

Convenience and flexibility

Over these many years, television has been known to be the convenient and flexible medium of marketing. The reason is the great reputation and it has achieved great popularity because of the simplicity with which it can relay a message to millions of viewers both nationally and internationally.

In addition, television advertisement permits most businesses with the flexibility to bring in varied approaches of text, audio and video for driving the message home.

It helps the marketers to bring impact to those watching by making the message emotional and memorable on the basis of the service or product and target audience.

Strong impact

In addition, television advertising also can bring stronger impact on the minds of target audience. The reason is that this form of marketing brings together several components like drama, motion, sight, color and sound. In addition, it is possible to include graphics elements as well.

Cons of television advertising

High cost

The high cost involvement is stated as an important disadvantage associated with television marketing. Actors, script writers and directors are needed for creating an advertisement for television and this will need much expense to be made.

Multiple exposures is important

As the advertisement has to be telecasted several times to grab the attention of the target audience, the money to be spent towards airing the same is higher.

Apart from the money to be spent once for creation of the ad, the advertisers will have to spend every time to broadcast the same in different television channels.

Too short to convey the intended message

Generally, television advertisement has to be shorter and so it will be difficult for the director to create an advertisement that can carry on the intended message within a short period.

Even though, television marketing has its own pros and cons, nowadays, with the development of internet technology, many advertisers are opting for online advertising and here are the pros and cons of this mode:

Pros of Online advertising

Different options to reach out

When advertisers choose online mode, they will have different options to reach out the target market. For instance, advertisement can be made through search engines, social media sites and also through websites that have heavy traffic.

All these options provide the opportunity to reach out easily.

Split testing becomes easier

Many advertising platforms on the internet, allow the advertisers to load different versions of a particular ad.

In addition, they can get the chance to decide on how often they want their ad to appear and this is an excellent opportunity provided for advertisers to test the response they can gain for different advertisements.

This in turn will make split testing and other forms of testing easier for understanding the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

Responsive testing

When it comes to television and print marketing, it takes time for changing the marketing collateral for adjusting the errors if any in the marketing message and for changing the tactics as per the response.

On the other hand, online advertising permits the advertisers to quickly change their marketing materials and this can be done even without the direct intervention of the advertiser.

Cons of online advertising

Higher chances of ad blindness

When an advertiser chooses to market through banner ads in popular websites, there are greater chances of ad blindness in intended audience.

This means that when many banners are present, there are great chances that the advertisement made by a particular marketer, might be skipped by the target audience.

Ad blocking

This is an enemy for advertisers online. This means that some browsers like Google Chrome provides the opportunity for internet users to block the ads from getting into their browsers.

This feature blocks the ads from majority of the servers and so there are chances of the ad not reaching the target audience.


In the current competitive world, marketing is an important tool for businesses to reach out the target audience. So, it is suggested that they should opt for both these means to achieve their new customer-generation goal.


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