Best Places to Sell Used Wedding Dresses for Cash

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sell wedding dress

Most women treasure their wedding dress. After all, there’s lots of memories that go with your wedding dress. It’s also a token of that special day. Hence, why would you wish to sell your used wedding dress?

The obvious reason?

You’ll sell your wedding dress for money. That’s right. However, that’s not the only reason why women sell their wedding dress. There’re lots more.

Reasons to Sell Used Wedding Dress

As I say earlier, money isn’t the only reason women sell a wedding dress. There’re several others too.

sell wedding dress

Very often, women also donate their wedding dress for a cause. If that’s what you’d love doing, there’re countless organizations across America who’ll willingly accept your wedding dress.

Now considering you wish to sell your wedding dress, obviously, you’ll look for the best price. Therefore, I’m listing top places to sell wedding dresses online.

Top Places to Sell Wedding Dresses

Usually, you’ll find a bridal boutique in your city or town to sell a wedding dress. But if you don’t wish to visit the store and prefer to sell wedding dresses online, here’s my list of top 15 places.

An important instruction: You’ll have to comply with the Returns Policy of all these websites and apps.

Facebook Marketplace

Maybe you’re surprised I mention Facebook Marketplace as the best place to sell used wedding dresses. Indeed, it is. The reason is simple. Firstly, you can open a Facebook Marketplace for free. It’s very easy to set up your own Facebook Marketplace. And you can close the Facebook Marketplace once you sell the wedding dress.

Facebook Marketplace reaches people in your area. This allows you to allow people to check the wedding dress before they buy. Further, you can fix the asking price. There’re no agents or commissions when you sell directly on Facebook Marketplace.

Additionally, it’s very easy for others and you to share the wedding dress listing through their personal Facebook accounts. Hence, your chances to sell wedding dress faster are high.


Another excellent place to sell used & pre-owned wedding dresses is eBay. In fact, eBay has a lot of free resources that would help you sell wedding dresses. Simply fill in the necessary information and you can get a clear estimate of how much money you can get by selling a wedding dress.

You don’t have to pay anything to list your wedding dress for sale on eBay. However, they’ll charge a nominal commission after you sell the wedding dress. Thousands of brides across America will view your wedding dress when you sell on eBay. Therefore, you can get your asking price and sell quickly too.


Wait for the wedding season if you’re not in desperate or urgent need for money. And sell your wedding dress from own marketplace on Shopify. Actually, Shopify isn’t exactly free: you’ll have to pay a small fee to open a marketplace. At the same time, Shopify offers a 14-day free trial for your marketplace.

Hence, I suggest you wait for the wedding season. The demand would be higher and most likely, you would sell before the free trial ends. If you’re thinking of Shopify, you may also wish to sell some other stuff lying surplus or unused. Since Shopify charges for a marketplace, there’s no limit as such over the number of items you can list for sale.


A marketplace on Etsy is something you could consider to sell wedding dresses. Etsy has over 33 million buyers around the world. There are over 2.1 million sellers on Etsy. There’s a huge demand for handmade American bridal dresses around the world. Therefore, your chances to sell handmade wedding dresses on Etsy for a good price are fairly high.

Etsy usually lists only handmade and vintage stuff. Therefore, it’s a perfect place to sell wedding dresses that are handmade and at least 20 years or more old. You’ll pay a nominal 20 cents for listing the wedding dress on Etsy. Once it sells, Etsy charges a small fee or commission, that depends upon the sale value.

Preowned Wedding Dresses is a leading website where you can sell wedding dresses. You can sell other bridal stuff on this website too. charges a one-off $25 fee for listing your wedding dress for sale. However, you get to decide the price you wish to sell wedding dresses. You can use the online pre-owned wedding dress price calculator to find how much money you can get.

To sell wedding dresses on, you’ll have to create an account online. The next step is to find how much your wedding dress would sell for. Third, take amazing pictures of your wedding dress to upload on this website and write a fantastic description. A buyer will contact you through this website. You can negotiate the price and shipping conditions before selling.


Poshmark ranks among topmost places to sell used wedding dresses in the US. To sell wedding dresses or any other clothing, you’ll have to download the Poshmark app from Google Play or Apple Store. Create your own Poshmark account using their app. Take superb pictures of your wedding dress and write an attractive description. Upload these pictures and description using your Poshmark app.

There’s no joining fee. However, Poshmark charges a 20 percent fee whenever you sell wedding dresses or any other clothing. The buyer pays for shipping through Poshmark.

