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10 Websites to Sell College Notes Online for Cash

Are you thinking about "what to do with my college notes"? There are ten websites to sell your college notes online for quick cash.


Sell College Notes

There’re quite some ways to make money as a college student. Maybe, you know some of them and are already making some money through these ways.

However, there’s one more way that college students can make money. And that’s by selling college notes for cash.

These statements would definitely make you wonder, who is interested in buying your college notes. And why would they pay for these notes.

Therefore, in this article, I will explain fully, who are interested in buying your college notes, so that you can sell them for cash. 

Why Companies Buy Your College Notes?

Since you’re wondering why would anyone buy your college notes, here’re some answers.

This will show you that selling college notes is legit and indeed, you’ll be helping other learners in USA and around the world, while making some money yourself.

Actually, there’re students in USA and elsewhere who’re studying various courses from the American college curriculum that require these study notes.

That’s because they’re studying online or wish to get college notes that’re relevant to their studies and exams.

Also, there’re websites, libraries and also some educational institutions that require these college notes. They upload them online or use as reference material. 

As a result, there’s a small industry that specializes in buying your study notes and reselling them to others. There’re claims that some students have made up to $10,000 a year, simply by selling college notes.

However, I can’t independently verify or deny this claim. On the safer side, I would say that you can earn anything from $300 to $1,000 by selling your college notes. Maybe little more, if your notes are clear and neat.

Remember, that not every college note sells. Websites that buy your college notes for cash also have some specifications and you need to comply with those.

Therefore, read these specs carefully, the next time you take college notes. Maybe, you can make some money by selling these college notes

10 Websites that Buy College Notes for Cash

Now that you’re aware that college notes sell and you can actually get cash the legit way, let’s explore some of the websites where you can do so from the comfort of your home or dorm.

I suggest you read the terms and conditions of each website carefully before you sell your college notes for cash. That could save you some hassles.

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Oxbridge Notes

Oxbridge Notes is a UK-based website. However, the buy college notes from the US and some other countries too.

This is a superb website to sell sample question and answer papers of exams, e-books and other digital study material, reference notes and other such stuff. However, Oxbridge Notes doesn’t buy handwritten notes.

They accept college notes in Word and PDF formats as well as audio books and digital study material. They pay you 72 percent of the sale price they advertise on their website.

The cash comes to you by PayPal. However, you also have to bear the money transfer fees of PayPal.


Also, try Stuvia.com. This is a website from Europe and they pay $2.50 for each college note. You can fix your own price on Stuvia.com. And when the notes sell, you can get $2.50 per upload.

Stuvia.com charges a seller’s fee from students selling college notes. And, they also have certain specifications on the types of college notes that you can sell through their website.

Read their terms and conditions before selling your college notes. You can request a payout once you collect the 10 Euros on your seller’s account. They pay every Monday.


OneClass.com is based in Canada. However, they accept college notes from USA and other countries too. OneClass.com works in a slightly different manner than the ones I describe above.

For every upload on this website, you earn 25 points. You can redeem these credits for cash. According to their website, you can make a lot of money selling college notes.

A fair estimate is that you can make up to $500 for a semester year or a course, by selling your college notes.

Course Hero

Course Hero is a fantastic website if you’re looking for a passive income as a college student. In fact, about 20 million students in USA and elsewhere use Course Hero to sell their college notes for cash.

You can’t actually sell your college notes on Course Hero. Instead, you can upload them for use by other learners. Each time your college note is viewed, you make $5 per view.

That way, you can get a passive income by uploading your college notes. The money is sent to you by PayPal. You can seek a payout on reaching $20 on your Course Hero account.


Nexusnotes.com is a rather simple platform where you can sell college notes for cash. The process is very simple. The first step is to create a seller account, as a college student.

Once you successfully create the account, simply upload your college notes. When someone downloads your study notes, you get the money. You can get up to $35 for a set of notes.

However, Nexusnotes.com gives you only 50 percent of the sale price.

The money goes directly to your bank account, meaning, you have to pay the bank transfer fees. Therefore, price your college notes according to what you actually want to get.


Notesgen.com is a fantastic website where you can actually sell your college notes for cash and get your price. Notesgen.com works in a slightly different way.

Once you have an account, you can connect with other students who’re on this website. Here, you can exchange notes or even sell them directly to students. It’s possible to get the price you want for these notes.

If a student requires a particular type of college note or other material, you can prepare those for sale too. This networking is usually with students from US and elsewhere in the world.


Millions of college students are making money by selling college notes for cash on Studypool.com. This is a very professionally managed website to sell your college notes for cash.

In the sense that you have to first upload your college notes on their portal. The Studypool.com panel of experts will review your notes, if they match their high standards.

If you qualify, you can sell these college notes for the price these experts suggest. They charge a small fee for selling your college notes. The money is sent to your bank account directly. You can also get the money through PayPal.


Notesmate.com is yet another simple solution if you want to avoid the hassles of converting your college notes to the digital format.

That’s because Notesmate.com also offers an app that you can easily download on your smartphone. The app has a feature to take photos of your college notes for quick uploads on their website.

Some students offer a few college notes for free, to attract buyers. You too can do the same. You can ask a price for the notes.

Notesmate.com takes 20 percent of your earnings. They send the money directly to your bank account, though you have to pay the transfer fees.


Some students claim to have made as much as $10,000 from DocMerit.com. They pay you as much as 85 percent of the sale price of your college notes.

However, you need to upload college notes that meet the strict standards of this website, to qualify. A team of experts will review your college notes and suggest the highest selling price.

To sell your college notes for cash, create a seller account on DocMerit.com. This account can be opened free of cost. Upload your notes and await their reviews for selling your college notes.


NotesXchange.com is really a superb free website where you can upload and sell your college notes for cash. All you need to do is open a free account on NotesXchange.com.

Therefore, check whether you have college notes that you can sell on this website, before subscribing.

They charge this subscription if you’ll be uploading large documents and files or, if you want to keep your college notes for sale online for a year or two, depending on the course you’re studying.

They pay up to $30 per download by a student. You can request payout on collecting a minimum $10 in your account. This is an Australian website but they accept some college notes from USA.

In Conclusion

There’re also some other ways to sell college notes for cash. One of them is selling them directly to junior students on the same campus or at other colleges but studying the same course.

The industry of selling college notes for cash is pretty huge. Therefore, websites have a wide choice of which college notes to select or reject.

That’s the reason you need to read their terms and conditions carefully and sell only those college notes that would fetch a price and are saleable.

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