Is NeoBux Scam? Can You Really Make Money from Neobux

NeoBux is undoubtedly one of the largest PTC website with more 20 million registered users working like labor  on its website. But can you really make money from Neobux? If yes, then how much? Is Neobux a scam or aneobux real earning opportunity?

Dozens of questions!!

So next time before you login to Neobux website, I will strongly suggest you to read this complete review of Neobux so that you can decide whether to continue or not with Neobux.

How I started Neobux?

After hearing lots of success stories of few of the people & seeing some of the big cheques, I thought to give a try to Neobux. When I visited the homepage of Neobux, I was stunned to see their statistics. Before I tell you something else, just check here yourself in the image: neobux stats

There may be a chance you will see a different stats than above but it will be in the same proportion. Now what I want to say with above data.

You can clearly see Neobux has 20,298,518 registered members & till date, they have paid around $88,829,722 to their members. Now if you calculate the average earnings of per user, you will find, its only $4.

So it means an average person does not have chance to make enough money from Neobux. Even a labour from India earns more than $4 a day. To the worst side, this may be an inflated figure in favor of Neobux.

But regardless of these stats, I joined Neobux on 7th January 2012.

How much I earned from Neobux?

Now there are 2 ways of earning from Neobux. One way is to earn by viewing ads only. Just login to your Neobux account daily, click on ‘view ads’ link & then view all the ads. Another way is by referring people to Neobux through a referral link you receive from Neobux.

As per the universal law of referral, more than 90% of people never refer even 2 person in their lifetime. It means these 90% people will earn by viewing ads only.

So I decided to check how much I can earn from Neobux, if I don’t refer anyone.

Neobux earnings without referral

Now I made it a habit to work on Neobux on daily basis. I have added ‘Neobux’ as homepage in my browser so that I wouldn’t forget to work on this.

I used to receive 10-20 ads daily in my Neobux account. I used to view all the ads that I was receiving from Neobux. It takes around 10-20 seconds to view 1 ad & you will get paid $0.001 (its 5 paisa in India) to view 1 ad. So I was earning $0.01 to $0.02 (50 paisa to 1 Re.) per day, depending on the number of ads.

So after 1 month when I saw my total earnings, it was just $0.4 (Rs. 20). So what can you buy with this earning? I think, you can buy 1 liter mineral water in Rs. 20.

So just check it again how I made $0.4 from Neobux

  • I worked 5+ minutes daily for 30 days. My 5 minutes include activities like login to my Neobux account, clicking on ads, closing the page & then opening a new ad. Total time consumed 5×30 = 150 minutes ( 2 hours 30 minutes).
  • Although I have unlimited internet connection but if you have limited plan then you will end up in wasting lots of bytes because most of the ads contain auto playing video ads & I really hate this.
  • I did not refer anyone.

So do you think, there is any sense in working on Neobux if you are not able to refer anyone. Even the most poor person of this world say ‘NO’, if he would get the idea of his future earnings from Neobux.

But can you earn good money from  Neobux if you are able to refer 10 or 20 people or even 100 people.

Neobux earnings with referral

So I wasted my time for complete 30 days just to check how much I can earn from Neobux without referring anyone. Then after sometime, I thought, I should try to earn by referring other people to Neobux. I started to refer 2-3 people on regular basis.

The biggest problem here comes when you know that there is a restriction in number of referrals depending on your level of membership. So I was helpless in referring more people. Even if I refer more people than my limit, it won’t be counted as my referral.

But this time, I was not that regular as I was earlier to view ads in my Neobux account.

So after referring 50+ people, when I checked my earning today (Oct 2012), I found its only $0.91 (Rs. 40). Its really a shameless earnings from a website that claims big earnings for its members. Just check yourself in the screenshot below-

neobux scam

You can see my joining date is January 2012 & its been more than 8 months but my total earning is not even $1 after wasting my time on viewing so many ads & promoting Neobux.

If you visit their payment proof page on forum then you will find the stories of people who are making hundreds of even thousands of dollars but such people are not even more than 100. Yes, less than 100 people out of 20 million people & a normal person can never reach such figure.

Is Neobux Scam?

No, its not scam but its not less than scam. Sending money to few of the people does not mean its not a scam. It did not work for me so its a scam for me at least.

I joined many other PTC websites during the same period & I received money from many of them. Some of the websites are ClixSense, PaisaLive & mGinger which I will recommend to you but I will never ask you to join Neobux.

You will not make big money from the above websites but you will earn much faster than Neobux.

There are many problems associated with Neobux that forced me to label it as scam.

  • As a standard Neobux member, you will earn $.001 to view an ad. It’s a bullshit.
  • You can’t make more than $1 even in 2 monthsif you don’t refer someone.
  • You can’t refer more peopleif you are a standard (free) member.
  • I viewed ads continuously for 1 month but when I could not login to my account for next 15-20 days, they deactivated my account. When I requested to reactivate my Neobux account, my earnings reset to zero.
  • You have to view all your ads daily to earn referral earnings. You will not receive the referral earning the day you miss to view your own ads.

So what’s your opinion after reading all these real points. There are so many people who leave Neobux after working for 2-4 weeks & whatever they earn before leaving, goes into Neobux’s pocket. Neobux is earning hell lot of money but paying only pennies to their members.

Don’t you think, its a big scam running on internet in the name of PTC site? I am waiting for your comments on Neobux.


