How to Get Maximum Apple Student Discount on Macbook, iPad

Pritam Nagrale

apple students discount

Owning a Mac, MacBook, iPad is every student’s dream. And the good news is, now you can get an amazing Apple student discount that makes your dream come true.

Interesting? Continue reading to know how to get Macbook and Ipad deals.

apple students discount

Apple & Education

For over 40 years, Apple is supporting education in the US and other places around the world. These include ConnectED, an initiative Apple is supporting since 2014.

The company has given a free iPad to every student, a Mac and iPad to every teacher and Apple TV for classrooms at 117 under-served schools in America.

Additionally, Apple education discounts are available for every student in the US and a few other countries on Apple products. The company also gives away freebies such as headsets and apps.

There are five distinct ways to get superb Apple student discount. I’ll explain each of these in detail. However, certain terms and conditions may apply depending upon your location. Sound’s fascinating? Go ahead and get student discount now.

How to Get Apple Student Discount

You can get superb Apple education discounts on various Apple products by any of these five ways. Check each offer carefully to ensure you get the best available deal.

Apple Shop for College

You can save up to $200 and get 20 percent discount on various Apple products with Apple Back to school offers. These offers are available for 18-years and older students. Create an account at Apple Shop for College store to avail these amazing best buy student deals.

Usually, Apple doesn’t ask for proof that you’re student. Yet, it’s always better to keep your student ID card and other details ready to ensure you don’t miss these best buy student discount. In some cases, you would have to buy through, which seeks verification.

Buy from College/ School

Apple Education allows schools, colleges, and universities to enroll as members. And Apple offers superb discounts to participating in educational institutes.

This membership allows educational institutes to use Apple products on campus for teaching and other purposes. Some schools, colleges, and universities can offer their students the facility to buy Apple products using the Apple Education account.

Here, it’s worth remembering that an educational institute isn’t obliged to provide the facility for buying Apple products.

However, it can be given as an exception or to enable financially weaker students to get a MacBook or iPad at lower rate. This facility would be solely at discretion of the Apple Education member institute.

Apple Tech Stores

There are online and offline Apple Education Stores at campuses of various colleges and universities. You can get a good Apple student discount at these stores on specific Apple products.

Usually, these stores will display the tag price. You can avail student discount upon giving proof that you’re studying at a particular college or university.

This system has a minor glitch though: you mightn’t be able to get Apple student discount from a specific Apple Education Store if it caters only to a certain college or university students.

In such cases, you can buy online after verifying your student credentials through

Yes, it’s possible to get Apple student discount from Amazon as well. In fact, buying an Apple product from Amazon can sometimes save a little more money than shopping directly from an Apple student Store or other programs.

That’s because Amazon often comes up with promotion such as ‘Back to School’ and others.

Create a ‘price drop’ alert on Amazon or use some of these best hacks to save money when you shop on Amazon.

Who knows? You might land a deal much better than those from Apple Student Stores. Using these hacks is simple and legit. Therefore, you can try one too.

Apple Student Trade-In

If your dad, mom or some family member has an old Apple product they’re giving away, accept it happily. As part of Apple student discount, you can trade-in the old device and get hefty discounts on new ones.

A fantastic advantage with this system: you can buy any Apple device with trade-in and not necessarily those eligible for a student discount by Apple.

At the same time, Amazon also allows trade-in of older Apple devices and provides excellent discounts on newer ones.

You can compare the discounts available by trade-in on both Apple store and Amazon and opt for a deal that saves you more money. These can vary a lot because both companies have independent trade-in policies.

These are the five best and easiest ways to get Apple student discounts. But wait, there’re some indirect ways to get an Apple student discount too.

Work at Apple Store

To encourage students to learn about technology and earn money while learning, Apple provides jobs at campuses, other facilities as well as Apple Stores at almost every location across America.

These are part-time jobs you can take as a student. And these part-time jobs can evolve as superb future careers with Apple- a legendary company.

You can get discounts on Apple stuff while working with the company or use your earnings to buy an Apple device of your choice.

Apple continues its long legacy of supporting education and students. Look for news and special offers on their official website. You might come across something that can help save money on Apple stuff or help build a career.

Wrap Up

Other than devices, Apple student discounts are also available on Apple Music, iTunes, and other supported stuff. If your dad or mom already holds an Apple Family account.

It’s possible to get an Apple education discount too. Understandably, there wouldn’t be any significant or noteworthy difference if you opt for Apple student discount directly or through a family account.

However, it’s definitely worth checking offers for students available on an Apple Family account.

A lot of people also collect Amazon and other shopping vouchers to get discounts while shopping for Apple products online.

These don’t qualify directly as Apple student discounts since they’re open for everyone. You too can examine such opportunities to get indirect Apple student discounts.

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