8 Ways Kids Can Make Money from Internet

Today a computer with internet connection has become a basic amenity in every household. Every kid and teenager is on computer surfing the web.

Kids waste their time on their computer without learning anything. They play games online, watch movies, chat with friends and do many other things but they are hardly learning anything.

In this article we tell you how kids can make money online without putting an extra effort. They make money while having fun on the Internet.

Kids and other teenage can learn the art of making money when they are very young. In our times there was internet but it was quite difficult to make money.

However with this generation it is possible. Here are 8 ways

1. Surfing the Internet

Let us start with surfing the internet. You are using Google Search Engine for searching everything. You want to know about something like name, place or thing you just Google it. kids make money online

However, there is a website like Swagbucks which pays you for every search that you perform on the Internet. You can visit the website and find out more how they are paying you for every search you do.

2. Playing Games on the Internet

Kids love to play games on the Internet. In fact most of them are on the Internet only for playing games.

But you know you can convert this hobby into making some money. How? Well Programmers and developers develop video games for the kids and they want to test their game online.

So they need someone like you who can play the game. If you give the feedback about the game good or bad then you get paid.

Secondly, there are game sites which pay you if you win because of your performance. Website like BlizzCon organizes game competitions and awards its winner.

3. Reading through Emails and other Ads

There are website which can pay you for reading emails and other ads. Company wants to build brand for their company and they want you to read their ads in your email box.

If you do that then you get paid for reading emails daily.

4. Clicking Ads on Certain Websites

This is the easiest way to make money online for kids. You have to click on ads and the money will be credit to your account.

Once you reach the threshold amount you get paid through check. However you need to be very careful while choosing a website because most of them are fake.

Some of the genuine PTC websites who really pays are Neobux, clixsense and wordlinx.

5. Taking Up Simple Online Surveys

You could also take up online surveys which are small and easy. You will be asked with questionnaire like do you travel by air or train, do you go to vacations, things like that.

You have to answer these questions and submit it. You get paid according to the number of surveys you take daily.

6. Create and Share Your Photos and Videos

You take photos and record videos when you are having fun. If you are out on a vacation then you could take beautiful photos and sell them online.

You submit your photo to website like Fotolia and when someone downloads your photo you get paid.

7. Small and Easy Online Jobs Related to Your Hobby

If you have hobby like designing logo, painting or other things that you do as a recreational activity then you can make money on Fiverr.

Fiverr is where you get paid for job that you know to do it. If you design something and finish the project you get paid. You can refer more online jobs here.

8. Create a Website or a Blog and Express Yourself

The last one is creating a website or a blog is more serious thing compared to previous seven. You can get a free blog and write your dairy and you do things daily.

If you have a hobby then you can share it through blogs. You can make a lot of money through advertisements.

So these were few ways to make money online for our kids.


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