  1. says

    i read entire thing about your’s but u think there is no chance to gain more money in neobux why u dont want to take gold membership plan in neobux for u its atleast scam and for other side they are doing well and they grown up and they reffer more people and according to me it was not how many members u have to reffer and it was based on this and u have to take gold membership and u gain more. For me its good website and u are putting some websites on the screen according to me clixsense is also a best programme one thing u should remember they are providing the tasks and when the task is completed u get the money directly to your account

    • Sarim Hameed says

      I Am a Standard Member of Neobux and in One Month I Have Earn 3$ Only My Clicks and My 8 Referral Clicks So Neobux is Not a Scam. Now i Have Earn 50$ in Just 2 Months With 55 Referrals.

  2. susai says

    Yes me tooo waste time for neo bux because im a free members list second compulsory u get golden memberships otherwise u cant to earn $1 second ur not doing mini job on that site u will never earn $3 third without referring u cant to reach u huge money

  3. says

    maine 20 din pahle ek PTC site “” pe reg kiya tha aur usme add clicking bhi kiya aur sath hi sath kuch reffral bhi banaya, do din pahle iske sahi ya galat ki jaanch ke liye maine net pe search kiya to bahut sare link se pata chala ke ye ek fraud site hai aur sath hi sath NEOBUX ke sahi hone ka bhi pata chala par jab mujhe is link(aur v kayee) se Neobux ke bare me jo jaankari mili usse to yehi pata chala ke bhale hi ye fraud site nahien par iske zariye koi badi rakam(big money) nahien kamai ja sakti, Isliye isme v kaam karna aqalmandi nahein hai.
    Main aap doston se ye gujarish karta hun ki agar net pe koi inse best site ka link aap me se kisi ko malum ho to pls mujhe batayein.

  4. junaid says

    aaa bulll shit how you people can say it is a fraud lol wht if this girl put out all the money then showing you this pic ?????

  5. says


    It is true that neobux pays very little for viewing an ad (.001) and also reaching the minimum cashout $2 threshold also takes months for standard members.But we should also keep in mind that for just viewing an ad nobody will give a $1. So we should go in a strategic way like renting referrals and increase earnings in decent pace.

    Onething i can tell you for sure neobux is legitimate site that pays its members without any problems even the amount is small. said that i should also remind you that thousands of PTC sites failed and scammed their users but not neobux.

  6. Marco says

    I’m making profit from it. It pays within a second whatever import you put as far as you’ve reached it. It’s a long road that needs patience, a good recycling strategy which can be understood over time and a bit of luck (in the beginning).
    Besides, you didn’t mention that it gives anyone with 5-10 minutes time a day the possibility to win from 0.25$ up to 50$ with a single AdPrize and/or a Golden Membership, and that a ton of Standard users won already both those prizes.
    Or that Standards made 50$ within a couple of months thanks to the Offers/MiniJobs/Ads/AdPrizes combo and with zero referrals.

    Your credibility would be higher if you wouldn’t put your referral link invitation for ClixSense and the other two sites. Clever way to gain direct referrals by saying “unsatisfied of NeoBux? Join This One!”.
    But, since you were waiting for comments on NeoBux, and I just left mine, I tell you very cordially that NeoBux, in my opinion, is honest, more than any bank out there, and that you should consider to give it a second chance in the future.
    Regards. And good luck.

  7. rade says

    how you think you can earn money if you are standard member?Answer is no you cant.I payout with my acc 3175 dollars.I rented refferals to 2000.Every week i was renting 100 refferals.And than i buy a ultimate membership.its cost 890 real income came now

  8. miraj says

    Are those rented refferals in neobux humans or bots? ( A refferal must be a member) If the total members in neobux is 20 million, the rented refferals should be 20 million or less.mostly all of the members try to rent refferals ( some members have 20000 refferals). so where those refferals came from?

    • shivam says

      hey miraj, just look out there daily registration now they receives 10k to 15k users daily. and you says that “where those referrals come from” . O yes many NeoBux user invite there friends to join NoeBux those people (invited) are yours rented referrals. I said again “Bots are Hardworking,Humans are Lazy”.

  9. Filip says

    I tried the netbux for 5 days, and I have already earned around1,5$. Now I started renting refererals and will see how it progresses.

  10. ram says

    I have join recently….I am waiting for their Response If I don’t get good money I start a Blog to Publish their cheating across the world wide…others should not cheat like us….thats why I joined lets see some more days..We will see them..what their scam…I know it is Scam.

  11. solo says

    yes it is…………………….i would like to ask you somthing more about aother site like

  12. Udith says

    What the heck are you saying in this post……hey iam a user of neobux and iam sayin to everyone that neobux is a great site and its not at all a scam,,,,,,,,but no other ptc ever gives $1 or $2 for just a click and the user of this post just tried only direct refferals and he’s just a standard user……..if he was a golden or ultimate user he can earn more 20$ (1000 Rs aday) this is just an insulting post to neobux complete dislike to this one that’s it…..

    If u wish to start one on neobux click on this link and start its cool

  13. Killer says

    Neobux is scam. My account was closed when I request payout with description that I have multiple accounts.
    (Sorry for my English)

  14. Makis Kamakis says

    Neobux is fraud,,, its rigged. The method with rented refferals is the best way for them to keep all the money you supposed you win from ads. They are TIME THIEVES. I was using ti for 2 months with 300 Rented refferals, Before i reach the limit of 300 rented refs i had avg rented refferals activity 2 . after i reached the limit guess what. Sundedly allmost the 90% of my refferals droped to 1,2. I also noticed the most 50 used RR that means the 100% of my activity RR and the 25% of total RR stopped clicking in the same day. Those guys are thieves,time stealing and they earn A LOT OF MONEY>! The only way to use neobux is to pay some money for advertise something else. In any other case they are FRAUDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • bill15569 says

      Absolutely true. They are a ponzi scheme and in the end you will lose money, and not make a profit. The problem with people is they don’t do the math and see the numbers. Most people are happy that they are able to withdraw, but they don’t realise that they’re in a hole from wich they will never rise to a profit.

