What is Envelope Stuffing Job and How to Find it

There are many people who don’t have any idea about envelope stuffing job and if there are people who’ve heard about this, chances are they don’t have wrong idea about this.

If you are keen to be financially independent and work right from your home then envelope stuffing jobs are the best.

The best thing about them is you don’t need any experience or educational qualification.

Anyone who is willing to work hard can do envelope stuffing jobs. Whether you are a housewife, college student, retiree or physically handicapped you can earn a living with this job.

However, before you decide to work you need to know what exactly they are and how you can find them.

What is an Enveloping Stuffing Job?

Envelope stuffing jobs have been there around since 1950s. It all started when mothers and housewives began looking for a way to make extra money for their family. envelope stuffing job

What is a typical envelope stuffing job?

First you send money say $10 to a company as a processing fee and then company sends you all the postage stamps and other things that you stuff and send those envelopes.

Company would send you addresses of people whom you are going to send those stuffed envelope. The addresses are pre printed on the envelopes and you need to stick stamps and post envelopes to given addresses.

You get paid on the basis when the company receives replies from the envelope you sent.

So the job is very simple.

How to Find a Genuine One?

The big problem with envelope stuffing job is finding a genuine one. How do you find an envelope stuffing job that is genuine and pays you regularly.

Do a Thorough Research

On the Internet you will be bombarded with dozens of companies claiming high paying online stuffing jobs.

Most of them will be scams and they might cheat you. Hence, you need to cut to chase and search only legitimate envelope stuffing jobs.

Go to the website of a particular company, find out every single detail on their website. See whether they have given a phone number or not.

Before you fill out a form or pay a registration fee it is better talking to company on phone.

Do not make a move if phone number is not given.

Do NOT go for High Paying Envelope Stuffing Jobs

If a company is paying high for a job then it might be a fraud. They might ask you to pay registration fees upfront. Such companies are fraud and you must avoid those websites.

Do not give your personal information to them at any cost.

Check Background of the Company

If you find a company then you must do a background check before you move forward.

Find out about the company on Google. Know whether there is any complain about them or not. If you find people complaining about the website then avoid such companies.

How Much Money Will You Make?

If you find a company that is offering a job then talk about the money they are willing to pay.

You need to read their terms and conditions very well. Are you paid on daily, weekly or monthly basis?

How do you receive payments by check, direct bank transfer, PayPal etc. You need to find out all these things.

Also ask whether the job is available all seasons or just for a particular time.

Find More about Job Description

You need to ask about the job description. Find out what company expects from you. You need to get every detail of your job.

If they are unwilling or unable to provide the details then they are scamming you.

Read Reviews about Envelope Stuffing Jobs

Another best way to find a genuine envelope stuffing job is to read reviews by people.

You need to find out what other people are saying about the job. Are they satisfied? Find out for testimonials and other proofs.

So these were some steps you need to take before you find a genuine envelope stuffing job.

Is it a Scam?

Again the big problem with envelope stuffing jobs is scam.

Today, as a matter of fact there are very less envelope stuffing jobs available. If you are found one then you are looking.

Moreover, getting paid is very difficult is very difficult because most of these companies do not pay you.

If you want to work at home and make some money then you could probably try some other jobs like blogging, affiliate marketing etc.

I personally have not found a single person who had being paid by an envelope stuffing company.

So you need to be very careful before you make any decision.

Read this article and then make a move.

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Priyanka Nagrale is a homemaker and entrepreneur in the truest sense. She’s very passionate about issues including women empowerment, career development and helping people- especially women and students to make money from home. She encourages people to choose best careers and become financially independent through her well researched and interesting articles that are popular among women and men of all ages.


  1. I am interested to know about this job I am sick and I can’t work so is easy for me to work at home .

  2. oh boy reminds me about 1980 around that year the era of mail order biz where just little money came in then . now its lets see the co in the real world life and if it pays up. It can take say Rs 100-200 for a photo id fee but it must work for all lock stock n barrel . then people believed not any more in the era of scams 99% of the times. Except becoming a loyal customer fulfilling ones own and family needs then a kind of payback does pay back to your bank account i have not found anything as yet . ptc the only co that paid was all hit deals for about 7 months then they too packed up , on a phone call you just cannot check out anyone. i am eager anything worth while i am interested but i want real life support plz – groversnoida @ yahoo.co.in

  3. My advice. Do not go after Data Entry Jobs or Enveloping Stuffing Jobs. If you want real career guidance shoot me email at ..wealthyindian85 (at) gmail.com

  4. My advice as an internet marketer to you is; Do not go after Data Entry Jobs or Enveloping Stuffing Jobs. If you want real career guidance shoot me email at ..wealthyindian85 (at) gmail.com

  5. The article seems useless as the heading says “Envelope Stuffing is the Best Job from Home” and you concluded it with “If you want to work at home and make some money then you could probably try some other jobs like blogging, affiliate marketing etc”

    It is better that, you change the topic or content, becasue they do not match. I know, the topic is named so because it will make more poeple to read about it. In such situations, you could provide some useful information rather than simply saying, search about the company, get the details, review comment(which is almost done by every user if they are searching for an online job)

  6. I am interested in envelope stuffing job. Please let me know how to make payment to start this business.

  7. I want an online work from home job so that I can survive. I am already 70 years and a regular office work is too taxing. I wish to work online from a computer from home to earn an honest living. A moderate pay will suffice.

    I was formerly a lecturer in accounting but I don’t like tutoring job.

    Please help.

    Patrick Ng

  8. once for 15 years ago I was earned a littele money doing envelope stuffing. It is like lotto game. I was paid but many others who did the same job head been paid nothing. There was no internet than. You must be very cearfull when you aply for this kind of work

  9. Surprised to see this meaningless article. If you are not aware of any legit, what is the fun of writing this?

  10. Hi,
    I usually receive your informative mails, helping me understanding things. One such mail was about adsense, blogging and others. I had received this mail a long time back which i reserved to be read at some time liesurely when not under pressure of work. but when i saw that, i had mistakenly deleted it (when i dont know), from my mail box i thought of writing you, with request to send the mail if possible to me. i shall be much obliged. Please give how to go about gaining from adsence and blogging.
    Thanks a lot.

  11. I will like to know the various envelope stuffing works available by its website’s names. Please forward me certain websites’ name so that I can work for the same. Wishing you and others good luck.

    Waiting anxiously,


  12. Priya madam
    Have never heard about this envelop stuffing job in india (can say Asia). May be it is popular in Australia and American Island.
    Could not visualise how far it can be profitable to the company. In India people are available in plenty to work at a low cost and also there is huge competition for that. Even if some thing pop’s up as you have stated, its survival to be checked on scam for its genuinity. For what ever reason registering or guaranty on the basis of money is like learning to walk on smooth and slippery surface.
    Thank you for your article, decently and orderly presented, Regards

    • Dear madam,
      Thanks a lot for such a beautiful & kind information. I feel very happy when I see your mail. Madam as you know today it is becoming very difficult to survive due to high inflation hence I also want some part time job by which I can fulfill the desire of my family members but today we can not believe on any one. Fraud is prevailed every where and I fear to invest even a single rupee in this fear that i will not get it back.
      therefore I request you kindly give me the name of company on which I can rely.
      Eagerly waiting for your reply.
      with warm Regards
      Raghunath Singh

  13. Dear Priya
    Kindly tell me in details about blogging and affiliate marketing,I d’ont have any website to do such type of marketing.Please guide me how to earn money from internet successfully.
    Kuldeep Sharma


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