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Getting a free car diagnostic test isn’t all that easy. Nor is it common that you could simply drive to a car diagnostic centre and ask for a free test. That’s because of one major reason. A complete car diagnostic test that includes mechanical and electrical testing, among others, costs around $500. You can expect to pay more for a luxury car too.

However, simple car diagnostic tests are available for as low as $20 each. This depends on what feature or element of the car you wish to get diagnosed.

Fortunately, there are few places where you can get free car diagnostics nearby. These aren’t really the full car diagnostic tests, as you might expect. Instead, these are simple tests that are done quickly, in two to 10 minutes only.

Let’s therefore start by understanding what’re car diagnostic tests.

Understanding Car Diagnostic Tests

Surely, you’ve heard about people or humans undergoing diagnostic tests when they’re sick or showing symptoms of some illness. This is done to find the nature of the disease that’s affecting a person. Diagnosis allows the physician or consultant to provide the best possible treatment for that medical condition.

The same holds true for vehicles. Of course, cars and other vehicles aren’t living creatures. However, each vehicle consists of hundreds of parts of all sizes and shapes. Each of these parts is important for the smooth and problem-free running of the vehicle.

If there’s an issue with some automobile parts, you might face engine failure and have to stop driving. Such problems can occur when you’re miles away from help.

Such unpleasant possibilities of getting stranded on some road alone because of a car breakdown can be avoided simply through vehicle diagnostic tests. Every car consists of three types of parts: the chassis, electrical and mechanical.

The chassis includes the body of the car, seats and other structures that move on wheels with the help of the engine. The engine itself and other parts that help the movement are mechanical parts of the car.

Next, we have the ignition, vehicle lighting, entertainment systems, navigational aids and other stuff on board a car. These form the electrical part of a car or other vehicle. They’re powered by a car battery that recharges as you drive.

The act of driving actually is a finely tuned action between the electrical and mechanical parts to move the chassis with passengers.

Why Car Diagnostics Are Needed?

As we know a car or vehicle is made of a chassis, electrical and mechanical parts, it’s also worth knowing that these elements are prone to wear and tear due to driving, weather and other such reasons.

Regardless of whether or not you’re using the car, there will always be some damage to the chassis, and electrical and mechanical parts in the form of corrosion and exposure to various climatic conditions.

Sometimes, electric cables or their casings can be damaged even when you’re not using the car because rodents such as rats are nibbling them. Mechanical parts can get jammed or stuck because of rust or dust if the car is lying without use.

To ensure that our car is free from such problems, we need car diagnostics. Here, physical and robotic or computerized diagnosis of the car is done and you’re given a report on any problems that may exist or could occur later.

Hence, car diagnostics are essential. They enable you to maintain the car in the best roadworthy condition.

free car diagnostic test near You

As I mentioned earlier, free car diagnostics are quite rare to find. However, I will discuss about a few places in this article, where you can get some basic car diagnostics free of cost.

Please note that you can’t really demand free car diagnostics from any business. It’s their choice whether or not to provide you with that service.

1. Tire Workshops


You can get free wheel balancing and wheel alignment tests at some tyre workshops nearby. Usually, such workshops will provide the facility free of cost if you’re buying tyres. Even if you’re buying a single replacement tyre, you might get the full wheel balancing and wheel alignment service for free, depending on the policies of the workshop.

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2. Accident Damage Workshops

Accident Damage Workshop

Workshops that specialize in repairing vehicles that survived accidents with damaged electrical and mechanical parts also offer free car diagnostics. They do so to ensure that a car they repaired doesn’t leave the workshop with any defects.

If your car has been damaged in any situation and there’s enough reason to suspect it’s not running properly, take it to an accident damage workshop. They will fix the car and if you are convinced, they might provide some car diagnostics for free.

3. General Workshops

General Workshop

Regular car maintenance workshops usually run a lot of free diagnostics and give a free report. They provide these car diagnostics and free reports as a service to the customer.

The report indicates that the workshop has done the necessary work and is returning your car. They might not run a full car diagnostic test. However, if you’re a regular at this workshop, you can request one and see if they’ll provide one.

4. Preowned Car Buyers

Preowned Car Buyers

Businesses that buy or deal with preowned cars usually provide complete car diagnostics. That’s because these dealers will test a car fully before buying it and reselling it.

Also, they usually provide a free roadworthiness and fitness report of the car to the buyer, for his satisfaction. You can check with preowned car buyers and dealers if they will provide some car diagnostics for free and assess your car for resale.

5. Car Diagnostic Businesses

Car Diagnostic Businesses

Sometimes, car diagnostic businesses offer free checking of your car. They do that to create awareness of their business in your area or even when a new car diagnostic centre opens. It’s done as a form of advertising their services. You can check if there’s a new car diagnostic centre opening nearby or if the existing one has some promo.


In my personal experience, it’s always best to go for paid and full car diagnostics. That’s because you’re driving the car and hence, it should be fully roadworthy, without any snags and problems.

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