Top 6 Affiliate Programs from Indian E-Commerce Sites in 2015

If you are an affiliate marketer from India then you got an opportunity to make money. It is because some of the Indian e commerce sites have best affiliate programs for Indian affiliate marketers.

Now you don’t have to depend upon Clickbank or Commission Junction. Earlier it was very difficult for Indian marketers to sell to American audience.

However, with Indian ecommerce site it is quite easy now to sell products and earn commissions. You could easily target customers in your city and sell some products and earn good commission.

I have created most updated list of 6 Indian ecommerce sites with great affiliate programs. The list is up to date and the information is latest.

Other blogs on the internet are not updated and the information is outdated.

Before you read the article I must tell you that there are two ways you could sign up for an affiliate program of a particular ecommerce site.

ecommerce sites affiliate program

  • By going directly to the ecommerce site. Following 6 ecommerce sites allows you direct sign up by going to the site.
  • Second one is sign up through an affiliate network. I mentioned this in second half of the article.

1. FlipKart

The first E commerce site with a great affiliate program is FlipKart. Joining is free and you could make commissions up to 15% on every product sold.

Flipkart is the number one e commerce site in India with millions of consumers. Hence for affiliate marketers there is a huge potential.

Commission Structure

  • Fashion and Lifestyle Products: 8% to 14%
  • Home and Kitchen: 10% to 15%  
  • Electronics and Gadgets: 4% to 5%
  • Digital and e Products: 2%
  • Books:  10%

You could make out that Fashion & Lifestyle and Books are the most profitable category.

Payment Mode

Flipkart gives you two types of payment mode.

  1. Gift Voucher – Payment is given after reaching the threshold amount of Rs 250/-
  2. EFT – Threshold amount is Rs 1000/-

How to Join: Visit 

2. Infibeam

Infibeam affiliate program could pay you up to 10% for some of its merchandise.

Commission Structure

  • Fashion and Lifestyle Products: 5%
  • Home and Kitchen: NIL
  • Electronics and Gadgets: 1%
  • Digital and e Products: 10%
  • Books: 5%

Infibeam is really good for digital products like eBooks because commission is 10% and lifestyle products with commission up to 5%. However it is no good for electronic gadgets as commission is only 1%.

Payment Mode

Two kinds of payment mode.

  1. Gift Vouchers – Gift voucher just like Flipkart with threshold amount of Rs 250/-
  2. Bank Cheque – No EFT but only cheque and threshold amount is Rs 1000/-

How to Join: Visit

3. Amazon India

Amazon India affiliate program also known as Amazon associates could give you commissions up to 15%. Commissions are really great but Amazon’s terms and conditions are very strict.

Commission Structure

  • Fashion and Lifestyle Products: 15%
  • Home and Kitchen: 10%
  • Electronics and Gadgets: 4%
  • Digital and e Products: 4%
  • Books: 10%

You could see commissions are really great especially on lifestyle products. However for consumer electronics commissions are modest. You also earn advertising fees on items placed in customer’s shopping cart within 24 hours.

The variety of ads that you get is huge.

Payment Mode

After 60 days you get paid by check and EFT both. For gift certificate threshold amount is $10 and for check it is $100.

How to Join:

4. Snapdeal

Snapdeal is quite unique because of its commission. The Cookie duration for the affiliate program is 24 hours.

Commission Structure

  • Fashion and Lifestyle Products: 20% to maximum of Rs 1250/-
  • Home and Kitchen: 20% to maximum of Rs 1250/-
  • Electronics and Gadgets: 10% to maximum of Rs 1250/-  
  • Digital and e Products: 20% to maximum of Rs 1250/-
  • Books: 20% to maximum of Rs 1250/-

Payment Mode

Only mode of payment available for Snap Deal affiliate program is EFT. Snap Deal does not give you Gift Voucher or Check Option. However, the good thing is there is no minimum threshold amount like other affiliate programs.

How to Join:

5. Jabong

Jabong affiliate program asks you monthly traffic or visits of 50,000 people on your website or blog. Unlike other websites Jabong do have an eligibility criterion.

Moreover the commission structure is pretty flat and it is up to 10%. You get paid after the validation of 45 days.

Commission Structure

  • Fashion and Lifestyle Products: 10%
  • Home and Kitchen: 10%
  • Electronics and Gadgets: 10%
  • Digital and e Products: 10%
  • Books: 10%

The best part of this affiliate program is the cookie lifetime which is up to 30 days. Another great thing is special commission rates for top sellers.

Payment Mode

Payments are made by checks.

How to Join:

6. India Mart

Just like Jabong India Mart also offers a commission of flat 50%. You share half of the revenue generated. Moreover, India Mart does not have eligibility criteria like Jabong.

Commission Structure

  • Fashion and Lifestyle Products: 50%
  • Home and Kitchen: 50%
  • Electronics and Gadgets: 50%
  • Digital and e Products: 50%
  • Books: 50%

Payment Mode

India Mart offers you three methods of payment. They are DD or Demand Draft, Check and PayPal. The threshold amount for payment is Rs 1000/-. Payment is made after 60 days of validation. 50% commission is really great.

How to Join:

So this was the list of 6 best affiliate programs from Indian ecommerce site. I have not given any website without an affiliate sign up page. Like eBay India affiliate program has been closed down.

However, there are few other Indian e commerce sites that are offering affiliate programs but their information is so limited that we cannot get to know their commission structure.

Some of them are

India Times Shopping

No information but you could visit the affiliate sign up page

Health Kart

Health Kart gives you information only after sign up.

Shop Clues

Visit the affiliate Sign up Page

How to Sign Up for Other E Commerce Site’s Affiliate Program

If this is not enough for you then there is another way to sign up for affiliate program of other top e commerce site.  For example, I have not written about the affiliate program of a top ecommerce site named Myntra. And many others like Myntra.

So how do you do it? Well! You could sign up through affiliate network.


iCubesWire is the number one affiliate marketing network for Indian marketers. It is the most trusted network in India and it pays you on time.

Although I don’t need to explain about affiliate network but for beginners I would keep it simple. In simpler words affiliate network is an agent between the ecommerce site (like Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon etc) and you.

You go to iCubesWire and sign up as a publisher and you get to promote for various ecommerce site given there.

iCubesWire has more than 200 companies including Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Jabong, ICICI, Standard Chartered, Kotak, Bharat Matrimony, NIIT, FoodPanda, Dominos, Fashionara, OlaCabs etc.

Here how you sign up?

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: Click on Publishers on Menu Bar and Read it thoroughly.
  • Step 3: Finally you could sign up as publishers. Go to
  • Step 4: Fill all the information carefully and submit the form.
  • Step 5: Finally your application would be reviewed and after few days they will email you.


  1. A little bit confused, but there is no Alidropship affiliate program! They offer an incredible 50% commission on every dropshipping plugin sale you refer and 30% for each referral who orders a turnkey custom store or extra services like add-ons, hosting and etc. It’s about $284 in one purchase! You’re welcome

  2. nice blog…keep up the good work….I want to start affiliate on my blog. Can you tell me which is better Amazon or Flipkart?

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