Why Amazon Is the Most Used Affiliate Program In the World?

Well! Folks I am not going to tell you, what Amazon is all about? If you do not know then I think you are living under a rock. Hence, I want to start directly why Amazon.com in the world is the most used affiliate program.

Daily more and more affiliate marketers wants to join Amazon.com, yet there are many other affiliate programs.. Why only Amazon.com? Why?

Well! There are many reasons why it stands out from other affiliate programs. In fact, I have used many Affiliate programs like Commission Junction, Clickbank, etc. However, I still find Amazon is the best.

Let us find out why I am saying so.

Advertise & Sell Anything

Amazon is the best ecommerce site that offers wide range of products from electronic gadgets to movies, home & Garden tools to automotive products, Clothing & Jewelry etc.

You can become an affiliate there and start selling these products. They are so genuine that you will automatically gain the customer’s trust. Moreover, these products are very high in demand so you can sell them like a hot cake.

If you cannot sell directly then you can advertise them on your blog with simple linking tools. You can maximize your earnings by increasing your conversion rates.

Amazon offers a great variety of products, easy to join affiliate program and high returns, you do not find these things in other affiliate networks.

Build’s Affiliate Reputation

The most difficult thing that I have experienced as an affiliate marketer, is gaining confidence of your customers. Winning their trust is not an easy thing and it does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of time and patience.

However, Amazon affiliate programs can help you to build your reputation as an affiliate marketer. If you are able to sell few good products to customers then you could build good reputation among online visitors.

Amazon.com is a great ecommerce website where millions of people come here to buy products and if you try to sell some products in very beginning then later on with the time you can build a strong bond with your customers.

Strong bond means you will be making more money.

Exceptional Payment Modes

An affiliate marketer faces problem when it comes to being paid. Unlike other 9 to 5 jobs here, you have to receive payments through different ways. However, Amazon is quite exceptional when it comes to payment.

There are various ways for payments, first is personal check, second is cash on delivery, it can be done through a third party courier system, third is my favorite and that is through PayPal, it is very safe however it offers limited transaction amount, fourth is wire transfer, a payment mode for countries that do not have PayPal service.

Therefore, you can choose any one of the payment mode and remain assured as far as your monthly income is concerned. There are thousands of affiliate marketers around the world that trusts Amazon.

Easy Taxation

Money that you earn from selling products on Amazon is just like the income you get from any other business. It is taxable, however in reality there is a chance that you get away without declaring your profits. However now it is not possible.

There could be few advantages for paying taxes, you might be able to get it back through deducting tax on your business expenses. If some income is not profit and they are business expenses then they are tax-deductable. Well! I cannot say this with surety but it is possible.  This is if you are involved in selling products directly to customers.

Therefore, I recommend you to pay taxes so that you get benefit and do not land yourself in some kind of trouble.


Well! In conclusion, I would say Amazon is the best affiliate program in the world. Thousands of affiliate marketers like me from around the globe accept this fact. According to my experience, Amazon is the best.

Some of its features are, first is you can advertise and sell anything with an ease, second is it build’s your reputation which is very important, third is convenient payment modes and last one is easy and transparent taxation on your profits.



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