How To Earn Free Bitcoin Instantly in India?

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How To Earn Free Bitcoin

A lot of people in India are now interested in buying bitcoin or at least investing in Bitcoin, the single largest cryptocurrency in the world. However, the prices of a single Bitcoin cost anything between $35,000 and $40,000 at the time of writing this article, most Indians would have to look for different ways or other cryptos to invest their money.

However, the high price of a Bitcoin shouldn’t dampen your interest in this superb crypto. As a matter of fact, you can still own Bitcoin or its fraction, the Satoshi, for absolutely free.

Now, you might consider that I’m bluffing or trying to sell you some scam ideas. Not at all. Instead, this is just an informative article that teaches you about how to get free Bitcoin in India.

Surely, this would interest you, given the fact that even a single Satoshi- the fragment of a Bitcoin- is worth lots of real money in India.

Continue reading because I will give you a lot of information about Bitcoin and how to get free Bitcoin in India. In fact, I suggest you read the full articles so that you don’t miss anything and can actually become the proud owner of a Bitcoin, with your own efforts.

Bitcoin Laws in India

Before telling you how to get free Bitcoin in India, here’s some important information that you should bear in mind.

Firstly, Bitcoin doesn’t have any official recognition in India. This means the Indian government has not yet declared whether buying, selling, owning or investing in Bitcoin is legal or outlawed. In fact, there’s a lot of uncertainty over the future of Bitcoin in India.

Furthermore, in 2024 and 2018, Indian authorities raided banks and closed accounts of companies selling and promoting Bitcoin and other cryptos in the country. There were also some announcements stating that owning Bitcoin or other cryptos was an offence under local monetary laws.

Not much has changed over the years, though the Indian government doesn’t seem to be strictly enforcing any ban on Bitcoin. As a matter of fact, there’re several online ads that actually offer Bitcoin investments to Indians.

Since you would be earning free Bitcoins or Satoshi, the only thing to consider is whether you’re comfortable holding the crypto, despite such uncertainty over its legal status in India.

Getting Free Bitcoin in India

If you’re indeed comfortable with owning Bitcoin and its fraction, the Satoshi, then here’re some ways to get them free. Before you get free Bitcoin and Satoshi, there’re some steps that you’ll have to take, which I will write about later in this article.

First, let’s examine the various ways to get free Bitcoin in India.

Become a Bitcoin Miner

bitcoin mining

A Bitcoin miner is someone that monitors the blockchain on which transactions of this crypto occur. Miners are people that make blocks of these transactions and send them forward, according to their destinations. For mining Bitcoin, you can earn a few Satoshi daily. As a matter of fact, there’re a few courses on how to use the blockchain available from private institutions in India and some online ones too. You’ll have to master the Bitcoin mining process before earning.

Coinbase Earn

Coinbase Earn

The second-best way to get free Bitcoin in India is by visiting the website, Coinbase. Actually, Coinbase is one of the best crypto exchanges in the world that operates from the USA. They have a program known as Coinbase Earn. You can register for free for this program. Once you have an account, you’ll have to click on their investor education link and read about Bitcoin. For your interest, Coinbase rewards a few Satoshi or fractions of any other crypto that you study. is an online tasks website. They reward for all tasks that you complete online successfully by giving points. These points add up to buying the Satoshi or a fraction of a Bitcoin. Over a period, you can add these fragments to own a complete Bitcoin. These tasks are rather simple such as online paid surveys, playing video games online, writing product or service reviews and watching ads. You can check the number of points in your account and exchange them for Satoshi, upon reaching the minimum payout balance.

Bitcoin Cashbacks

Bitcoin Cashbacks

There’re two famous websites- and You can create a free account on any of these websites. Once you have an account, it’s possible to shop online through these websites. Here, it’s important to remember that all the online stores aren’t really available to users in India, since these websites mainly cater to the American market.

However, when you spend at any outlet that’s participating with these two websites, you can get some part of the spend as cashback, which is in Satoshi, the Bitcoin fraction.

Bit for Tip


At, you can earn a few Satoshi for helping people with the information they need. Joining this forum is free of cost. You have to provide your email ID, create a password and give some basic personal information to become a member.

On this website, you will find a lot of questions about various things from people that need some specific information. When you see such questions and can answer them properly, you can earn a few Satoshi as a reward. However, the answer has to be approved by the person that asks for information. This means, you simply can’t provide fake or misleading info and earn.

Now that you’re aware of how to get free Bitcoin in India, here’re some steps that you need to take.

Steps Before Getting Free Bitcoin in India

Bitcoin, as you know, is a cryptocurrency. Therefore, it can’t be transferred to your bank account or given to you in any normal way. This means will require a cryptocurrency wallet to hold these Satoshi and Bitcoin fractions.

There’re three types of Bitcoin wallets that you could choose from.

bitcoin wallet

Online Wallet or Hot Wallet

This means you will store your free Bitcoin and its fractions online only. You’ll have to access the wallet through Internet only. This is said to be the most secure form of holding cryptos because online wallets are stored in cyberspace only. However, you have to remember all fine details, including complex user names and passwords, to access them

Mobile Wallet

A mobile wallet, as the name suggests, is an app that you can download from Google Play or Apple Store. There’re several Bitcoin wallet apps available and you could choose any of these. The risk here is that you could lose all your crypto holdings should your mobile phone get stolen or lost or damaged. In some cases, you can download the app and register once again but there’s a risk that your fresh registration won’t give you access to your mobile wallet that’s lost.

Offline Wallet or Cold Wallet

An offline wallet or a cold wallet is a computer drive, similar to an external hard disc or a USB stick. However, it has some different features. Once you connect it to a computer, you’ll have to key in complex user names and passwords to access your Bitcoin and Satoshi holdings or transfer more cryptos. If you lose this hardware or damage it or lose the username and passwords, you can say goodbye to your crypto holdings.

Use a wallet that best suits your needs. A majority of these wallets are available free of charge for beginners while you will have to pay to subscribe to higher volume, paid versions.

In Conclusion

These are the five best ways to get a free Bitcoin in India. I have found that these ways actually work and you can get a free Bitcoin. There could be some other ways too, but generally, most of them don’t work in India since they cater to foreign markets only. You could try any of these ways. Earning Satoshi and a Bitcoin is not really easy but with extra effort, you can make it.

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