12 Easy Ways to Get Cash from a Visa Debit Cards?

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Prepaid Visa Debit Cards to Cash

Most of us get prepaid Visa debit cards from various sources. This is actually fine. Prepaid Visa debit cards are as good as cash.

These cards allow us to shop at stores and even online, pay dues while transacting with the government and do lots of things instead of using cash, which we might not readily have at that moment.

However, there are occasions when we have plenty of such prepaid Visa debit cards and don’t know what to do with them. Usually, this occurs when we’ve spent most of the money on prepaid Visa debit cards and only a small amount is available on them.

And that amount is too small to withdraw and far less than what we would pay for shopping. In brief, the amount left over on such a prepaid Visa debit card would be equal to a small change.

In such cases, we have two options. The first option, of course, is to dump these prepaid Visa cards in the nearest trashcan and get rid of the bulk from our purse or wallet. The other way is to get cash from these prepaid Visa debit cards, which takes some effort on our part.

If you’re like me and don’t want to waste that precious money left over on a few prepaid Visa debit cards, I’ll tell you about different and simple ways to get cash from them.

Sounds interesting? Then, continue reading.

Ways to Get Cash from Prepaid Visa Debit Cards

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Getting cash from a prepaid Visa debit card can be simpler than you can imagine. I will describe the best ways now. You can use any or all of these ways to get cash from your prepaid Visa debit cards.

1. Withdraw Full Amount

Withdraw Full Amount

Withdrawing the full amount from an ATM machine is the simplest and easiest way to get cash from a prepaid Visa card. Obviously, this might prove a bit difficult if you have a prepaid Visa debit card that has less than $20 on it.

You can’t withdraw less than $20 since ATMs in the USA don’t keep notes below that denomination. But, if your prepaid Visa debit card has a higher amount, such as $40 or $50, you can easily withdraw cash. 

At the same time, check whether the ATM you’ll use allows free cash withdrawals. Most banks charge a transaction fee for using their ATM machines.

Therefore, you might not be able to withdraw the full amount and have to leave some money on the card to get cash of $20, $40 or $50. In such cases, take whatever cash you can from the ATM and use other methods to claim the remaining money.

2. Top Up & Use

Top Up &; Use

Normally, all prepaid Visa debit cards come with a top-up facility. That means you can deposit some money on the card and use it for any purpose. To do so, you’ll have to visit the bank that issued the card. Place a top-up request and give the necessary details with the amount of money necessary for the top-up.

Once your top-up is successful, you could use the card to withdraw the full amount where possible, through an ATM.

Generally, banks do not charge fees if they have issued the prepaid Visa debit card that you use on their ATMs. Therefore, you can withdraw the cash at the same bank where you top it up if they have an ATM on their premises.

3. Withdraw to Your Bank Account

Withdraw To Your Bank Account

Maybe you’re unaware, but it’s also possible to withdraw the cash from your prepaid debit card to your bank account if the amount is big enough. This can be done by using an ATM which offers the deposit facility.

All you need to do is visit your bank's ATM and insert your card. You’ll get various options, as usual. Select the option of transferring cash to your account or repaying credit card dues and completing the transaction.

4. Spend on In-store Shopping

Spend On In-Store Shopping

This might sound a bit inconvenient to many. However, it’s a good idea to save up all those prepaid Visa debit cards and use them for shopping at a store of your choice. In such cases, you’ll have to inform the cashier that you’ll be paying the entire amount using multiple cards. Usually, most cashiers oblige.

They will swipe and deduct the entire balance on your prepaid Visa debit card till it adds up to the total spend. And you might have to pay whatever amount remains after all your prepaid cards are over.

5. Transfer to Amazon Pay Balance

Transfer To Amazon Pay Balance

You’ll surely know that Amazon, the single largest online store in the world, offers an online wallet too. This means you can keep some money in this online wallet and use it to pay for your shopping on Amazon. You can transfer the balance you have remaining on different Visa prepaid debit cards for this purpose.

