Email Processing Jobs? Is It a Scam or Legitimate System?

Well! Do not get intimated by the term “email processing job”. Processing does not mean, you have to process any mathematical or logical operations. It also does not mean processing any kind of technical data.

What is an Email Processing Job?

It's a kind of online jobs. In email processing system you just have to read an email, which is sent to you, process it as per the format and forward to the given email address.

You will get hundreds of email in your inbox on daily basis. You have to read those emails and process it according to the instructions given.

Email Processing Jobs

One thing I have to tell you that the email address where you have to send your processed emails is always “prewritten”. Hence, you do not have to worry about sending the finished emails.

Processing email jobs would be easy for you because it is not a highly technical job, it requires basic knowledge of reading and writing English language. That’s it.

The email processing job in 3 steps

  • Step 1: Check your inbox daily.
  • Step 2: Read and process emails then send it to prewritten email address.
  • Step 3: Get Paid through PayPal account on monthly basis.

For Whom Email Processing Job Is?

As I said earlier, email-processing job does not require you to have any special skills. You must be able to read and write simple English. Simple

Whether you are a homemaker, college student or a graduate, a retired, it does not matter from which walk of life you come from, anyone can do this job.

Even if you are working for a regular job and not satisfied with it, then also you can leave the job and start working full time as email processor.

If you are a housewife and want to earn some money then you can earn it from your home. You can make money online at the same time take care of your family. If you are a retired person and want to earn some extra money then you can also do this job.

Is email processing job a scam?

Well! Internet is like an ocean of information and every information present there is not genuine. I do agree there are many fakers online who proclaims that they will make you rich overnight.

They say that their program can make you money in just few hours and in return they will ask you money to purchase the program. Well! All this is fraud. No one become rich overnight because you have to work hard.

However, this does not means that all programs that offer you an opportunity to make money online are fraud. You have to be careful before you join a program.

There are genuine companies that offers email processing jobs. You have to check them for their authenticity. Verify the company then move forward with your plan.

For example, you check presence of an email processing company on social media like Facebook and Twitter. You will find out a lot of people discussing about the company and sharing their thoughts.

So authenticate a company because there are fake companies but not all. Some are genuine and people are making money from them.

Who Provide This Job?

Well this is a million-dollar question. There are many companies with a lot of paper work but they do not have enough employees to do these processing work.

Hence, they find it easy to outsource this type of work to people like us who can do it for them. In return, companies are ready to pay money.

Always companies around the world need to outsource their work to others and that is how you get the job.

Can you Earn from this & How Much?

I must tell you, today there are thousands of people around the globe who are making enough money to make their living. Many of them I know who have left their day job and now working full time.

Yes! It is that lucrative and you can earn money depending upon how much you can process emails on daily basis. The amount paid for this work depends upon company to company.

Usually they will give you $1 for processing one email. Some others may also give you $2, so the amount that you get ranges from $2 to $5.

If I consider that you want to work part time in email processing system then

If you read or process at least

  • 2 emails daily = $4/day = $120/month
  • 5 emails daily = 5 X $2 = $10/day = $300/month

I think you can process at least 5 emails per day if you are taking it as part time job. Making $300 by working part time is not that bad. You can make more money if you process more emails daily.

Now if I consider that you are working full time.

Then, processing

  • 8 emails daily = $16/day = $16 X 30 = $480/month
  • 15 emails daily = $30/day = $30 X 30 = $900/month

So it depends upon you whether you want to work part time or full time. That is huge money but you have to work hard and sincerely.

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Best Things about Email Processing Job

Let me tell you few good things about email processing job

  1. You can do it from comfort of your home. No commuting and choose your own work time.
  2. You are your own boss because you decide your work hours.
  3. You make money as you like it. If you process more emails daily then you make more money. So money totally depends upon you unlike a regular work where it depends upon your boss.
  4. Give more time to your family and friends.
  5. Money that you make is more than your regular job. So you can be financially free in few years time.


