How to Sell Your Used Camera and Photography Gear to Buy New Ones

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sell used camera

Buying a new camera can prove difficult, especially if you’re going for the latest, highly sophisticated ones that come loaded with various features. Add to that the cost of matching photographic gear- the cost would turn away anyone unless they’re millionaire.

So what’s the best way to buy that new, latest camera you’ve always wanted? The obvious answer would be accumulate money to buy it. Or, sell old stuff.

In fact, one of the best ways to buy a new camera is to sell your old camera and photographic gear for the best available price. But that isn’t as easy as you would possibly imagine.

sell used camera

Difficulties in Selling Used Camera, Photography Gear

Rapid developments in imaging technology is one of the main culprits responsible for difficulties in selling used camera and photography gear.

Smartphones with Camera

You’ll surely be aware that smartphones come with excellent, high resolution cameras nowadays. Hence, most people will avoid buying a camera since they’ll prefer using the one on their mobile handset.

Film is Extinct

Furthermore, photography is now digital. Cameras that require film are becoming extinct really quick. Because film isn’t available just around the corner as it once was. And services for developing film to make pictures are even rarer. In such situations, who would buy a camera that uses the once popular 35mm film?

Demand for High Resolution Cameras

Digital imaging technology is advancing at such rapid pace that we now have extremely high resolution cameras that’re capable of producing nearly life-like images. Therefore, buyers for low resolution cameras are scarce and hard to find.

However, this needn’t deter you from selling your used camera and photographic gear. There’re ways and means to sell your used camera and photography gear to buy new ones in 2024.

Ways to Sell Used Camera & Photographic Gear

In this article, we’ll explore various avenues to sell your used camera and photography gear. A lot depends on the type of camera and gear you already own.


The best bet to sell your used camera and photography gear for a good price is eBay. That’s because eBay attracts customers from all parts of the world. Hence, customers in foreign countries looking for economical yet excellent cameras look for used ones.

In the US too, amateur photographers and beginners look for used cameras and photography gear that fits into their budget.

Register as individual seller on eBay to sell your used camera and photography equipment. Understandably, eBay charges a fee for the service but you’re assured of a faster sale for good price.

Camera Auctions

If you own a high-end camera and related photography gear, it’s possible to fetch an excellent price at camera auctions.

There’re several auction houses and companies that sell used cameras and photography gear on your behalf. Usually, they’ll curate your camera and gear and indicate the minimum price you can get.

Should you agree, they’ll hold an online auction for your camera and photography gear. You can sell the camera to the highest bidder after a certain number of days or put it up for auction again by upping the minimum bidding price.

It’s best to opt for an online auction if your used camera and photography gear is genuinely upmarket.

Additionally, auctions are also excellent way to sell vintage, used cameras. That’s because camera collectors and museums look for rare, vintage cameras that’re no longer in production.

However, such cameras have to be in working condition and have no signs of external or internal damage to fetch high price.

Amazon Renewed

The world’s single largest online retailer Amazon also allows you to sell your used camera and photography gear. They have a fabulous program known as Amazon Renewed that helps you sell old camera and related equipment to get the best possible price.

Understandably, you’ll pay a small fee to use Amazon’s selling services. Despite the charge, there’re excellent advantages of selling your used camera and photography gear through Amazon.

As you’ll know, Amazon reaches millions of customers across the world. Hence, you might find buyers rather quickly. They pay you quickly too by bank transfers or PayPal, after the mandatory ‘Returns’ date is over.

Amazon is trusted by millions of people worldwide. Hence, your used camera and photography gear rides on this trust and popularity of Amazon and get customers faster.


KEH is a superb website that buys and of course, sells used cameras and photography equipment. Visit their website to see what type of cameras and gear they buy.

You can request an instant quote from KEH by providing relevant information such as make and model number of your camera, lenses and related gear.

KEH also holds ‘Buying Events’ during which they have special offers for everything. Meaning, you can sell old camera and buy another, latest used one from them.

Upon registration with KEH, you get five percent off on your seller fees and for purchases as well. Go through their website and learn a bit about the prices they sell used cameras and photography gear they buy from people.

It would provide a good idea about how much you can expect for your used camera and photography gear.


B&H is a winner of several prestigious awards from organizations such as Forbes and Google, among others. It is also one of the most reliable websites to sell your used camera and photography gear.

If you’re confused about how to go about it, use their live chat. A customer care executive will answer queries related to selling cameras and photography equipment.

Professional photographers will also find B&H very useful. They also buy darkroom equipment and almost every other accessory and gear that photographers use.

Of course, B&H won’t buy outdated cameras that aren’t useful anymore since they don’t generally cater to collectors of photographic items.

The best part of selling to B&H: they provide free shipping for your used camera and photography equipment.


Sell or trade in your used camera and photography equipment at Adorama. You can request an instant quote for the used camera and photography gear.

Adorama calls itself the “world’s only full service destination for photo, video and electronics.” They buy and sell all makes of cameras, though selling rare models or those from certain countries could be a problem.

Adorama’s collection of used cameras is vast. In fact, that’s one place where you can buy working cameras from now defunct manufacturers of Japan and Europe.

You can trade in the used camera and photography gear to buy some of these high performance but less popular brands of cameras.


Who doesn’t know Craigslist? If you don’t wish to use any of the above resources, Craigslist is your best bet.

Create an account and post an excellent classifieds ad to sell your used camera and photography gear. Craigslist is particularly useful if any of the specialized camera buying websites and auction houses reject your stuff for any reason.

Usually, Craigslist will enable you to sell your used camera and photography gear within your city. However, you can select settings of your Craigslist account and ensure your ad is seen by people across America and if needed, also worldwide.

Remember to post excellent pictures of your used camera and excellent, accurate descriptions to help buyers decide quickly. Craigslist enables direct contact between the buyer and seller.

Local Photography Stores

And finally, you also have the choice of selling your used camera and photographic gear to that neighborhood photography store.

It’s better to call up and enquire first whether they buy used camera and photography equipment before rushing there. You can find a list of nearest photography stores with a simple, online search on Yelp or Google.

Selling in-store is excellent if you’re desperate for cash. However, you might get much lower rates since you’re selling in distress.

At the same time, you also have the option of visiting various stores to find how much they’ll pay for your used camera and photography equipment. Some stores may also allow trade-in facilities that help you get a good camera almost instantly/

Wrap Up

There’re some basic tips to follow before you sell your used camera and photography gear. Firstly, all equipment should be in excellent working condition. Take special care of lenses. Often, lenses get clouded due to dust or fungal accumulation. The above tips should help you sell your old camera and gear for a better price.

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