    • moon says

      Hi thanks for the advice man.I was looking to make some cash online.i thought of joining neobux.Now i will start a blog or a youtube channel its best

  15. Makis Kamakis says

    the most 50 active Rented refferals i was meaning. and Also i reported that in forum and they banned me from Forum FOR EVER. Reason: Nebux is not accepting Lies!! LOL They are scammers. In my first chance i will report them to internet LAW!

  16. says

    hi, I really stand with your opinion. In my view neobux is legit. I have already tried both mginger and paisa live which actually are scam. Mginger offers 20paisa for each message you receive on your mobile. But they will only send about a maximum of 5 messager per month, which will give Rs.1/month, which is very poor.but they offer refferal program where we will get Rs.2 for each valid referal, which is good and also they offer 10 paisa for each message your friend receives and 5paisa for each msg your friend’s friend receive.. So now you wil think if you have more friends you can earn more from them just like me. Thinking of this I worked hard and got more than 50 refs from which i got mre than 100Rs. But when i checkd i came to knw the fact that they are not giving me anything for for my referals reading(i mean messages that the mginger team wil send at the same time to all their users, instead i was only getting 20paisa for my readings).
    So in my opinion please dont go with mginger.
    If you stil want to check , go for it , but most probably for 100percentage you wil waste your time. I also had a same experience with paisalive also.


  17. says

    I started on Neobux a few months ago, with absolutely no investment.
    I earned a high amount of money, it starts off slow and most people quit and get bored at the start but if you stay with it you will earn LOTS.
    When you first start i strongly suggest to you to not rent referrals until you have atleast $0.9-$1.00. This is because you will have to recycle referrals who are not active.

    The site has already paid me.İ assure you this site is absolutely not scam.Jus join and see the results in one week!!!

    If you plan on joining, please join using this —

  18. Rohit sati says

    I would like to let you all know that I used NEOBUX for about 3 years and make over a 100 direct referrals and about over 600 rented referrals….and I have given NEOBUX a hell lot of my precious time .. even made a website to promote them…

    And eventually I found :


    Hats of the the designer and Owner of NEOBUX

    ROHIT SATI ( 0091 9953444361) INDIA

  19. says

    What is this Priya???? I did not expect this from you for Neobux. You were the one who made me join Neobux few months ago telling its a legit and a good paying site. Now you are saying its a scam because you were not able to make money from that website.

    Priya, not many people like you don’t understand the fact that there is a strategy behind earning money from a website like Neobux. One’s you will understand the strategy behind it to reach your goal and not to mention it really takes time, it may take more than 2 years as well. In the end it really pays off. You need to keep patience. Just a standard member with only 50 direct referrals will not earn you $1 a day. I’ll keep on saying this to you Priya that there is a strategy behind making money from Neobux. I you follow that strategy nobody can stop you from making $250 to $350 a month maybe more. Its true. Ask me if you want to know the strategy. Email me personally at the below mentioned email address.


    Tony Jacob.

    • Anna says

      Hi Tony,
      Can you Please explain what strategy you follow to get success in/Can I really make money with Neobux ? How can I refer or rent ’em. How can I invite people if I don’t have enough friends or interested in it.
      PS- I would really appreciate your reply

  20. Yudistira | $30/DAY Earner says

    I have never got scammed by Neobux but beware! I quit using neobux because they used bot for rented referrals,
    rented referrals are not real people!
    But the good news is after stopped using neobux, I found something that really works for me, a simple software that earns me around $30/DAY!! Pretty darn cool stuff, worth for you to check it out :p (click my name if you are interested)
    Anyway I still using neobux nowadays for advertising.

    • Eric Gimbel says

      Please send me the software that is making you $30 a day. I would greatly appreciate it and can send you a e-book on how to maximize google plus for your business, website, ect. Thank you.

    • Md. Kohinoor Hossain says

      Dear Yudistira:
      Hello, I am working by clicking design ads on the neobux, RRpays and twodollar. I do not know what will happen for my luck? I hope they will give my earnings. Hello, tell me how can I earn $30 dollar in a day? Will you help me to earn money GOD may live you with a great honesty.
      With best of ALLAH.

  21. khan says

    Neobux is a scam site .The real scam happens when you

    upgrade to Golden membership..all ur rented refrels stop
    clicking after upgrade and u lose 90$ so dont use
    I use vilvin the best ptc site ever
    1)Most active refrels here
    2)no referels expiring fees
    3)Automatic recycling after 7 days of an inactive

    refrels with 7 days extension
    JOin vilvin from the link below

  22. Jack says

    Honestly, anyone still using shady PTC websites as a source of online income nowadays deserve to be scammed. There’s way easier methods of making money online and it’s much more reliable. Mturk (hosted by Amazon) is a million times better. You can easily make $10 in a week on Mturk if you’re diligent enough and weed out the bad requesters.

