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Have You thought of Affiliate Marketing in the Adult Niche? 

If I speak bluntly, porn has become an integral part of our lives. Every one of us has watched porn at some point in our lives. With the advent of the internet, the adult industry has grown exponentially in the last 20 years. 

It is estimated that the porn industry is worth well over $100 billion worldwide. Porn has become one of the most lucrative business opportunities for entrepreneurs living in the USA and other parts of the world.

You, too, can get your piece of this massive pie, but how?

A CPA network platform called CrakRevenue allows affiliate marketers to promote various products and services in the adult niche.     

If you have a blog or a website dedicated to this particular niche, then you can join CrakRevenue and start promoting their products on your platform. 

What is CrakRevenue Affiliate Network?

Before you start promoting their products, you should learn more about CrakRevenue. 

CrakRevenue is a Canadian CPA (Cost-Per-Action) affiliate network founded in 2024. A CPA network allows you to earn payouts for actions such as clicks, leads, and sales. 

It has over 100 adult offers that focus on adult-themed brands and products. 

There are 35,000+ affiliate marketers around the world promoting 700+ products online. Since their inception, they have paid well over $250 million in commission to their affiliates. 

Some of their most popular verticals are:

  1. Live Cams
  2. Dating
  3. E.D.
  4. Adult Gaming 

CrakRevenue has won over 20 international awards and various other accolades.

Is CrakRevenue Genuine or Just Fake? 

Beginners must be extra cautious before joining any particular affiliate network. You need to perform a thorough background check on a given affiliate network before making a decision. 

In this case, I will present to you some facts about CrakRevenue

From my personal experience, all the offers at Crakrevenue are very legit, payouts are higher, and they have passionate affiliate managers to help new marketers. 

Unlike other affiliate networks, there are no glitches when it comes to payout timing. Prompt and regular payment! You can withdraw money whenever you like. 

They have a wide selection of offers to work with. Unique, exclusive offers are handpicked by the platform. Moreover, they have numerous internal offers. 

Trustpilot has given a rating of 4.5/5 and Affbank 4.7/5. 

I can assure you that CrakRevenue is a pretty genuine site.    

What Makes CrakRevenue Truly Exceptional and a Unique Affiliate Network?

crakrevenue benefits


But why CrakRevenue specifically? Why not any other affiliate network? What makes it so special?

There are certain features that you won’t find elsewhere. 

  • Dedicated Affiliate Managers – You will be assigned an affiliate manager when you log in. This person in charge is responsible for your success. They will provide you with any possible support, new ideas, strategies, and even one-on-one personal training. 
  • On-Time Payment – Have your money whenever you want. More on this later in the article. 
  • Exclusive Offers – CrakRevenue partners with the biggest advertisers in the industry. There are offers you won’t find anywhere else! 
  • Promotional Tools – Some of the most powerful tools to get more sales are: 
  • Live Cam Widgets
  • Smart Affiliate links
  • Customized Landing Pages
  • Survey machine 
  • Smartlinks Technology – With this feature, traffic is sent to offers with high potential to convert
  • Get the best-converting offer for your traffic, with niche, geo, and payment method in mind. CrakRevenue keeps introducing new high-converting offers to you.
  • Advanced Tracking – Clean dashboard to track your files. 
  • Popunder and BackOffers – These two tweaks are automatically enabled on their platform to get the last conversion when a user leaves your page. BackOffers appear when users click the back button while leaving the page. 

These are some tools and features that make CrakRevenue different from others.

How Does CrakRevenue Works?

Now let us get started! 

Step 1: Creating an Account: Visit their website and create an account by filling out your name, email, and company details. You also have to provide details regarding your platform and the traffic it receives. What marketing strategy are you going to use? 

They will cross-check your application and approve it within 7 days. 

Step 2: Choose an Offer to Promote: Once you have access to the platform, you will find a dashboard that includes your recent blog posts, payment history, top offers, statistics, campaigns, etc. It will also give you access to tools to show you the ropes on the platform. 

Step 3: Start Earning Commission: Once you’re ready to start promoting, you can choose an offer such as dating sites, adult toys, etc. You will earn a commission depending on the product you decide to promote. Payouts are indicated on each offer page to guide you in your selection and help you pick the right fit for your traffic.

Can You Make Money with CrakRevenue?

After joining CrakRevenue, you might be wondering if you can really make money with this program. 

Yes, you can! You can make a hell of a lot of money in this niche. 

There are affiliates making well over $5000 daily on CrakRevenue. However, they are well-established affiliates with years of experience in this line. 

Income depends on your experience as an affiliate marketer.  Experienced ones make more than newcomers. 

First, learn the basics of affiliate marketing. Then you can easily earn up to $5000 a day. 

CrakRevenue is for real! 

Best CrakRevenue Earning Opportunities

earning potential

Here is how you can make money.

The best way to convert traffic (of your blog/website) on CrakRevenue is by promoting offers from Adult Cam sites and Live cams. One of the hottest options to get started! 

They offer higher conversions in the adult industry with the least risk. 


MyFreeCams allows you to include the app into your blog or website, or you can install its fully customizable widget. 

CrakRevenue has integrated MyFreeCams into its system. 

MyFreeCams has excellent landing pages, ad tools, and links that send your visitors directly to a model. You also get extra earning options through BackOffers. 

They offer the most powerful landing pages, high CTR ad tools, direct model linking, and extra earning options via PopPounders and Back Offers. 


