How to Make Money as a Sperm Donor?

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make money sperm donor

There are very few legitimate ways to make quick money. If you are a male & want some cash instantly then you worth reading this article.

As the title suggests, you can easily make good money being a sperm donor. You earn cash almost instantly without hours of working.

Sperm donation has being there for a while now. You can make best use of it to get some money.

In this article we go in great details discussing about every aspect of sperm donation.

So read it how you can make money as a Sperm Donor.

make money sperm donor

What is Sperm Donation?

I believe you might have seen the movies like Vicky Donor and Deliver Man. If you’ve seen it then you don’t need any explanation.

But I will explain it in short. In sperm donation you donate your sperm as a sperm donor to a sperm bank and that sperm will be used to donate to a female for insemination purposes.

So you go to a clinic and donate sperm and give it to the bank. They pay you money for donation and use it as you like it.

Therefore it is nothing rocket science here. You already knew what it was but I repeated it again.

Is it Legal?

Yes Sperm Donation is very much legal. You can be a sperm donor if you want to be.

However, there are few things that you need to know as a sperm donor.

Usually laws have complete disregard for the sperm donor when it comes to biological link to the child.

In simpler words it means a sperm donor has no right to claim custody or parental rights to the child that came into existence because of your donated sperm.

Although the law varies country to country but this is the fact that you need to keep in your mind before you become a sperm donor.

How Society and Your Family See You as a Sperm Donor?

Before you become a sperm donor you need to consider few things in mind.

The first thing is are you going to tell your friends, parents and other family members that you are going to be a sperm donor.

It is important to know because society in general may not have a positive few of donating sperm.

Sperm donation may be a very good idea when it comes to making money on part time basis however it cannot be your full time job.

I am pretty much sure that your family members would not be happy if you tell them that you are a sperm donor.

First of all it could happen that they might not know what sperm donation is, so you got to explain them and that in it is a challenge.

Hence you have to make a mind whether you are going to tell them or keep it a secret because many sperm donor keep anonymity.

Who All and Why they Need Them?

Now you are done with the ethical issue of dealing with society and your family, you need to know who all need your sperm and why do they need them.

Basically there are three kinds of people who are looking out for your sperm.

1. Straight Couples Facing Infertility – If a married couple is not able to procreate because of infertility or other medical reasons then they look out for sperm donors.

2. Single Women – Second category is of single women. These women don’t want to get married but they want to experience parenthood so they seek sperm donors.

3. Lesbians Couples – The third interesting group of people that seek sperm donors are lesbians couples. Two women are married to each other and they want a baby then they look for sperm donors.

So these are three general categories of people who seek your sperm.

Now why do they need them? Well obviously for having a baby that they can’t have otherwise.

How You Can Help as a Sperm Donor

As we debated in last paragraph that who all need your sperm.

All of these people are not going to contact you directly because they don’t know that you are a sperm donor.

So you have to go to sperm bank or a clinic where they will take your sperm and give it to the needy people.

Hence you are a bridge between the bank and the actual people who need them.

This is how the needy people will get your sperm. So you don’t have to reach out to them directly just buy going to a sperm bank you can help people who need your sperm.

Is Sperm Donation for Everybody?

This a million dollar question and the answer is no.

Not everyone can be a sperm donor because for being a sperm donor your sperm count must be high.

Moreover, for being able to qualify as a sperm donor sperm banks and clinics ask for certain eligibility criteria.

Like you must be between the age of 21 years and 41 years, then the clinic might ask for details of your height, weight, skin color, ethnicity and other physical details.

You must be free from any kind of disease.

There are many other details that a sperm bank or a clinic might expect from a sperm donor. If your sperm count is not high then you might not be a sperm donor.

In fact, in disease could disqualify you as a sperm donor. So before you think of becoming a sperm donor you need to keep these things in mind.

Where You Can Go and Donate?

You donate your sperm to a sperm bank or a sperm agency or a clinic.

You have to look out for them in your city. The best way to find out a sperm bank in your city is to go online and find out various clinics.

There you can get all the details. Many hospitals and research centres also need sperm.

There you have to follow a procedure for donating your sperm. You have to go through complete screening process to ensure that you don’t have any disease.

How Much Do You Make as a Sperm Donor?

This is very important question. How much do you make as a sperm donor?

Well! It depends upon country to country, city to city and sperm quality to quality.

If you live in India and you sperm quality is good then you could make up Rs 2000/- to Rs 5000 and if you live in USA then you can make $100 to $200 every time you donate your sperm.

However, you get less also like depending upon the city and states you live.

The money factor also depends upon the quality of your sperm. If sperm count is more then you will be paid more and they will ask you to come back again.

What Could Be Disadvantages of Being a Sperm Donor?

Finally, are there any disadvantages being a sperm donor like any medical issues.

Although sperm donation could be completely anonymous and no one would come to know that you are donating sperm.

However, the societal issues and pressure from your family is the only problem that you could face being a sperm donor.

Otherwise, there are no such medical problems being a sperm donor. Because you donate once a week at best.

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