Amazon usually has a lower limit on how much money you can transfer to the online wallet. If the balance on your debit card is fairly large, such as $5, you can transfer it to the Amazon Pay online wallet.

6. Gift to Charity

Gift to Charity

You won’t definitely get cash from your Visa prepaid debit card by donating it to a charity. However, it can save you some money that you might have otherwise planned to give to your favourite worthy cause.

Actually, lots of charities accept prepaid Visa debit cards as donations. They have agreements with banks and financial institutions to get the money in their bank accounts or to buy essential stuff for their work. Most people donate their prepaid Visa debit cards to a charity during festival seasons.

7. Transfer to PayPal Wallet

Transfer to PayPal Wallet

If you have PayPal, it’s easy to transfer the money from your prepaid Visa debit card to your PayPal wallet. Simply go to the settings of your PayPal app and add the gift card as the source of funds.

Once that’s done, you can transfer the money to your PayPal wallet almost immediately. However, I will warn you that transferring and spending money from your PayPal wallet can sometimes cost you some fees. However, if you have a lot of prepaid Visa debit cards lying around, this might prove to be the best way.

8. Transfer to Venmo

Transfer to Venmo

Venmo doesn’t charge money to transfer cash from your prepaid Visa debit card to its wallet. However, the process of getting the money in your wallet can take two to three days. They have an instant transfer facility, but that costs some fees.

To transfer money from your prepaid Visa debit cards, simply sign up on Venmo and go to the settings. Add your prepaid Visa debit cards as the source of your funding, and you’re ready to go. You can also transfer this money to a bank account for a small fee.

9. Exchange at Gift Card Kiosk

Exchange at Gift Card Kiosk

There are several gift card kiosks located at supermarkets and other stores across the USA. These kiosks actually buy your prepaid Visa debit card if it has a specific amount of money as a balance.

Take all your prepaid Visa debit cards to these kiosks for assessment. Once the counter person knows how much they’re worth, they’ll pay some cash in exchange for these cards.

Of course, the company that runs these kiosks will take a small commission for giving you cash from your prepaid debit cards. And not all prepaid Visa debit cards are acceptable. Therefore, check with these kiosks directly.

10. Sell on eBay

Sell on eBay

Just in case you’re unaware, you can also sell your prepaid Visa debit cards to others on eBay. There’s a facility on eBay where you can register as a seller. In most cases, eBay charges you seller fees for the amount of money you make by selling anything through them.

To sell on eBay, you’ll have to first find out the total value of your prepaid debit cards. And once you have these values, you can fix a price to sell them. Include postage and other charges, too. The cost of all your debit cards and postage should preferably be lower since that could help attract buyers.

11. See on Prepaid Debit Card Apps

See On Prepaid Debit Card Apps

Apps such as Raise and Prepaid2Cash give you instant cash from your prepaid Visa debit cards. However, the flip side is that they charge you up to 15 per cent. But if you’re in a hurry to get cash, this could be the best option.

Before exchanging your cards for cash, try to find out how much cash they hold. That would help you arrive at an estimate of how much money you can get through these apps, minus of course, their commissions.

12. Buy a Money Order

Buy A Money Order

A money order from the United States Postal Service (USPS) can be bought using prepaid Visa debit cards. The money order can be sent to you or to some other beneficiary. In such cases, standard USPS rates for a money order will apply.

This is one of the best ways to get cash from your prepaid Visa debit cards, and it is safe, too. The money order would take a few hours to materialize, and the cash would be available to you. If necessary, you can take an urgent money order by paying a little more.

In Conclusion

There’re also some other ways to get cash for your prepaid Visa debit cards. However, I’ve never used them. These include using a MoneyGram account to transfer cash, certain websites, Craigslist and local gift shops. However, you can try this out if you have the time. People that’ve tried these ways say that they are reliable and you do get cash instantly.

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