Can Blogging be Taken as a Career in India?

Daily thousands of young students & graduates from all over India visit Internet. Many of them go there in search of internet  jobs.

Out of many job, there is one known as blogging. It is getting popular in India and people have become interested in it.

Can young students in India take blogging as their career seriously? Is it possible?

Well there is a problem. Let us debate that problem.

blogging as career in india

Why Blogging is Still NOT Popular in India?

The first problem I see with blogging as a career in India is that it is still not very popular here as it should be.

If you compare blogging as a career choice in USA, then there is a lot of difference.

Here, students have a mindset of becoming only engineers, doctors, charted accountants etc.

Else would prefer to go for a government job. That is the reason still young students are not very well prepared or exposed to blogging.

Could Middle-Class Indian Take this Risk?

Then come taking risk for blogging as a career. As I said earlier blogging is not very popular in India. The mainstream of our society still want to go for a 9 to 5 job.

For them blogging word is totally unheard of. Children or their parents have no idea about blogging. They are stuck in their own world.

Hence, they cannot afford to take risk. They will never allow their children to go for blogging as a career.

According to them it would be totally waste of time and money. So there are very few in our middle class who will be ready to take chance.

Awareness of Blogging in Our Younger Generation

You just visit a college campus and ask students there how many of you know about blogging.

The answer that you will get is deaf silence. No one would even know about blogging. Even some of them who know about blogging would never be interested in becoming a blogger one day.

They are going to follow just one line and that is either engineering or medical. Not trying anything else.

Thus awareness about blogging as a career in our younger generation is as little as their previous generation.

Perhaps this is the reason why blogging in India is not going to work.

Ready to Invest Time and Money in Blogging

As we all know education in India or elsewhere is very costly. If parents are not able to afford courses for engineering and medical then how would they allow their children to go for blogging?

Although blogging does not need any extra money but it requires a lot of time and effort. You have to learn for years without getting anything any return. But after some time you can make huge amount of money.

And neither students, nor their parents are willing to invest so much of time in a career which they do not know anything about it. Therefore, blogging cannot be taken as a serious career choice in India.

Passion for Writing

Blogging is all about writing about your hobby. If you have passion for writing only then you could be successful or think of starting your career as a blogger.

For your information, blogging is not a jackpot where you could make money overnight. You work continuously over a period of time and only then you can make money.

Here you have to build your readership through writing some great blog post on regular basis. You have to come up with unique ideas and share these with your blog visitors.

Hence, if you want to take blogging as your career then you must have deep knowledge on your blog topic & knowledge of writing.

Professional Institutes for Blogging and their Fees

Even if someone who comes from upper middle class or affluent class of our society, he cannot become a blogger because of lack of professional institutes that teaches blogging.

In India, there are hardly any such institutes which tell you to take up blogging as your career. You will find institute for management courses, fashion designing, mass communication but not for blogging.

This is very unfortunate. Hence, even if someone is willing to give a chance to blogging he or she will turn it down because lack of any professional training.

It also make blogging as a difficult choice as a career.

If few individuals are teaching blogging then their fees is so high and they give very little time to clients.

I am running a training institute for SEO & blogging in Mumbai. There are many people who are doing good in blogging after taking my training. You can visit for more details on different courses.

Can Blogging Pay You Enough To Make Living?

Again like previous point, if you decide to become a blogger then would the money you will be making is more than a regular 9 to 5 job.

If you think yes you can make then you could start blogging right now. But if you feel that you cannot make then there is no use in joining blogging.

There is huge profit in blogging and you could make money in lacs every month but you need to be patient and work hard for at least one year without any money.

If you are ready to do then you might see yourself as a successful blogger.

Who are Other Successful Bloggers in India?

As I said earlier, blogging could be your career choice if you are ready to work hard initially.

If you think there are no successful blogger in India then you are wrong.

There are many top bloggers in India who are not just successful but making a lot of money with blogging.

One of them is Amit Agrawal founder of He is number one blogger in India and a success story.

You can learn and inspire from him.

Present and Future of Blogging in India

In present situation, there are not many Indian bloggers on blogosphere. Most of them write on technology and blogging. There is really dearth of good bloggers here at present.

But in future blogging in India could be very promising, if more young people decide to become a blogger.

As with the growth and penetration of Internet daily more and more individuals from cities are joining as a blogger. If they are passionate about writing then they could be a successful blogger.

Therefore, if you wish then blogging could be your career choice.


  1. Sisir says

    I am very impressed going through your site . I congratulate you for being a successful and a professional blogger.
    I tried to enter into the blogging very late . Your open suggestions and guide are very useful to new bloggers like me.

  2. Asha Yogananda says

    Hi I am looking out for online job or a day shift job. I have done MCA. and has got 5 years of work experience. I have to take care of 2 children and i a m really confused. kindly help me.

  3. says

    Blogging should be chosen as a carrier by those who have patience to wait for a long time.. Because its not like you made a blog today and you’l starting getting cheques next week/month..
    If u need money to carry on ur livelihood. I must suggest u to go and find a job..

  4. says

    I am doing engg and right now into my 3rd year. I am thinking of making blogging as my career. I have 2 years of experience in blogging. What are broad areas or fields that we can take when choosing blogging as career ?

    Avinash Kumar
    My Blog:

  5. says

    I always suggest college students to start blogging with their college, This will give them enough time for blogging. And it is proven that blogs pays more money than many jobs..


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