Before you start dreaming of a big house and a car, you should make right decision in choosing a company that offers email-processing jobs.

  1. Beware of scams. Find out whether the company is genuine or not. Make sure the social presence of the company. What people are talking about it.
  2. Pay money for registration only if you find out company is genuine.
  3. To get payment ensure that for transaction they use PayPal. Do not trust anything except PayPal.
  4. Finally, I will tell you most of the email-processing jobs showing on Internet are fake. You have to really do some research and then go for a genuine one. A real one would be there but just one or two.


  1. Hi,
    I’m interested about this email processing job can you kindly please guide me and advice of which genuine companies I can join ?
    I would be grateful and Thanks for your reply.

  2. I am retired Engineer having communication skill. Now to keep busy, I am looking Computer jobs which can be done from home. I am looking for Email processing jobs. Please guide me.

  3. Hi, I am looking for a legit company to do some online email-processing ASAP. I am just looking for legit work that I don’t have to sell, refer 4 people, fill out subscriptions with my c.c. #, etc.
    Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi guys my name is Tarryce I have a legit company that provides awesome benefits and it will provide you a home-based business the investment is very small just $0.67 a day it’s has a A+ BBB rating it’s IRS regulated and it’s a legitimate company that you can make money from home online if you’re interested send me a message at Tarryce Hutchinson on Facebook and I’ll get more information sent right to you thanks have a great day

  5. I just tried a reply, but will do another. I am retired and looking for something I can do at home for some extra income. Processing emails, with a ligitamite company would be perfect. I have the skills to do the jobs, just don’t need another scam. Any help or direction would be appreciated.

  6. What happened? Where’s the website? When I clicked on the link, it doesn’t take me through. I want to join and do this job immediately. Please help me out. Please give me the list of companies who provides these kind of jobs. ASAP. I am interested in this. I want to apply for the email processing job. How can I do that? Will you please reply to me ASAP?

  7. They have a blog for this kind of jo but they dont have a list of legit company or websites.. Theyre makit profit from visiting this kind of blog/sites come on

  8. So what exactly am I selling? Or am I just asking people to sign and pay money like I did in an EPS? Is there a Product I can use? I’ve been looking at

    Thank you

  9. i think … it will not work out.. to find a genuine company for this..
    if you have a list of those companies.. send me..
    i will try to justify them.. whether they are genuine in payments for the work we do for them.

    Expecting Best and Earliest Reply..
    Than Q

  10. I am interested in this email processing job, and I hope you could send me the steps on how to find the company who needs people like me who wants to work online to earn or make money. I am a graduate of a four (4) year course and had some few working experience in different fields including that of being a customer service representative in a BPO Industry. I hope you could help me in this endeavor. Thank you.

  11. Hi,

    Could you pls tell me how can i consider a website whether it is fraud or not by applying a easy method as i am a new comer in internet online earning?

  12. I can tell you first hand it does work.

    It is not a scam or get rich quick scheme. It has earned me an average $1200 extra month.

    There are some people that do it full time and make $300 a day or so.

    Feel free to join my team and I will help you make an extra $500 or more each month doing this.

    • C.P
      Please advise me on how to get started with this type of work LEGITIMATELY!! I am a single mother who is attending college full time and in need of an alternate income. Please help, Thanks in advance

    • Hi CP,

      I read through your writeup and decided to contact you for this e-mail processing job. Kindly advise on how I can join a genuine e-mail processing job that would guarantee a minimum of 500 dollars per month while working part-time.



    • Hello,

      I have been trying to find a legitimate email processing job to do in my spare time. I just need some advice of where to sign up and get started with a low registration fee. I am not looking to get rich quick…just provide a little extra income each month.

      Please advise.

    • Dear C.P.,
      Whatever you are saying here seems to be full of hot air. Bad experiences make you skeptical. If you are certain about the authenticity of this job, I want to join. I have a lot of responsibility, a lot of education and knowledge, lots of time but have no money. I need to earn money to run my family. If you can genuinely help me earn honest daily income, God will bless you for certain.
      Will wait for your response.

