AdSense, Blogging & Affiliate Marketing Training

Long wait is over!! If you ever motivated to start an online career in internet marketing but failed to get the proper idea of how to begin and how to get the success you always dreamt of then our Internet marketing training will help you out.

Training Details

There are different types of Training Programs available with us. Depending on your interest you can opt for the training program.

Basic Training & Consultancy – Fee INR 999/- (US $20)

This is 1 hour training program where you will get the exact idea of how to make money online. This is for people who is searching for some online jobs OR failed to get success in any online job. After getting this training-

  1. You will get the idea of what works on internet and what is scam.
  2. You will know where exactly you have to begin for part time or full time.
  3. You will get the fair idea of Blogging, SEO, AdSense & Affiliate Marketing.
  4. You can ask 2 questions either after the course completion or in future.

Basic Training & Consultancy – Fee INR 2999/- (US $60)

This is 3-4 hrs training program depending on the capability of the person attending the program but not more than 4 hrs. You will get the same idea as in 999/- plus you will be provided with complete training for AdSense. You can ask 5 question either after training or anytime in future.

Advance Internet Marketing Training – Fee INR 10000 (US $200)

This is 8 hrs course for those people who are aware of programs like AdSense, affiliate marketing but not making good success with any of the program. After getting this training, you will know exactly –

  1. The main reason for your failure
  2. The important steps to be successful.
  3. Why personal blogging is different than blogging for AdSense & blogging for affiliate marketing.
  4. How to become successful in AdSense & affiliate marketing
  5. The best way of doing SEO for your sites.
  6. You can unlimited question and will get lifelong support from us.

Complete Training for Internet Marketing – Fee INR 15,000

This is for all the people who wish to become a successful internet marketer. Even if you don’t have any idea of anything like blogging, AdSense, affiliate marketing, SEO you can join this training course.

The duration of this training will be 15 hrs. & this training will be conducted only in our Mumbai office. There is no online training facility available for this.

You need to make your own arrangements if you are coming to Mumbai to complete this training course. This can take between one to one & half month to complete the course. Timing for the batches will be 2 hrs on every Saturday and Sunday.

How to get the training?

You can get the training in our Mumbai office or online through Skype. If you don’t know Skype, its one of the best and free software where we can talk, video chat & share our computer screen. Skype makes training easier & you can download this free here.

If you are interested for any of training course, you can contact us and send email to us at [email protected]. We can even provide you the customized training program.

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