Thanks Google for giving me a Wonderful Lifestyle

You won’t believe, but I work less than 35 hours a week, work on my own terms, take holidays whenever I want and still make lots of money.

Thanks Google and thanks blogging for giving me a wonderful lifestyle.

I have already achieved everything in my life that I always dreamt of.

But today I achieved something that I never dreamt about.

I became the proud owner of a BMW 520d Luxury Line!

It’s one of the most luxurious cars in India with lots of amazing features.

thanks google

My journey from Apprenticeship to BMW

I applied for ITI apprenticeship when I passed my secondary school but I was rejected. So chose to study science in higher secondary. I got admission to the most prestigious engineering college in Nagpur (LIT College) after scoring good marks in higher secondary.

But soon I lost interest because I found Chemical Engineering pretty boring.

Anyhow I passed my Engineering with KTs all the time. Almost 90% students got placements through campus interviews and I was in the lucky 10 (ha-ha).

I came to Mumbai in the year 2000 and took a job in a small chemical factory. But working there was more boring than studying chemical engineering.

Software was a booming industry in 2000. I joined a 6 months full time software course with big promises made by the institute.

Yes, that was something I was looking for. I liked coding. I was the hero of my batch as I used to explain complex things to many of my batch-mates.

But before I could finish my course, the software industry was going through a major crisis (Y2K problem).

Still 90% of the students managed to secure a job in the software industry and again I was in the lucky 10.

What Next??

One of my batch-mate who was in lucky 10 suggested me to start a computer sales & hardware business.

OMG Business??

No, business is not in my blood. I could not even speak to customers.

With nothing in hand I started business.

By 2001, there was a big competition for computer hardware business. Market was open and margin was low.

Due to many reasons, I left this business after 6 months.

By the time, I left the business, I was no longer interested in working 9 to 5 for someone.

I started looking for other options.

I started researching on different things. One of these things was going to cyber café and looking for ways to make money online.

Internet marketing was booming during that time but only in the USA. And here I was wondering how to make money with Internet marketing sitting in India.

For 2-3 years I did research on this opportunity. At the same time I did some odd businesses to make my ends meet.

Suddenly I came across a famous book ‘Google Cash’ written by Chris Carpenter that changed my life. I don’t know where is Chris Carpenter now.

He beautifully explained the concept of affiliate marketing and how can someone make money from affiliate marketing using Google.

I made my first affiliate income of $400+ in CJ by the end of year 2004. Next month I made $700+ and so on.

“Whether I will receive my next dollar cheque or not?” was always in doubt for me even after receiving so many cheques from USA.

I continued affiliate marketing till 2008. I even created an online course on affiliate marketing and sold thousands of copies online.

I made lots of money through affiliate marketing. All thanks to Google & CJ.

But soon, many of the advertisers I was promoting left CJ platform.

I was a bit demotivated. I tried to check more ways to make money online.

2008 was the year when blogging was becoming popular in India.

I started blogging along with affiliate marketing.

For almost 1 year, I struggled to learn basics of blogging and how to get traffic on my blog.

Although there are many ways to make money from a blog, I chose only Google AdSense.

After a year of hard work, I received my first blogging income of $100+ from Google .

This was a big motivation for me.

“Google sends visitors to my blog, Google places ads on my blog and Google pays me”

What a better business than this in the world!

I made more than $1.5 millions through blogging.

Thanks Google for giving me a wonderful lifestyle. I love you Google.


  1. Hi Pritam,
    First off, congratulations for what you have achieved. For every successful man on the net , I can count 5 that have failed. So, your achievement is that much exemplary and laudable !
    I am Ravi from Bhilai- a retired metallurgical engineer trying my hand on the net for sometime Although, in your write up, you don’t say you train people in any specific way,most of the people writing suggest otherwise by asking help for training.Do you train people in any particular genre ? If you do,then I can seek your help in any whichway you want- paid or otherwise. Can I expect a reply.
    Till then, cheers to you.
    So long.

  2. Congratulations Sir, for achieving one other milestone in your life.

    This article is so much inspirational for me and I know it will help to others a lot.

    Thanks to God that I have got your guidance and worked under you.That period was awesome and learned a lot.

  3. I have seen lots of bloggers and internet marketer who are telling they made lots of money from blogging and affiliate earning but hardly seen many blogger like you which really motivational and roll model for many newbie blogger and even pro blogger.

    god bless you keep it up

  4. Congratulations! And thanks for sharing such joy and ideas with us. Hope you achieve more and more success…

  5. Congratulations very much to u and ur family sir Mr.Pritam Nagrale , myself Nanik S Khemani from Sindh Pakistan and i want to join ur company ur institute for complete course of online earning and digital marketing but where from start i dont know , how get visa of ur city and some other questions also in my mind please give me ur whatsapp number for further contact

  6. Hi Pritam, thank you for creating this avenue for we the upcoming generation to make a way in life. However, i have functioning website and i ahve applied for Google adsense several times and copied the code which i pasted on my site but it doesnt show on my site and i don’t have traffic on the site as well. Please help

    • HI Olayiwola, is your website. There is nothing on this website. You need to write quality and useful post on regular basis. Once you receive good traffic then apply for AdSense account.

  7. Thanks for sharing your success stories with us, it’s an inspiration for me. And congratulations on your new car.

  8. Bro please tell me how to start affiliate marketing cause I tried it but my request never gets approved in

  9. Hi pritam,
    My self niraj shingote
    Avinash & me r also friend
    Ur story realy inspired me
    I want to do like this but i have no idea about it
    Can u pls send me such a link so that i will try like you

  10. Dear pritam,
    You have proved the Maxim that hard work always pays.

    Now you may do some charity to society to prove your humanity.

    God bless you all forever.

    Senior citizen from Delhi

  11. Sir
    your story is interesting and motivational.
    Thank for sending this to me.
    I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your achievement.

  12. Wow! This is wonɗerful…congratulations to Ƴou sir For your BMW… Love your story too its Quite Inspiring..
    Living your ɗream is the ɓest life a person can live…
    God Ɓless Ƴou More…

  13. Hi, dear brother I am so happy to join with you and it is one of the most important goal to work online. I live in Afghanistan with lots of problems like ; inequality, insecurity, poverties and so on and from other side I am so eager to make money for continue of my knowledge.
    so please give me a hand help to work online
    now I don’t now anything about online jobs
    so how to start and from where?
    yours sincerely

  14. Hi,

    Congratulations on your journey and for your achievement of BMW. It really motivates me a lot.



  15. Congratulations Sir,

    This article is so much inspirational for me. i’m interested in this concept. i’ll starts it but i don’t know how to get traffic on my blog. if you don’t might just help me…

  16. Your story is excellent . Indeed, it speaks aptly about what a person can achieve when they work with complete dedication towards any venture. Congratulations on your BMW.

  17. Congratulations Sir, for achieving one other milestone in your life.

    This article is so much inspirational for me and I know it will help to others a lot.

    Thanks to God that I have got your guidance and worked under you.That period was awesome and learned a lot.

    May god fulfill all your dreams because you are really earn it.


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