7 Important Tips for Part Time Bloggers

Blogging is a difficult job and you have to give your full time if you want to succeed. However, there are bloggers who blog on part time basis.

Although it is very difficult to make money with blogging working part time but you could, if you’re very serious.

Here are some of the tips for part time bloggers.

Choose the Niche Close to Your Regular Job

Choose a topic that is close to your job you do. If you are a teacher then write something about teaching profession.part time blogging

There is no need to blog about how to fire a gun. If you choose a niche that is close to your job or hobby then you can create original and good content daily.

So create a blog that is close to your hobby or day job. It saves you a lot of time.

Blog about Your Daily Life

Part time bloggers do not get much time. Hence, you have to create content in small time. So the best way to do it is by writing something about your daily life.

You could write how you spend your day. You could write story and make it more interesting that people would love to read it.

Carry a Dairy or Notepad with You

You should always carry a notepad or pocket dairy with you. It helps you write down ideas whenever it comes to your mind.

Later on, you can create a title and write a post about it. Part time bloggers do not get full time to sit and ponder over a new title.

You really don’t when a new idea might come into your mind. If you are able to write it down then you could use it later.

Learn Basic and Easy to Implement SEO Techniques

You should never ignore SEO. SEO is very important if you are blogging part time. You have to get some traffic on to your blog.

You do not have to learn everything about SEO but you should have basic knowledge like choosing right keywords and getting backlinks.

Learning basic of SEO is must for a part time blogger.

Create Controversial Titles and Content

You will not get time to write daily. Hence, whenever you write you must write something controversial.

If your post is controversial then it might go viral and you receive a lot of traffic. So writing on controversial topics could help your blog receive high traffic in small amount of time.

Use Social Media Effectively

Social media is very important. You could start with Facebook and Twitter. You have to spread a world about your blog on Facebook.

You can start with your friend and later you could create a fan page.

Part time bloggers cannot ignore the power of social media. If you do not know to use Twitter or LinkedIn then at least learn using Facebook.

It will help you spreading a word about your blog.

Do NOT Miss Sundays and Holidays

Finally, I would suggest you not to miss Sundays and other holidays. Part time bloggers get less time compared to a regular blogger.

Hence, use this extra time to your benefit. Instead of wasting your time with your friends and family you can learn a thing about SEO or create a new backlink.

Do not waste your Sundays.

So these tips are very important for a part time blogger. If you are a part time blogger and want to earn like a full time blogger then you got to read this blog.

If a part time blogger works smartly then he or she could make money like a full time blogger.


  1. Hello mam,
    Another great article!! . I am a student and I also blog part time. As a college student I don’t get much time for blogging but atleast I am able to blog for one hour daily. Yes we should never at all waste our sundays and holidays we can work about 5-6 times greater than what we work on usual days. I liked the ” creating controversial title and content” point. By just tweaking your title a little bit, can create an interest in readers to read the post. 😉

  2. Dear Sir,
    I didn’t understand why others will get interest on my daily life??
    Secondly, If I blog about latest things especially my passionate politics (Indian politics) then will it be a bad topic which can not be so popular??
    And my 3rd questin is that jobs8home.com is a blog or a website??
    Pls answer these questions even if they seemed silly to you! Thank You!


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