A Complete Guide for Surrogate Mother to Make Money from Surrogacy

Surrogacy is an agreement between the childless couple and the surrogate mother who is going to rent her womb till the birth of the child of the childless couple. In surrogacy the surrogate mother gets paid for becoming pregnant for the childless couple.

India is a destination for surrogacy for people from all over the world. The childless couple visit India for surrogacy option as in India the surrogacy is cost effective and with less and simple laws.

Since 2002 commercial surrogacy has been legalized in India. Anand in Gujarat, India is a hub for surrogacy.

In year 2011 Amir Khan and Kiran Rao declared of having baby through surrogacy & in 2016 Tusshar Kapoor becomes father to baby boy using surrogacy but till today in Indian Society surrogacy is not openly talked about.

make money surrogacy

In India most of the surrogate mothers are from lower middle class family who do it for the paying their debt, buying home or for children’s education so there are less chances of keeping the baby with them after the child birth

Also some upper class family has done surrogacy to fulfill their some wishes.

In India the total cost for surrogacy is around $20000 including the consultation, surrogate mothers fee, medical expenses and delivery expenses.

But in developed countries like US, UK whole process of surrogacy cost is 4 times more than the Indian cost of surrogacy. Hence the foreign childless couples come to India for surrogacy.

Who opts surrogacy?

Surrogacy is opted by couples or women who are unable to conceive, have multiple abortions, uterus problems, failed IVF treatments and other health issues which may put them on risk.

Types of surrogacy

There are two types of surrogacy 1. Traditional Surrogacy 2. Gestational Surrogacy

Traditional Surrogacy – In Traditional Surrogacy the surrogate mother becomes pregnant through artificial insemination with intended father’s sperm. In this method the child is genetically related to the surrogate mother and the intended father. This type of surrogacy is not legal in India.

Gestational Surrogacy – In Gestational Surrogacy, the surrogate mother becomes pregnant through artificial insemination with intended parents egg and sperm. In this type of surrogacy the child is biological of the intended parents. Or donor’s egg or donor’s sperm are also used in gestational surrogacy.

Gestational Surrogacy is common in India than the traditional surrogacy.

Before taking decision

Before becoming surrogate mother think twice can you carry stranger’s baby in your womb. After carrying for 9 months will you allow the baby to go to his/ her real parents? You can’t take surrogacy lightly as it is 9 months commitment.

If you love your own children’s and you love to become pregnant again, then definitely you can think of becoming surrogate mother.

After taking decision of becoming surrogate mother take a legal advice. Discuss the surrogacy with your husband, your family member take their opinion also. It will be better so that you don’t get stuck in middle of pregnancy if the intended parents reject the baby for whatever reasons.

Whom to contact for surrogacy?

To become a surrogate mother you can register with any fertility clinic nearby your place. Not all Fertility clinics do surrogacy. We can’t suggest here for any clinic. You can just Google on internet for the fertility clinics which have surrogacy program.

Check out what compensation they are giving, medical expenses, surrogate homes etc. Find on the clinics websites the details and then contact them. Also if your neighbours, friends or relatives have earlier became surrogate mother you can take their suggestion also.

How much money you can earn?

A surrogate mother receives above Rs 2,50,000 or depends upon the total cost of the treatment. The compensation varies according to the fertility clinics also.

Medical expenses, delivery expenses are borne by the client and in some cases monthly expenses allowance is also provided.

Some clinics offer surrogate homes where the surrogate mothers stay away from their homes during their pregnancy and after the delivery till the recovery period.

In surrogate homes they are provided meals, maternity clothing, comfortable living and proper care are taken and other best services. She also gets life insurance cover during pregnancy.

Even some clinics take care of the families and children’s of the surrogate mothers. In some cases the illiterate surrogate are paid as less as just Rs 20000.

Where the surrogate really don’t know she is underpaid. So take a legal advice find out the compensation so that you don’t get underpaid.

Surrogate mother during gets the compensation in instalments as first payment after the embryo transfer, then part payment after scan and the full and final payment after the delivery.

Recruitment of the Surrogate mother

Earlier doctors used to post an ad for the recruitment of the surrogate mothers but now the trend has changed people are coming themselves forward even the women’s husbands are supporting them.

Sometimes surrogate mother is from families, friends or know reliable source. All the personal details, health details, background of the surrogate mother are informed to the intended parents.

The surrogate mother is selected from the database of the fertility clinics. After the selection of the surrogate mother a meeting is planned in between the intended parents and the surrogate mother and her husband or else a coordinator is hired by the couple for the coordination.

After successful meeting between both parties treatment is started.

After the selection of surrogate mother, before the surrogacy process counselling is given to the surrogate mother. In counselling the mother is mentally prepared for renting the womb and not gets emotionally attached to the child.

Who can become surrogate mother?

1. Age should be above 21 years and below 35 years

2. Surrogate mother should be married and should have her at least one child and have completed her own family.

3. Surrogate mother has to take consent of her husband or else of the family members also.

4. Her own babies should be healthy and should have normal delivery.

5. She should be having her earlier deliveries as safe deliveries.

6. Surrogate mother should be good in health mentally as well as physically.

7. Genetic disorder and diseases should not be in surrogate mothers family.

8. Complete medical examination is taken.

9. She should not be infected with diseases like Hepatitis B, STD, HIV etc. Also her husband has to undergo for medical tests for Hepatitis B, HIV etc.