  23. shivam says

    NeoBux is not SCAM because in one month with a standard pack you got at least 30 to 40 cents. and You can also earn money thought doing easy mini jobs. so you can earn total more then 1 to 1.5 USD per month. Yes its hard to get direct referral but rented referral is not too. All rented referrals are human not .BOTS. because BOTS are hardworking, Humans are lazy. they do not want to earn money for others. there are 10k to 20k registration to NeoBux per day. and you call this Innovative PPT system a SCAM. O.o

    • adi says

      hey hii yarr mei ne referrals liya hai per uska koi pesa nhi aata hai aur referrals kya hota hai is per pesa kesa kamata hai

  24. says

    Some many views about Neobux. The program is quite complicated with so many people coming out with strategies et al.
    I would like say a few words.

    1. If you were to visit you would see the following statistics( maybe it will be slightly different when you visit)

    Yesterday : + 11,722 Registered members

    Yesterday : + 17,386,946 Advertisement visualizations

    Yesterday : + $133,661.57 Paid to our members

    These facts are true. They have a huge membership. I have advertised on Neobux and got upto 8000 hits to my website within 20 minutes. This sis something one has to consider. The conversion ratio is also better when compared to other similar sites.

    Now let me ask a few questions

    With so many new people joining everyday do they need bots to click?

    Not only in Neobux but in most programs 80% people join and quit or are very irregular, so if you rent these people can you expect a good earning?

    The active people in Neobux are less than 20%. Since the membership is huge even this percentage makes for a good number of people and many of them are profitable. What we need to analyse is can we become profitable.

    It is easy to find fault with any program but if one has to becomes successful then proper analysis and planned work with patience and determination only can give results.

  25. says

    Neobux is definitely not a scam. Most people are earning less doesn’t mean that they can’t earn more. But the problem is that you need to be really careful about the number of referrals you have in these programs. Once can never be successful in any PTC program being a single with no one in their downline. This is why most people do not earn good amount of money. But for only this, we can’t say that the site is scam. Neobux has been online for more than five. For a ptc site, it is extremely difficult to be online for more than five years without being genuine. It is possible only if the owner is highly serious about their business. If you check their alexa rank, you would be able understand what a great number of visitors they receive every single day. It is not possible for a scam site. If you are still not happy with Neobux, you may follow the link …

  26. manzifa45 says

    this guy is an idiot why didn’t rent referrals? with 500 rented refs you can make $50-$60 a mounth even more!!!!!

  27. Roy says

    NeoBux is NOT A SCAM! I am new to this site for about a month ago and i can say that this is not a scam because i made my first cashout of $250. I started using neobux as a Standard on July 18, 2013 and made my first cashout on August 16, 2013, and that is almost a month only! This is unusual since you might only earn up to $2 on your first month. But i used a system that brought me that money. I also tried it to my clixsense account and it absolutely worked! If you are interested to avail this system, just visit my blog at

    • rchandra says

      Dear Roy
      Perhaps your blog ( is now not existing. But I want to know your strategy for earning with Neobux. Can you please help me.

      With best wishes

  28. says

    Does Rented referrals really work for the money paid??? How could this concept works and they show very big numerals in their home page. Its very hard to cheat people like this by showing very big numbers in website. How to trust and does it really works for advertisers whoever paid and is there any Return of Investment..Please help me

  29. Vikas Dangi says

    Yes we can say neobux is not scam on their payments but they are scamming on your stats. I have checked that, when I registered my 10 friends through my Reffral link and they are still clicking daily. But neobux only show me their activity for 12 days and after that they showing all my Referrals inactive one by one. After 20 days they automatically deleted my referrals for inactivity. when I submitted my experience on forum then they banned me on forum for violating TS. My says that they clicked daily for 3 months.
    So I can understand their business that they are paying their members but scamming on their Referrals.
    Also I have invested $50 for renting referrals but always my RRs become inactive after 4 to 5 days. I recycle them and again the same think is done with me. I lost about $20 for recycling them.

  30. adip says

    I am a common man.I have a dream of earning money through Neobux .I have found this website after months of my investigation about making money online.Currently i have 99 rented referrals and no direct referrals.I need to have direct referrals for obtaining a stable income.It is a humble request from my part for anybody serious about making money for a good living and when you take a decision to join this site ,then please be my direct referral through this link. May god help us for our efforts.Thank you.

  31. says

    Well, i do not agree with your review. Yeah..neobux is slow but clixsense is much slower but still you can earn $1 a day there in both sites. You just need to be active. One of the simplest way to make money in real stable paid to click sites is by referring people. I make good money because i have 500+ direct refs and a membership under me. Just get refs and upgrade(investment) and make money. It is very very rare that any standard member can make it big. Even in real life, sometimes we invest our money to get higher profits..right?

  32. Md. Raisul Muttaqui says

    You can gain some earnings through the rentals and SPACIALY tasks from crowdflower at the beginning of your account.
    The problem is with you….see I am new to neobux,,joined only last month but I already made 37 dollers WITHOUT investment and much time(spent only 20-30 min. a day)..A few things I learnt in the past month..

    1)Just click the 4 orange ads daily if you have minijobs avaiable
    2)Rent and extend your refs and manage them wisely
    3)Click all ad if no minijob avaiable.
    4)BE patient…its the key to success here

    P.S My daily earning from neobux is currently almost 1$(.7$-.8$) which is raising rapidly

    • SAHAI says

      Md.Raisul Muttaqui Good afternoon. I am interested in knowing the details of the method of renting and extending the referrals and manage them wisely. Pl. let me known the details. I have already neobux account. I want to follow u in this matter. Sahai

  33. says

    Its not a scam..If you see your screen -shot carefully then you will see you have not clicked ads daily,thats why your account balance is too low..According to point 3.7 of Terms of Service, the clicks you win from referrals are directly related to the clicks you make.
    If you click at least 4 advertisements being a Standard / Pioneer member or you click at least 9 advertisements being a Golden member, you’ll receive all clicks made from your referrals.
    If you click below that, the maximum you will receive is only the amount of clicks you’ve made multiplied by the number of referrals you have.
    The referral clicks will be calculated based on the clicks you made on the previous day.