    • Hi,

      $1200 extra/month will be very very interresting to pay all my bills each month.
      Can send me more information for access to your team.

    • if you can help me register on a site of “Email Processing Jobs” for I need a work.

    • Hello, am Jeff and am interested making money online part time or full time. Show me the best ways

    • Hello C.P. Says, can you recommend any good email processing website for me? thanks for your quick reply

    • Hi! Would you mind sharing the name of the company you work for? Thanks so much!

    • Am very much interested in getting such a job, show me the way please. I will forever be grateful

    • Hi, i am very inerested in this kind of online job such the processing emails. I am surprisingly see your amount is very extra as doing the very simple job. I want to work in and want to sign up in this but i could not find the link which has it. Please could you tell me and help me when i reach this work. Thanks
      My direct mail is lionelalbertini @

    • I would like to join .Please reply immediately.

      Sincerely yours,
      Chua Ernesto

  13. Hi.
    I’m highly interested in pursuing the email processing job, please contact me with the appropriate information,
    Joshua lingebach

  14. All of the “email processing” jobs are a pyramid scheme. You PAY $25 to sign up (what legit job charges you to start?). Then, to recoup your money and/or make future money, you have to email suckers (like yourself) to part with their $25. Now you are on top, they are on the bottom=pyramid.

    Take your money, enroll in community college and get some education.

    P.s. I learned all this in 5 min of google research,

  15. Hi
    I am new here! I want help from you guys. I hope someone will give me some genuine website address for email processing job. I don’t mind to pay but I want genuine and proper. I believe your small help can be bigger things for me

  16. Hi! I am a retired gentleman. Presently, I wish to take up this Email processing job which I feel with my skill I will be able to do well. I am interested in this home-job (Email processing) which I am overly interested. Kindly help me to find genuine company and a know-how about Email processing, for which I shall be ever grateful. Thanks and awaiting anxiously for you valued reply. Bijay Singh

    • hi my name is Lolita, I am really trying to do this email prosseing working from home i am retired and i feel we should not have to pay this is a job. im just asking for some to find the companies-legit ones.

  17. Hi, I am looking for a legit company to do some online email-processing. I am just looking for legit work that I don’t have to sell, refer 4 people, fill out subscriptions with my c.c. #, etc. I don’t mind if I have to pay a small fee for the consistent work. Just want something fair and dependable that I can do at my own pace as I also take care of my grandbaby that 8 months old. Am quick learner and need some work. Please resond. Terrri

  18. i m 2 interested alot in this e mail processing job but at the same time i m curious about the scams so any body who is working on this or even know some genuin work of this kind (without investment)so pppllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz inform me i will be sooooo
    thank full so plz help me..


  20. In email processing do we have to convert the link into sales or just by reading and following instruction we get paid! Please clear my Confusion! Want to join but before that wanted to make myself clear in that!
    Thank you for Your Generosity n help people with your knowledge n Wisdom.

  21. Hi,

    It seems email processing job is interesting. Please throw some light on genuine sites providing such jobs with/without investment.


  22. I am looking forward to get work for email processing. Please let me know if its legitimate as I had earlier lost my money doing online jobs.

  23. I am very interested about this. It is early great that earning extra money. If there is anyone please give me the information. Good luck to everyone. Thanks

  24. Hello, I’m very interested in this kind of work…kindly guide me and advice of which genuine companies I can join???

  25. Hello, I’m very interested in this kind of work…kindly guide me and advice of which genuine companies I can join??? and what is the process to aplly.Thank you

  26. Hello, I’m very interested in this kind of work…kindly guide me and advice of which genuine companies I can join???

  27. I am very interested about this. It is early great that earning extra money. If there is anyone please give me the information. Good luck to everyone. Thanks

  28. hello. I wanna do this email processing job on part time basis. Can u pls guide me nd tell me any genuine company which offers email processing jobs.

    Pls kindly reply asap.

    Thank u


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