10. Surrogate mother should not be overweight, drinker, and smoker and should be living in a smoke free and abusive free environment.

11. If the surrogate mother is overweight she has to lose the weight before surrogacy.

12. The surrogate mother should be mentally fit and not on any medication for any illness.

13. Surrogacy is valid for only 3 pregnancies so if the surrogate mother is having her own two children then she can become surrogate mother only once.

14. No criminal records. A background investigation is done to find out whether surrogate mother or any of her family members are not involved in any violence or crime.

15. Surrogate mother should have support from the husband and family members.

Problem for the surrogate mother

As carrying the child for nine months the surrogate mother gets attached to the child. After the delivery the mother feels emotionally hard for the separation of the child. If the family or the husband don’t support after the delivery it’s a hard time for the surrogate mother.

Legal Formalities

For the surrogacy procedure a legal contract is signed in between the surrogate mother and the intended parents.

The contract contains the name and details of the surrogate mother, intended parents details, type of surrogacy, written consent of surrogate mother, her husband, her family members, total compensation for surrogacy, stages of payment, mode of payment and other terms and conditions.

Husband of the surrogate mother has to sign a written consent that he agrees and support for the surrogacy and will not claim for the child after the delivery.

The surrogate child gets birth certificate in name of the intended parents and not in name of surrogate mother. The surrogate mother as well the intended parents have to keep the privacy as per the agreement.

In some cases the surrogate mother and the intended parents are in touch throughout the pregnancy or after the delivery also. Some intended parents remain in touch with surrogate mother till the delivery only, it depends upon the different different cases.

You can also check this post for more legal information on surrogacy.

I hope this above information might have changed mind of at least some women’s. Through surrogacy you are not only receiving the money but also giving happiness to the childless couple forever.

It is a boon given by the science to help the childless couple. I know many of us young women’s don’t think of the second child but if there is someone in our family or in friend circle who is childless we can definitely help them by renting our womb.

Also your husband, family will feel proud that you have helped the childless couple.

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  1. A gestational surrogate is called the “birth mother.” The biological mother, though, is still the woman whose egg was fertilized.

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  3. its a great way to help others.its great but people should know the surrogate well because some after giving birth they get too attached to the baby and that causes problem.all in all given a trustworthy person its a blessing

  4. i think this process of charity which would help the society to fulfill a woman biggest desire to become a mother.

  5. This is a good initiative, but these women will also be attached to the child she is bearing and may also want to play a part in the child’s life because of the maternal period they will have to go through. Although this is good and God will bless them you may have to consider the implication that may occur.

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  7. This is a very usefull lines of advice’s for the couples who are childless & for the women’s who are mentally prepared to become surrogate mother….. Yet it is seen that althoug it had began in India as a noble act by Dr. Patel but now as demand is Increasing by the childless foreign couples, it is completely gone commercial. In some cases it has seen that the surrogate mother get paid very poor amount of about less than 40000 or in some cases they didn’t get anything because of lack of proper documentation ( or agreement), because most of the surrogate mothers are from below poverty line and illiterate and the main culprit for that is the brokers who recruits women’s for surrogacy, ….so it is humble requested to Honourable Dr. Patel to take a closer look of what is happening…..because a surrogate mother bears alot of pain during & after pregnancy, so she deserves respect and care. Thank you.

  8. At least there is a solution to those who cant carry a baby in their wombs. Every one should be happy in this world and if my fellow woman is married and doesn’t have kids why not help? I support surrogation 100%.

  9. There are so many legal surrogacy clinics In my city Indore which provide senetized and hygienic facilities. the total registered surrogacy is about 50-60 in a year with 20% growth.

  10. It is a good option for some one who needs money through this they get enough money to spent on their needs.

  11. Yes,i agree with this hot topic is a great one.At present situations most of the people feel that money is the main thing and nothing else for those mothers whom think that it is impossible to make a child to be grown up simply they will use this option so that the child has an option to live a life because child are one of the important resources in the growth of the society.


  13. it”s great idea if there is everything happens legally & technically as per your information send to me.

  14. the idea is divine if a soul is to be accommodated in the human body for evolution. it is nature’s purpose getting fulfilled. love too is involved. there is evidence that the foetus is sensitised to the environment afetr six months .one school holds that is the time the soul descends unto the body.so proper thinking, hygienic surroundings, harmonious thoughts do play their part. the key question is whethder the surrogate mother who sells her womb for monetary gains goes that extra mile.

  15. its bad . even though its not u r child . these surrogacy mothers are carrying there boss .
    instead of this surrogacy , adopt a child that is good.

  16. nice to see …..atleast they are earning by giving birth to others baby. moreover they giving happiness to the childless couple forever by doing such a great job…

  17. Hi,

    It was quite informative. Whoever willing to become a surrogate mother would be doing a great help to a family and thus to the society. god will surely bless them.

    In fact, me and my husband cant have babies and recently we had the discussion on this. We are basically from Kerala and do not know what to do for getting a surrogate mother and where to find them, whom to approach.

    Thanks for any valuable suggestions.



    • you need to travel to Anand -gujarat..There many clinics are in this business,dr Patel is a famous gynecologist there who initiated surogotory in India.

  18. this is a great gift for those mothers who cannot have their own children. It is very noble of those women who are doing this.


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