  34. says

    Really these sites are not so worthy. But when you start getting hundreds of referrals, it works great.. I got 800+ referrals at clixsense, and earning more than $1 with out doing any work.

  35. samin says

    yes neobux can’t be termed spam but it’s no less than spam. would you work hours for mere $1 a month. of course the figures they show is big. they claim to give out big money but you don’t get even 5$ from them. if you have your own mind you’d not consider neobux. I registered on neobux 4 years ago, clicked their boring ads for months and saw that the earning was less that i could hardly buy a cup of coffee. if you want your time wasted go ahead. who’d give you money that easily?

  36. Ambalika says

    hi I found this website extremely helpful for me to take decision. once again thanks for the help but i wonder if there is no work from home in India which is genuine. these are all international websites. and the problem is many prefer to pay in paypal but I want my money in check

    • Moidul Hoque says

      There are some real online income opportunity available in inidia,but I can not understand what is the problem with paypal?Money is money whether you receive it through check or paypal.In SFI, lots of indian has earned money but through paypal.If you want to join SFI in our team of real earner, just mail me

  37. says

    This is totally a waste review because you have yourself said that that you didn’t refer anyone & more so you didn’t use all the income streams like mini jobs , other offers apart from referring others & clicking your own ads.I would say that you should be thankful to neobux that they gave you whatever money you got in your account in neobux without using its full potential.

  38. nagaraja says

    I shoudn’t have read this article. Its totally waste. You dont know what is neobux and how to earn money online. your thinking is amazing. No person in the world will give you 100rs for just clicking ads. adding paise only will make you rupees. In noebux you can earn mainly by referrals(rented and direct). I prefer Direct active members. Minijobs is the second way to earn money. Clicking ads is only to be active daily.
    Refer my blog for more details

    • Parthiban says

      Any body can you upload your mobile no regarding discuss about i would like to work in any type of online part time jobs ,So pls help me Friends My name: Parthiban.

  39. raj sam says

    I’m making profit from it. It pays within a second whatever import you put as far as you’ve reached it. It’s a long road that needs patience, a good recycling strategy which can be understood over time and a bit of luck (in the beginning).
    Besides, you didn’t mention that it gives anyone with 5-10 minutes time a day the possibility to win from 0.25$ up to 50$ with a single AdPrize and/or a Golden Membership, and that a ton of Standard users won already both those prizes.
    Or that Standards made 50$ within a couple of months thanks to the Offers/MiniJobs/Ads/AdPrizes combo and with zero referrals.

    Your credibility would be higher if you wouldn’t put your referral link invitation for ClixSense and the other two sites. Clever way to gain direct referrals by saying “unsatisfied of NeoBux? Join This One!”.
    But, since you were waiting for comments on NeoBux, and I just left mine, I tell you very cordially that NeoBux, in my opinion, is honest, more than any bank out there, and that you should consider to give it a second chance in the future.
    Click the link to register

  40. bill15569 says

    Neobux is ok only if you don’t invest money there. The best option is just to click and accumulate you cents to a withdraw. My other thought is, that Neobux is actually a ponzi scheme, and like any other ponzi schemes, you will never be able to recover your investment, effort and rise to a profit from what you have spend. You will always be in a perpetual effort to spend by recycling and renewing their controlled RR bots. Yes, this are not real humans clicking there, but just scripted bots.

    It’s obvious that their rented referrals are just scripted bots wich behave according to you financial management of your account. This means that this program has been arranged to leave hte investor in the hole, and to never recover to a profit.
    The best way is not to purchase their rented bots, spend the money in direct referrals and cashout often.

    • Neobux Scam Victim says

      Yes I’m AGREED with you. Thanks for the great info. They had over 10k registered daily members daily and most of it were bots.You will notice that when they stop after their first click and it will NOT auto recycle unless you pay recycle manually. If not you will see Not Clicking Ads till it expired.. As a friend worldwide, don’t bother to join and promote the so called King of PTC and not anymore. STOP wasting time cause you don’t know when it will be your turn to be scam by NEOBUX. Those who find NEOBUX is not a scam, I would say lucky you, and hope it last.

  41. Neobux Scam Victim says

    Don’t waste time on Neobux, Recommend only to join and click all those money who had invested on traffic. Their traffic is suck, tried investing for traffic and got nothing but bunch of FOOLS. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER invest on NEOBUX because once you invest and stop investing, they will give you problem by blocking you from entering neobux for some even closed their account had been reported from many other sites. Just search NEOBUX SCAM for more….
    They had fast supporting ACTOR with do nothing on your problem, just try again or nothing they can do….. When report on FORUM they edit and make it like no problem at all. STOP INVESTING ON NEOBUX or you will end up with NOTHING.