Therefore, you’ll get a prepaid shipping label on your app from the buyer. Shipping is through United States Postal Service (USPS) only. Poshmark is a very reliable company. Hence, you’ll never lose the money for selling a wedding dress due to any frauds.


Another excellent way to sell wedding dresses online is through or their app. It’s possible to list your wedding dress for sale on Tradeasy in as little as 50 seconds. In fact, you can sell lots of other clothing through Tradeasy. They have one of the simplest ways to sell wedding dresses and other stuff. They charge about 15 percent of your sale value as commission.

You’ll have to create an account through Tradeasy website or app and start uploading images of the wedding dress. State your price too. The buyer contacts you through Tradeasy app or website.

Once you finalize the deal, Tradeasy sends you a shipping kit to print prepaid postage labels. Alternatively, you can ship yourself: it depends upon your deal with the buyer. Tradeasy also helps you curate your wedding dress to find how much money it can get. This service is however available in New York City currently.

Nearly Newly Wed

Looking to sell wedding dresses abroad? You can find international customers through It’s very easy to sell wedding dresses. Simply visit their website and complete their online form. Nearly Newly Wed will do the necessary tasks such as listing, promoting, selling, payments, insurance and shipping. They charge a one-off $25 fee to list your wedding dress while all other services are free.

When any buyer in America or a foreign country wants to buy your wedding dress, you’ve to ship the wedding dress to Nearly Newly Weds for verification and curating. And if their curators find your wedding dress matches the specs you mention, the company will complete other formalities for you.

Once Wed

Once Wed is a fabulous website to sell used wedding dresses quickly. They charge you $19.95 as onetime fee to list your wedding dress on their website. To register, visit and follow instructions carefully.

You can get an excellent price for your wedding dress. Also, you can sell other bridal stuff on Once Wed. This website is very popular among women looking for pre-owned but unique wedding dresses.

This website has very secure payment systems that protect you against fraud. While you can negotiate terms and conditions with the buyer, Once Wed offers the facility of selling through their secure system. You can opt for payment through PayPal or Check out their unique and safe way to sell wedding dresses online. You’ll be amazed at what they offer.

Still White

You can also sell wedding dresses on They charge you a onetime fee of $20 to list your wedding dress under their Standard account. And your wedding dress remains listed on their website till you find a buyer.

They don’t charge any additional fees or charges. It’s very easy to sell wedding dresses on this website. Simply read their FAQs to learn about the simple way you can sell wedding dresses through Still White. For a fee of $20, you can post as many as four pictures of your wedding dress.

If you opt for the Premium account, the website charges onetime fee of $30. While you get all features of the Standard account, there’re some extra benefits here. Your wedding dress features on the homepage gallery of for seven days. You can upload up to eight photos of larger sizes of your wedding dress with Premium account. And you can post a video of your wedding dress too.

Still White provides live analytics of your wedding dress listing for free for both Standard and Premium accounts. Meaning, you can track how many people see your wedding dress and their location, among other details.

More Places to Sell Wedding Dresses

There’re a few more places where you can sell wedding dresses. You can visit these websites to find details and know how much money your wedding dress will get.

  • ONBB Weddings: Operates through app only. However, their app is available only from Apple Store.
  • Wedding Bee: This is a one-stop wedding shop. Meaning people can get everything they need for a wedding. You can sell wedding dresses through their special Classifieds section on the website.
  • Sell My Dress; Charges onetime fee of $9.95 and your wedding dress remains on their list till it finds a buyer. They don’t charge any other commissions or frees from the seller.
  • Wore It Once: You can sell wedding dresses and other bridal stuff on Wore It Once by setting up own marketplace. They charge $15 as onetime membership fee.
  • Craigslist: Almost everything sells on Craigslist. And you can sell wedding dresses on Craigslist too. While Craigslist is very popular in America, selling wedding dresses through this free classifieds website isn’t that easy. Yet, several women use Craigslist & other similar classified sites to sell wedding dresses.

You can try these methods to sell wedding dresses too. As usual, read their FAQs as well as terms and conditions very carefully before finalizing on any website to sell wedding dresses.

Wrap Up

Try any of these websites to sell wedding dresses. In fact, you’ll be helping some bride find a wedding dress of her choice for a price she can afford. When you sell wedding dresses, you’re also helping other women save money they would require for other important purposes including starting a new life.

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