Top 5 Different Types of Online Data Entry Jobs You Can Earn From

To get a online data entry job from home is easy with numerous openings available in the internet. It is just a matter of speed and accuracy. So what does a data entry operator do? How is it possible over the internet? It is simple. Data entry operators enter important and required information in the employer’s processing system.

online data entry jobs

For this you do not need to be highly qualified, but you must have good communication skill and really fast typing capability. Also you may require possessing good listening skills and an eye for detail.

You can work in several shifts and the best part being you can work from home. Here we will discuss the 5 different types of data entry jobs where you can earn good extra income.

What is a data entry job?

A data entry operator is similar to a virtual assistant. A secretary sits at the office to answer phones and put data into the computer, but a virtual assistant works from home and sends everything through the internet.

With the businesses becoming aware and flexible about working conditions, they are opening up to online data entry jobs.

Employees are believed to be more productive when they work from home and choose their working hours. The companies also can cut down costs as they do not have to provide working space and other facilities to the employee.

But the data entry job is a stationary work and you may have to spend the day in front a desktop. Naturally these jobs are tedious, repetitive and thus can be boring at times.

But it is one of the easiest ways to earn extra cash sitting at home. Data entry jobs are required in the financial industry, retail industry, for consumer products, insurance companies, etc.

In the financial industry, data entry workers enter personal information, bank transactions, and other financial data into their systems; which includes jobs with banks, accounting firms, stock brokerage firms loan servicing corporations and government agencies.

In the retail industry, data entry operators enter catalog orders, enter pricings and inventory information.

They sometimes may have to process incoming and outgoing orders, which are packages and deliveries. Data entry jobs in the consumer product segment include tabulating customer complaints, concerns and comments.

An insurance company will need data entry workers to input claims information to their system. You may be hired to review previously recorded data, for proof-reading and correcting mistakes.

Top 5 Online Data Entry Jobs

I am explaining here 5 different online data entry jobs so that you can decide which one is best for you.

Data Entry Keyer

You will receive numbers, items and other data to enter into the computer software. It includes entering data from licenses, cheques, etc. After entering the data, it is checked for mistakes or missing data.

You may also have to search data among several documents available. You do not require formal training for this position as the employers provide constant instructions on the job.

Word Processor or Typist

Here you have to enter data which are used to create letters, mailing labels, reports, etc. You have to be good with spellings, punctuation and grammar. A word typist also has to format the texts and proofread the work.

You may have to work on technical stuff and use statistical data to create charts, graphs and tables. You do not need any formal training here as well as you learn and acquire skills on your job.

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You have to type data as you listen to a dictation that is already recorded and transcribe the data into required reports and documents. Here also you need to have good sense of grammar and must have really good typing speed.

A transcriptionist can fetch a data entry job in medical firms, legal firms, etc. For this position you need to have a formal training in transcription at a vocational institution.

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Data entry clerks

These workers also enter information into a database. You can achieve a full-time position through this as many companies provide data entry service to their clients. For this job you need to type fast and accurately.

Your focus on the data, ability to identify mistakes and attention to details are important and required skills. These skills can help you to identify minor discrepancies and allow you to alert the supervisors; thus fetch promotion for yourself.

Online form filling

You have to fill online forms with the specific details already given to you. In this highly competitive market companies wish to be on top of the internet search list, so they pay huge amount of money to companies that conduct online form fill up for these businesses.

You have fill up numerous forms online sitting at your home and earn money for that. You just need to follow instructions of your employer.

As you have read about the top 5 different types of online data entry jobs you can earn from; it is implied that you do not require a lot of formal education for these jobs. These online jobs are viable and can be done from the comfort of your home. Teenagers, college students, and housewives anyone can take these up as a part-time job, as a source for earning some extra cash at the end of the day.


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    I am looking for an online job such as data entry job, bookkeeping job and even copy paste jobs
    Please help me how to find job , this would be an additional income on my part
    Thank you very much.

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