    • manny says

      I strongly agree with you on this, if you try to write something in their Forum regarding problems of rental referral or payment They edit it quickly or their FAST SUPPORTING TEAM Shut You Up permanently! I Just got suspended 2 minutes after submitting a ticket about the payment problem and I swear I didn’t do anything against their term of services! But unfortunately no one understands it until such thing happens to them. :((

  42. csinye1394 says

    Neobux is NOT a scam. It may have scripted bots which we rent but they too are not scripted for us to be in loss.They are just machines and we too can make profit from them if we manage them smartly. If we have 100s of referrals and manage them properly we can make a profit to rent even more and to extend them . Stop after sometime for stability and try to get direct refferals. I would be glad to have you as my direct refferal :)

  43. Link10103 says

    This is a very ignorant review of the site. You dont seem to realize that you gain less revenue from direct referrals than you do the rented one. That makes sense since you need to pay in order to rent the referrals (which can all be earned from just viewing the ads given to you, nothing out of your own pocket). If you expected to make amazing amounts of money within just a month of viewing ads then you are stupid for believing such a thing. If you dont feel like shelling out the money to speed things up a bit, then it is going to take several months before you get to a point where you start gaining a noticeable profit.

    When I joined neobux i didnt understand the rented referral system so i didnt bother with it after a week, I came back a few MONTHS later after learning of the rented system and my account was still active and I still has the 20 or so cents I had earned. If you pay for a golden membership, the amount you make as well as the amount of your referrals make is increased, renting becomes cheaper and recycling becomes cheaper. I had about 20 bucks laying around in my paypal account so i decided to use it to rent some referrals. As of now I am at 135 referrals as a standard member and I earn a dollar every 24 hours, so imagine how much i could make at 300 referrals and/or with a gold membership? If you do not have the time or patience to be PATIENT, then you do not deserve to review a site you clearly know nothing about

  44. HARSH PATEL says







  45. HaDi1980 says

    Neobux just want your money, money you earned from the site like crowdflower. They want to keep it so bad. Don’t waste your time on Neobux.And if you are already a member don’t spend your money for what they offer.

  46. mohammad says

    Neobux stole my money. I don’t know how they can live with this!


    If you are a member, don’t invest your money there and be careful!

  47. bill15569 says

    Neobux controls the rented referrals (bots) clicking. If you’re a standard member and haven’t invested there, they will try to make you happy by high referral clicking average. They basically are luring you to shake your pockets into renting more and more referrals from them. But the real juice for this ponzi, is when you upgrade by purchasing their “golden” membership.
    After investing, and keep purchasing their referrals you will make some Dollars and you will start to cash out. When you start withdrawing, you are disturbing the ponzi, and that’s the point when Neobux starts fighting back, to make sure that you never withdraw more then you actually have invested there. How they do this? They do it by controlling their rented bots and lower their clicking averages as they wish. They also have other tricks up their sleeves, like account suspension without reason, forfeiting all your earnings as they please. Also they will steal your money, even you don’t want referrals anymore. They will charge you 2 Cents for every expiring referral. Imagine some guy with 3000 Bots would have to pay Neobux $ 60 for leaving this lovely Bots expire. Neobux is a rippof Ponzi scheme. Not Recommended!

  48. says

    Whoever says Neobux is scam, you are all wrong. Neobux is the best PTC site in the world and currently I am using it. I have only 139 RR’s and I am standard member. I am earning $1.205 from RR’s and personal ad clicks $0.031 . That means I am making total of $1.236/ day and makes me $8.652 in a week. It helps me purchase another 40 RR’s and increase my no. of rented referrals. And as a standard member I earn $0.300 profit / day or more. Earning is calculated: Total clicks done by RR’s 241 multiply by $0.005/ clicks = $1.205/ day as a standard member. Assume If I am Golden Member I will get paid $0.01/ click done by my RR, so If my referrals done a 241 of total clicks / day then my earning = 241X$0.01= $2.41/ day and makes a profit of $1.48/ day. Expenses is calculated: 1 RR cost $0.200 for 1 month, and I have total 139 RR’s then total costs 139X.200= $27.8 is total 30 days expenses, so lets calculate 1 day expense $27.8/30 = $0.927/ day expense and you earn $2.41/ day. So profit is $2.41 – $0.927 = $1.48 profit / day. By the way you can win Golden membership in Adprize there and even if you are lucky you can win $50, $10, $5, $2, $0.500, $0.250 . There are so many prizes available in Neobux. I will say the admin of this website it is not scam, I am using Neobux for 3 month till now and I am really doing great here in Neobux. Ofcourse earning online need patience, always go for long term goal, more you invest more money you get. And Neobux doesn’t close account for no reason. Of course there are reason. Before you register, you must refer their Terms of Service and then register. They are very strict in TOS like google adsense are also very strict, dont you know that. Please read their TOS, go to this link : , there are so many users earning $1000 pure profit / month you know how? I will say, they invested money back before 4 or 5 Yrs and didnt worry much and now they are earning hell money. One user of neobux made a biggest cash out ever and it was $22,208 or something like this , I dont remember. Check Hall of fame on Neobux Forum and you will all great users. Google it “Hall of Fame on neobux Forum” and then you will believe it. It takes time to earn money. And admin it doesnt really take 2 hours for clicking ads. It just takes 30 MInutes of minimum. Of course just take 30 Minutes on Neobux / day and later after years look @ the miracle of your account . You will earn really great. So please do not say scam before you are clear about, this what all PTC sites do. You must follow there TOS and wont happen anything. And at last I wont force anybody to become a member of Neobux, if you wish to become a member of neobux then you are welcome to be my Direct Referral. You can register here :

    Jayesh Khatri

    • says

      Whatever you all say…I must agree with Priya that this NeoBux thing is not worth the effort & time…It is not a Scam , it is worse than a Scam. Swindlers will run away after making the money but these guys will suck on your blood like a much so that not only one looses money..the worst thing is that one looses all the faith in making money online.
      Good job Priya!

