Billshark Review: Can It Really Help You Save Money on Bills?

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All of us have several monthly bills to pay. Paying bills can often mean taking away a big slice of our earnings to pay for various kinds of services that we require or, at least, we believe that we need.

To be honest, I’m never happy paying bills. And, I am sure that none of you pays bills without thinking about how you could save or how to eliminate bills altogether. Nowadays, there’re several online services that are available to pay bills. One of these services is Billshark.

Understandably, you would want to know if Billshark is legit and how much money you could save by using the service. Therefore, I am writing this honest Billshark review. We will also see if it can really help you save money on bills. 

Let’s begin by knowing what exactly Billshark is. Later, I will give you some details of how the system works and the place where you could use it, the cost of the service and other details.

Understanding Billshark

There’re several online services that help Americans to save some money on their monthly bills. Billshark is one of these services. They claim you can save up to 25 per cent of your monthly spending on bills.

Billshark is an online bill negotiator. It means they negotiate your monthly bills with the providers and help you get a refund for the amount you’ve paid already. However, Billshark isn’t a free service. Instead, you will be paying them some money. I will discuss that later in this article.

If you’ve several subscriptions and aren’t using them fully or would love to save some money by cancelling them, you can also use Billshark. This, too, isn’t a free service. 

Overall, Billshark does the negotiating work for you. They work with various service providers to bargain and get some of your money back from the bills you’ve paid.

Places Where Billshark Helps

One important thing to remember is that Billshark can’t help negotiate and lower your monthly grocery bills or gasoline bills. Nor does Billshark help you to get cashbacks on entertainment or food bills and any other such expenses that you incur.

Here’re some of the bills that Billshark can help reduce or get cashbacks once you’ve paid the money already.

  • Mobile phone and Internet services.
  • Cable TV/ Satellite TV with subscriptions.
  • Landline phone.
  • Internet Services Providers.
  • Satellite radio.
  • Subscription packages for TV, Internet and phone.

An important thing to remember is that Billshark can’t get you cashbacks or negotiate your bills if they’re already from a special and low-priced package or service. That means if you already have a special rate because the subscription was signed during some promo, Billshark services wouldn’t be able to assist you.

The good news, however, is that Billshark works with almost every major mobile phone and Internet services provider, phone company and other organization in the above six fields. The good news is that Billshark operates across the USA. Since they operate online, you can get their services anywhere in the country.

They are said to have a success rate of about 90 per cent when it comes to negotiating your bills. This means there’re no guarantees that you will get a cashback or pay lower for a bill.

Cost of Using Billshark

As I said, there’s no guarantee that Billshark will get you a refund or help pay lower bills. They have negotiated thousands of bills till today. However, success depends on various factors such as your location, the service provider, the nature of service and the plan you have, among others.

Billshark operates both through a website and as an app. You can download their app from Google Play for an Android phone or the Apple Store for an iPhone. Registering and using Billshark as a website or app is free.

However, Billshark keeps 40 per cent of the money that you get as a refund. For example, if you’ve paid $100 as a bill and Billshark negotiates it down by 25 per cent, you should ideally get back $25. However, considering that Billshark retains 40 per cent of your cash back, you could get back only $15. Some customers claim they’ve got larger amounts of money while others grumbled that they received only $5 to $10.

Workings of Billshark

Using Billshark is very simple. Almost everyone that uses Billshark does it through the app because it’s most convenient. Therefore, the best way to get started with Billshark is by downloading their app on your mobile phone.

Once you register, fill out details such as the services that qualify for getting savings on your bills. These include your customer ID number, provider, monthly bill details and other such info.

Select the types of bills where you wish to save and provide these details. The app will inform you whether that service is available at your location.

Whenever there’s a bill, go to their negotiations section on the Billshark app. Upload your bills by scanning or taking a photo with the feature available on the Billshark app. Once you upload the bill, you also have to pay it either through the app or your net banking or credit card or debit card.

Once paid, Billshark will try and negotiate your bill and the payment with the services provider. If possible, they will try and get a cashback on the amount you’ve paid. This money goes back to your original payment methods, such as a credit card, debit card or bank account.

Cancelling Your Subscriptions

Billshark charges $9 if you choose to cancel a subscription and make a final payment. This facility is, however, available only for selected subscriptions. That means if you’re in a long-term contract with any service provider for a minimum fee, you might not be able to cancel the subscription through Billshark. This could depend on your location and service provider too.

In some cases, Billshark can help you negotiate a closing deal for cancelling a subscription too. In such cases also, the maximum you would pay is $9. Here, I suggest that you read the terms and conditions of Billshark for cancelling subscriptions before proceeding. There’re chances that you might be able to negotiate a cancellation with the provider directly.

Insurance Through Billshark

One of the things that you could also use Billshark is to buy insurance or renew your insurance. Here, Billshark doesn’t charge any fees. Instead, the deal is directly between you and the insurer. Billshark works only as a facilitator by providing an additional service to attract clients.

Before buying insurance through Billshark, you can compare the prices of various plans online. You can also negotiate your payments for these insurance plans with agents of the insurer. Generally, most insurers expect that a client will bargain and hence, have some margin to provide a plan at lesser costs.

Wrap Up

These are all the things that I could find about Billshark through research on various websites as well. Therefore, I can safely say that Billshark is legit and does provide some relief by getting cashbacks and price cuts on bills that you have to pay. They can also help save on subscriptions by cancelling. However, the 40 per cent commission is a bit too high. But considering you would lose all the money if you didn’t use Billshark, getting back something is worth it.

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