How to Sell Your Products Online

Well! There is a lot of money to be made on Internet by you. If you have some products with you then you can sell online these products and make huge amount of money. In fact, thousands of people in India are earning big cash by selling their products online. Its easy & even you can do it.sell online

However, you have to overcome two difficulties. First one is, you have to get some products and second one is how & where you can sell those products. How do you overcome these two problems? Well! Answer is yes you can.

Which products you can sell online

To make money you have to sell products to the customers, who are online. Before that, we look at various types of product that you can sell online.

You can categorize these products in two different types. First one is physical products and second one is digital products. So, let us look at them one by one.

Physical Products

First category of products is physical products. They are accessories like auto, electronics, computer etc. Or they could be Jewelry, perfumes, watches etc. You need to deliver these products through courier to the buyers of your products.

We are going to sell products like clothing, books & magazines, jewelry & diamonds, perfumes, toys, baby products, shoes & footwear. They are very easy to sell and high on demand. People love to buy these products online.

Either you can have your own man made products or you can get these products from the whole sellers at a good discount. They are always looking for people who can sell their products directly to end consumers. You can do it for them.

If you want then you can also sell products like laptops, mobile phones and accessories.

Digital Products

Second category is digital products. Digital products are basically stuffs like eBooks and software. These products are downloadable unlike physical products. Even the training programsor consultancy services may be considered because they don’t need need any physical shipment.

If you have deep knowledge in something like cooking, diet management, teaching, story writing, dog training & anything you think will be useful to someone than you can create your own eBook & sell it online. If you are running a training class like home coaching, personality development or professional courses etc. than there is good chance to expand your business online. Or if you are a software guy, then you can create some software & sell online.

The main advantage of digital products is you do not have to worry for shipments and payments. People can download the product from their computer and make their payment through credit card instantly.

Different ways to sell products online

You have got the products and now you want to sell online to the customers. Whether you are selling a physical product or a digital product, you can sell them using the methods described below. Just check here different ways.


The best way to sell physical products online is through eBay. It is the number one site in the world & even in India for buying and selling products. sell-on-ebay

You have to register there and start selling. Everything is given there on how to register and fill all the information that is needed. Choose the correct category in which you will sell your products.

The most important point to keep in mind is that you must be able to convince people that your product is the best. Only then they are going to buy your products. Remember there are hundreds of people like you who are selling on eBay. Moreover, customers will just glance your product. Therefore, you have to sell your products in a way that it catches the attentionof customers at first place.

Add pictures, write beautiful description and USP of your product. eBay is the best place to sell.

Blogging & Social Media

Blogging and social media is a great way to sell your digital products. You can start a blog onsocial media & bloggingthe topic of your product. Give information and benefits of your digital product to the visitors of your blog.

You have to persuade them in order to sell your products. Moreover, make best use of social media websites like Facebook and YouTube.

Blogging & social media are best for selling digital products.

Promote on Google

There is no other better option if people can find your product on Google. World’s major  businesses rely on Google to sell their product online. You must have your own website to promotesell online on AdWords on Google. You can hire some affordable web designer either on any freelancing site like Fiverr or Elance.

Now you can signup Google AdWords & promote your products on Google. Google wants every business to try Google AdWords & they even provide with $100 ( worth more than INR 5000 in India) AdWords voucher to try this. If promoted effectively, you can make millions by promoting your product on Google AdWords.

Channels for Receiving Payments

Here comes the most important part. If you want to sell online then how you are going to receive your payment. One of the best way is to  signup with PayPal or AlertPay. Its free to join them. Once signup, you can create the payment button & put it on your site. Customer can make the payment through credit card & you will check this in your PayPal account.

You can withdraw your payment from PayPal or AlertPay to your bank account & its very easy. If you are selling a digital product then people can automatically receive the download link one thee make the payment and if you are selling the physical products, you need to deliver the product on the address you will receive in your PayPal account.

Apart from this, there are other Indian payment processing companies like CCAvenue, EBS, IndiaPay, CitiBank which can process even debit card & netbanking payment. But the charges of these companies are very high. So my advice is to use them once you have a successful business online.

One of the proven way in online selling is to deliver the product on cash on delivery (COD) basis. Although this is risky but you can increase your sales to almost double this way.

One of the most simple way which most of the people use is to display your bank account details on the website & ask your customers to make the payment through either cash deposit, check deposit or even netbanking & tell them to send the payment details through phone or email. Once you receive the payment in your bank account, you simply deliver the product.

You don’t need to worry about payment processing in case you are selling on eBay as they have their own payment processor with PaisaPay or PayPal. eBay sends your payment on regular basis. For more information on eBay payments go to

How to deliver your shipment

As I said earlier, for digital products you do not have to bother shipments because customers can download or you can send them through email.

But for physical products you have to take care that it safely reaches to your customer’s doorstep. You will only ship the product when a customer has made the payment.

You can send your products through courier services. You can talk to your local courier and work out an agreement that he will send all your packets in reduced price. Suppose, if the courier company charges Rs 100 to Rs 500 for one shipment then you can send several shipments for only Rs 40 to Rs200 per shipment depending on the weight of your shipment.

There are so many good courier companies like Aramex, Gati, Blue dart, DTDC etc which can make your shipment part very simple.

So if you own any product or can buy some in cheap rate from the whole sellers then its easy to sell online. All you have to do is make a plan & follow the guidelines provided here. If you have already tried in the past but failed, let me know the reason so that we can discuss to make its successful. Send it through your comments below.


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