  49. says

    One more thing to remember. There is no Bot controlled by Neobux. You know direct referrals are those people registered through your Referral link Right? And you know who are rented referrals? No ….. ???? Ok, I will say you, RR’s are those people who registered without Referral links, that means registered immediately with neobux, they are Rented referrals, so we can say that neobux invited them of course, so neobux are just selling this RR’s for rent to their users . Its the same example of renting house or building or anything. They sell 1 RR for $0.200 and we can purchase minimum of 3 RR’s. There is no gurantee whether they click or not. Of course, you are also somebody’s Rented Referral and you dont click ad for 1 week and your avg goes down, and somebody who rented you earn loss.

    Sorry for not speaking good english. I am not really good in Explaining.

  50. Rajiv says

    I just would like to state that, I joined Neobux in Jan 2014, I was earning $8/day only in the last week. Never expect so much in the beginning! Now my earnings goes up to $9.3/day this week. Clicking ad and doing mini jobs is not only the complete things. Following rules, studying allot on this will definitely help you out to increase your earning %.

    Imp: Never Cash out your money until your Fixed per day income reaches your expected per day earning

    At the beginning, will need to click all the ad and do the mini jobs to earn fast which will eat your only! 2 hours daily. I know 2 hours is allot. But later on you just need to spend only 10 mins every day just for clicking 4 adds which is enough to help you earn allot. I spend 10 mins on neobux and another 20 min on research and guidelines to increase my per day earning %.

    I don’t think its scam, i have cashed out $2 to check if am wasting my time. But i received it via Paypal.

    Patience and researching will help you allot. I already have done my research, but still am trying to find out how to increase my earning % . No one can guarantee about anyone’s earning and time, Its all depends on patience & dedication and by following right way to earn.

    NeoBux is free to join and i can help/advice or give guidance to you all for free!! at-least to reach my level.
    All you need to do is, before Joining, just mail me with the Sub: “Help to Join Neobux”.
    My Email ID: (Its my personal ID, Don’t worry, I will not tease you guys by sending mails again and again, I don’t waste my time on that).

  51. Ramesh says

    Neobux is a “Disguised” Scam!
    One can earn substantially through Rented referrals only and the average clicks of these rented referrals is much below the level required to make a profit – despite proper recycling/renewal policy. Plain and Simple as that!

  52. ean says

    yeah….that’s true …its time wasting and money wasting…..i waste so many nights for viewing the ads on it….bulllshittt…..

  53. Helal says

    Yes. Priya you are right, Neobux is a big scam . the people who commented neobux to be trusted one,are none but neobux administrators .They always watch on blogs against them to find out who are saying real truth about neobux on net like you. I am also a neobux clicker since february 2014 . I repeatedly went through forum and also chatted with many users . From those I gathered immense of real experiences. First of all 90% of the forum posts are success stories , You never get those people in chat room. Secondly if you express your doubts with strong evidence on forum or in chat room, then they will definitely block your forum post as well as chatting oppertunity and at last they will suspend your account. I know they will soon suspend my account also but I don’t care. I didn’t log in to that humble site since the day before yesterday.Their rented-referral strategy is nothing but to create false notion in to victim user’s mind. I think rented-referrals to be bot created by their computer .So you never know their user name. I know a man who rent rr for multiple times but neither he got back his money nor he awarded with single rr who click at list 2 add./day. Neobux says “It is risk free to rent referrals for 240 days”, but remember that if you spent 10 dollars to rent referrals for 240 days then you will gain hardly 10 dollars within 240 days by your rr. which is very very less than a begger’s earning during that spun of time.There is another neobux trap which is Autopay. If you fell into this trap, certainly most of your rr will complete their life time which is 10 days only without clicking.Another one is Addprize. which consumes more and more megabytes but give you very very little and most often give nothing. Neobux administrators are not only intelligent but also coward so that they block you as soon as you post a uncomfortable question to their forum.If any one who do not trust on me , can continue with neobux but I will really sorry for him.

  54. saeed says

    Now No Need Click On NeoBux on Ads You can earn 2$ To 10$ dalily by doing Mini Task On neobux very easy work beacuse Neobux paying up to .22 cent per task if you complete 10 task in a day its mean you can earn 2$ one task take only 2 mint avrg we are earning form neobox by doing task if u need any help just add me muhammadsaeed203 (skype)

    • PRIYABRATA says

      Hey dont take any wrong ideas but u peoples are just react at other not on your doings…. neobux ultimately provide earning posiibilities to all just through mini jobs i earn minimum 2$ a day and some times its 8-10$ so at a single click u cant earn 1000$ you have to work and work sencierly…………………. if u like to know how then email me i will provide the sollution

  55. Saman says

    Yes, Neobux is scam. I used it 2 years ago but when I just started earning and got referrals they banned me without any reason so don’t try it. It is a big scam.

  56. Joel Vaz says

    wow .. so, it is a scam. Thanks for the reviews everyone. You just saved sooo much of my time.

  57. soraj says

    this site’s RR program is fully scam. never rent there hoping for big because it will suck all your money with its dirty tricks. its adprizes are simply waste of time. You may have seen some people winning big amount. they are nothing but account created by neobux admin to show people.