The online industry is flooded with live cam sites. Live Cam sites receive a high number of views, offering attractive earning opportunities. 

Live Cam Widgets are one of the best options for easy monetization on your adult website. You can promote only top-earning models by just placing a widget code into your site. 

You can monetize all adult traffic in just one click. 

Live Cam Widgets are 100% customizable with the exclusive and powerful promotion of live models. 

Include a widget code on your site and monetize clicks from your traffic. CrakRevenue filters out your offers to include top-earning models only. 


Create Custom Surveys – This tool allows you to create customized surveys for different needs. 

It allows you to understand the amount of revenue you can generate depending on the type of traffic you have. 

How can you Earn Up to $200 Per Day? 

As a beginner, how can you earn $200 per day? Well, you can make even more. However, you must realize that this is not a jackpot, and nothing will happen overnight. You have to follow a systematic approach here. 

I personally earn well over $300 per day from this very affiliate network. How can you do the same? 

As a beginner, you must understand that you may lack knowledge. The adult niche may be too big for you. You have to narrow it down further by carving out your own sub-niche under the umbrella of a more significant niche.

Take dating sites, for example. Dating verticals include over 700 offers to promote. 

It is too big because it includes: 

  • Sugarbaby 
  • Latin and Black Dating
  • LGBTQ dating 
  • Etc. 

Don’t focus on this larger niche. By narrowing it down, you will attract quality traffic to your blog. 

You can choose a sub-niche like “senior dating” under the widger dating niche. Under the “Senior Dating above 60” category, find an offer that pays $30 – $50 per sale.  

Create great content around this micro-niche and gain authority in the eyes of Google. You have to dominate this sub-niche. 

If you are getting quality traffic, you must complete 3-4 sales daily. That’s how you can achieve your targets. 

Later, after learning the game, you can scale it up and earn even more.  

How Much can you Earn with CrakRevenue? 

Well! It all depends on the niche and type of affiliate products you’re choosing to promote.

According to my rough estimates, you can earn something like:

  1. MyFreeCams Affiliate – $1.5 – $5 per double opt-in
  2. Senemax Affiliate Program – Men’s Sexual Health – 10% Commission on new and repeated orders. 
  3. Adult Gaming – $30 – $50 per sale.  

CrakRevenue’s payouts, in general, are well above 30% for any given product. 

But I suggest you join the CrakRevenue network first, then learn more about their payouts.

CrakRevenue Comparison with Other Affiliate Networks 

Where does CrakRevenue stand in comparison with other affiliate networks in the industry?

Let’s compare it with 3 other popular mainstream affiliate networks. 

CrakRevenue – Up to 40% commission depending on the offer, unlimited referral period.

Flexoffers – commission just 1% – 8%, 7 days referral period.

Maxbounty – commission just 1% – 4%, 3 days referral period.

ShareASale – commission 10% – 40%, but just 1 day referral period  .

Hands down, CrakRevenue stands out from the rest! 

Some of the Best Tips from My Experience 

  • Only pick 2-3 products to promote. Numerous products are tempting but stick to just 1 or 2. 
  • You will get better results choosing a few high-performing offers like dating and cams. 
  • Talk to your affiliate manager and ask for the best-performing offers in your region.
  • TEST YOUR OFFERS – Find out which one gives higher EPC and stick to it. EPC = Earnings/Number of clicks. For example, for 1000 clicks, get $150 in commission, which results in an EPC of $.15 per click. 
  • Make the best use of your affiliate manager – They are a great resource to get help. They get paid from your sales, so if you do well, they do well too. They have access to internal company data. What’s working and what isn’t? They know it all. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and talk to them. 
  • Use Back offers feature – A new offer is shown to you when you click the back button. It shows the best offer for that user and device. It boosts conversion, and it’s safe. 
  • Set realistic goals – Earning $25 a day is a realistic start. You can ramp up later, then set a new goal of $50, then $100, and so on …
  • Keep Learning and Evolving 

CrakRevenue Payment Methods 

You might be eager to know their payment methods. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The threshold for payment is $100.
  • For wire payment, there is a $500 minimum.
  • 6 payment types are available – ACH, Check, PayPal, Paxum, wire, etc …
  • Choose between 2 payment periods – The first one is 1st – 15th; the second one is 16th – Last day of the month.
  • Withdraw your money whenever you want. 

Other Side of the Picture – Cons of CrakRevenue

Nothing is perfect in this world! CrakRevenue has many advantages, including high payouts, numerous offers to promote, customized tools to increase your sales, on-time payment, a 24/7 support team, great affiliate managers, and the list goes on. 

But there are some drawbacks, such as:

  • Like other affiliate networks, CrakRevenue receives a small percentage of each sale you make. That’s ok; nothing is free here. 
  • Too many offers to promote may get confusing. As a beginner, you might get confused and end up choosing the wrong offers. As long as you use the tools at your disposal, you can avoid this easily.
  • Long Payment terms can get confusing for some.
  • Their user interface may not be friendly to a newbie, so take your time to get familiar with the platform. 

Getting Started – Sign Up Prerequisites

Sign-up is very simple. Just click here

Just keep in mind that if they find your affiliate account inactive, they might terminate your account. So don’t join if you are not interested. 

I will conclude by saying that the adult niche offers an excellent opportunity for affiliate marketers worldwide to make a hell of a lot of money.

There are plenty of people online who are more than willing to become consumers of your products and services. 

You just need to tap into this gold mine and make a profit as much as you can. From here on out, this industry is only going to grow!    

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