Received The Request For Your ID Activation

We have received the request for your ID activation and sent you an email for confirmation. We will activate your ID in 24 hrs time. If you don’t receive the email in the next 30 minutes, please do the following the steps.

  • Sometime you might receive the email in the bulk folder, spam folder or junk email folder. So check your email there and add in the address book of your email.
  • You might have entered wrong email address at the time of activating your ID. This might happen for 2 reasons like either you have entered wrong email ID by mistake OR your email ID is different then what you think. People do mistake sometime when entering rediffmail ID or yahoo ID.
  • Its better that you use the Gmail ID as this is very reliable.
  • How You Will Receive The Package-

    The package consist of series of emails for all the online job we have mentioned on our website. You will get these jobs in daily steps. So just read our emails daily and follow the instruction read in the email to start these online jobs.

    You will receive the following money making programs through email.

    • Amazon Mechanical Turk or mTurk (complete guidelines)
    • Paid Online Surveys (Top 20 sites)
    • Earn From Mobile. Earn By Sending & Receiving SMS (8 sites)
    • Google AdSense (complete tutorial for blogging and other possibilities)
    • Affiliate Marketing (full training material)
    • Paid To Read Email Sites ( Only best and trusted sites )

    Download Any Latest Updates in the package-

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