  58. Ameer hamza says

    O Thank God i see this website peoples COmments PLZ DONT WASTE YOUR TIME Plz its BIG SCAM ON INTERNET

  59. says

    It’s just a time waster & nothing will pay based on your valuable time. You may do some other work which will help you to earn a lot than this. Really frustration… :(

  60. Arshad kolkar says

    I think you are speaking True.But according to me Noebux is not a scam Because i am working in that its quit good as

  61. Gopal says

    Thanks, all of you for posting your views about Neobux. I have joined it 02 days back and just trying to figure it out whether it is a scam or is there any way to get the real money out of it. Also I working with another online program if any of you are interested to know more about it you can drop me an email at


  62. Deb says

    Hi Friends, I joined Neobux in May 2014. After doing lots of research on online job I decided to give it a shot. Initially it was a pain but I didn’t lose hope. After a month I enchased $2.00 to check whether it is genuine or fake. I received my first payment and started working hard to earn more. I visited numerous blogs, read articles to know more about Neobux. Some are good and some are bad. However I decided to stick to it. Also I joined many other good PTC sites like Clixsense etc. I also joined Probux, neatclix (which turned out to be scam) and lost around $20.00. But 70 % of my earnings are coming from NEOBUX and CLIXSENSE.
    Initially, I used to make around 2.5 cents and day from Neobux, but after 4 months of hard work now, I am earning $5.00 a day as a standard member with 100 rented referrals. I do agree that all rented referrals are not worth but that is how the system works. My main source of income is from mini jobs and I earn around $1-$1.5/daily from rented referrals with 100RR which is pretty normal. I would say patience is the key here. Apart from Neobux there are 10 more PTC from which you can earn good money. If you give 3 hours a day, you can earn Rs 20K/month easily. I can guide you if you are serious about making money from online jobs (Apart from PTC, you can also earn money from daily survey and online Captcha work etc.)

    Use to join Neobux and immediately drop a mail to I will guide you throughout till you can manage on your own.

  63. tota says

    keep away from neobux web site , you will not earn even one dollar whole the week , i tried them and if you want to rent referral you will loose money because the referral is just automatic machine they have not a true people so they control it so you loss your money and when you contact them they tell you that is your problem to manage your account
    their support system is very nasty when answer your questions
    for example if you ask why rented referral loss money , the customer service reply because you do not know how to calculate go and take classes in math
    my advice keep away from that web site it is scam scam scam

  64. says

    I entirely disagree with your views. You showed a screenshot that tells you earned little money. The same screenshot tells that you had not been active to be eligible for commission on referral earnings. You are inactive and at the same time you wanted good returns. Your views are biased one.

  65. sDas says

    it is not so as easy to handle the rented referrals. If you know how to handle rented referral you will definitely get paid well or else its just waste of time and effort . i have been a member for past 3 months and i know the difficulty to earn something from it and few days ago i accepted my $2 via paypal . I will never recomend to join anyone in neobux instead of i can rcomend this website . This is another PTC website which is far better then any other ptc in online and it pays you in $. You can check about it through the link..

  66. Sachin says

    Yeah it seems dificult to earn from neobux at first .But newly introduced minijobs offer gives very good opportunity allows you to earn around a dollar day..But i am sure about rented reffereals do they realy click??
    and apart from neobux and clicksense you can add another one paidverts realy good site not a traditional PTC gives a good opportunity to lot more earn more compared to other PTCs..

  67. Sachin says

    Neobux is good site and pays well by refferels ,add clicks , and offers and tasks. But renting refferels is not easy you have to monitor them closely and recycle and remove and renew them so when you get more rented ones it takes a lot of time to maintain and to do task there are lot of other sites which pays more than neobux with some handsome bonus. and it has more jobs listed compared to neobux and upgrading to golden is also damn cheap around 17$ per year .Neobux is good site but this is still godd for doing jobs and offer.I found it realy useful

  68. Hansraj Mete says

    I am a common man.I have a dream of earning money through Neobux .I have found this website after months of my investigation about making money online.Currently i have 13 rented referrals and no direct referrals.I need to have direct referrals for obtaining a stable income.It is a humble request from my part for anybody serious about making money for a good living and when you take a decision to join this site ,then please be my direct referral through this link. May god help us for our efforts.Thank you

    • says

      i have a 3 direct and 38 rented referrals available without investment. i hope i will make more and more money in future with neobux. i very excited for my future with neobux successfully business.

  69. David says

    Rented referrals are bots! I rent 300 referrals, average clicks of rented referrals is 2.5 but… I bought gold, average decreased from 2.5 to 0.3 on the same day… I lost over $ 150 and I gave up! Biggest scam site!

  70. says

    I wud say that the best way to earn with neobux is with Direct referrals if you are good enough to make a website & promote it in whatever sense either it is through paid traffic or SEO so that you can get DRs everyday . I say this because I have received $7000+ from neobux until now & that too instantly in my paypal account.

  71. rohit thakur says

    No neobux is ot a fake site… Losers didn’t understand how to earn money

    Go to paypal register there .. N then link it with neobux .. Then frndz all of u know u havve to pay risk … I send 7000 rupees in paypal ..then from neobux i registered my golden membership from there i started earning 3.4 $$ per day .. But i cant wait i pay more 20$$ it will starts earnings n making me 5.7 dollars per day.. Refer can start expire after 20 25 days renew it nd make till 2000 refrell ..yeahhhhh i m making around 35 $ per dat

  72. Harsha says

    Neobux – I agree that neobux is not a scam but just a means of some of 5 minutes of clicks without any expectation.

    Just a curiosity – has anyone won anything from their AdPrize??? I feel that I am wasting my clicks on zero returns!

    Your experiences please!


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