7 Tips to Get Free Junk Removal Near You!

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free junk removal near me

Keeping unwanted or unusable, old stuff at home can be actually harmful to your health. And for your finances too.

Maybe you would laugh at me for saying this or think seriously about my statement.

So, I will clarify your doubts.

Old, unwanted, unusable stuff that lies around our homes can release toxins and pollute the air, soil and water. Additionally, dust gathers on such stuff, which causes allergies and other illnesses.

Furthermore, if you’ve metal junk, chances are that you or someone in the family could be accidentally injured due to some part that’s rusted. Such injuries could lead to Tetanus.

No, I’m not scaring you. These are a few things that junk actually does, other than eating up valuable space at home and garage, that can find better uses.

Reasons We Collect Junk

If you have the junk at home, there’s nothing to worry about. Millions of people worldwide are saddled with billions or maybe trillions of tons of junk of all sorts- from old and unusable clothing to computers or appliances that don’t work, exercise machines and even books.

Most people collect junk or things they can’t or won’t use again due to some emotional attachment. That old dress in the closet could’ve come from mom or aunt, or that washing machine might be the first appliance you bought after getting your first pay.

Some people collect junk because they don’t know ways to dispose of it safely. Others are sheer lazy and don’t wish to take that extra effort necessary to clean up the home and make extra space.

In rare cases, we come across cases where someone is actually unable to get rid of junk. If that’s your case, continue reading. In this article, I will discuss briefly about seven excellent ways to get free junk removal nearby.

7 Tips to Get Free Junk Removal Near You!

Maybe you’re unaware that some kinds of junk can also be sold. Of course, it might not fetch a lot of money. However, the money you get is better than allowing something to rust and lose more value or simply occupy valuable space.  Junk removal helps maintain your home clean and healthy too.

If this sounds good, here’re seven different ways to get free junk removal nearby.

1. Salvation Army

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is one organization that will accept all kinds of junk. As a matter of fact, they will collect the junk from your premises free of cost. That’s because The Salvation Army accepts junk as donations.

They sell any metal junk to scrap dealers and plastic as well as other stuff to recyclers. Your old clothes are sold or given free to the needy. Donating to Salvation Army is the best way to get free junk removal while doing charity.

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2. Your Local School

Local School

What has a local school got to do with all the junk you’ve collected? A lot, actually. Most American schools ask their students to do some of the other projects. These projects often require different kinds of material.

Some students can’t afford such material and could use something from your junk for their project. Furthermore, most schools teach recycling. So, the junk you give away to a local school for free could go for their school project on recycling.

3. Recyclers in Your City

Recyclers for free junk removal near you

Actually, nobody notices them, but a recycler could be just around the corner from your home or office or somewhere midway. These recyclers buy junk and convert it into something that’s reusable.

For example, plastic gets recycled as plastic pellets that are useful to make various other things. Metal can be melted in foundries and reused again. Cloth, wood and all other kinds of old stuff or junk can be recycled easily unless it’s hazardous or illegal to do so. You can earn some money by selling junk.

4. Craigslist


Advertising the stuff that you wish to give away for free or sell can help you get junk removal. However, this isn’t an easy task by any yardstick. Your junk will sell or be taken away only if it’s of any use to someone.

Or else, nobody is interested in wasting their money on useless stuff. The good news: there’re several junk buyers that use Craigslist to spot persons that want to sell or give away junk. They will contact you and take away the junk free from your premises.

5. Scrap Dealers

Scrap Dealers

There’re countless scrap dealers across the USA that provide junk to recyclers. In fact, they sell junk to recyclers and make money. And they also pay you a little for the junk.

Usually, such scrap dealers will be interested in recyclable stuff such as paper, cloth, plastic, metal, rubber, glass and wood, among other materials. They will buy the junk by weight and pay you on a per-kilo or per-pound basis only. But they will take it away without asking you to pay anything.

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6. Garage Sale

Garage Sale

If you think that the junk can be sold and find some users, hold a garage sale at home. To do so, you would have to inform neighbours and friends about your garage sale and allow people to come and see what’s on offer.

Usually, old furniture, exercise machines, repairable appliances and computers are all in demand from people that don’t wish to buy new stuff for any reason. Plan your garage sale in advance and make sure that a lot of people know about it.

7. Assorted Charities

Assorted Charities

There’re lots of charities in your area that would willingly accept the junk as your donation. Understandably, they might pick and choose what junk they wish to take away for free and things they don’t require.

You can approach some of these charities and tell them what’s on offer. These charities usually send some volunteers to cart away your junk free of cost.

Wrap Up

Before junk removal, make sure that all the things you wish to give away are in one single location. That saves you a lot of hassle when people go to your home to see or collect junk. Making money and good health and two strong reasons to get free junk removal near you.

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