How to Recover Gold from Computer Parts

Do you know that your computers like desktops, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones have gold in them?

If you have used-computers or mobile phones then instead of throwing them or selling you can extract gold from them.

You might have dozens of used computers in your garage or store room. Open them all and start extracting gold for them.

Here is the procedure you can follow.

Computer Components with Gold in them

Computer parts like motherboard processors, hard drives, CPU, RAM, CD/DVD drives have some gold in them. Other metals like copper, silver, brass etc are also found on them.

Other parts like Power Supply (SMPS), keyboards, CPU fan doesn’t have any kind of gold but they do have some silver in them. Recover Gold from PC

Let us talk about CPU first. They have gold plating on their pins and golden wires inside them.

RAM has gold plating on their fingers and gold wires inside chips mounted on it. If you know there is portion of silver also.

Now let us come to motherboards. They also have gold plating like CPU on various types of socket pins. Different chips like BGA, QFP etc have gold and some silver mounted on them.

How to Recover Gold from Different Parts

Talking about recovering it is not going to be that easy. It is because there is not one extraction methodology that can be used to recover gold from different parts of computers.

For different parts there is different recovering procedure. Like nitric process or CN process is used to extract gold from gold plating, polished pins and connectors.

Similarly, aqua regia technique is used for recovering gold from CPUs.

Pyrolysis and hydro-metallurgy are used for computer chips.

Now let us look how you can remove gold from various parts.

How to Recover from Motherboards?

Motherboard has various metals like gold, silver, palladium present on them. There are also other metals like copper, brass, tin, aluminum that could be recovered from the motherboard.

For recovering gold from motherboards you can use CN process, aqua regia, nitric process, pyrolysis and hydrometallurgy.

It is not possible to tell details of these processes in this small article but you can watch videos to get an idea.

How to Recover From CPUs?

Although there are many methods to remove gold from CPUs but aqua regia is the best known methodology available today.

You can use nitric process also called CN process to recover gold from green fiber CPUs.

However, you have to have some experience for recovering gold from this method. You have to be extra careful while utilizing these methodologies.

How to Recover from Chips?

Apart from motherboard and CPUs there are many other small chips present in computer. You can also remove gold from various chips present in the computer.

Electronic chips in computers have gold and some silver in them. You can extract gold and silver both from electronic chips.

First you need to burn chips in an iron container without any smoke. You can dissolve smoke into chemical solutions.

After that you have to grind the residual into fine powder. The fine powder would contain ash, gold, silver, copper, nickel and many other metals.

Now melt them using three different chemicals including borax.

Once you are through with melting process you will obtain solid mixed metals like gold, silver, copper, nickel etc.

Further these metals can be separated using various chemical reactions.

Recovering From Mobile Phones

You can remove gold and other metals like silver and palladium from mobile phones also.

First you have to sink your mobile phone in the chemical to remove various components. You get gold plated items, ceramic capacitors, chips etc

Now you can use CN process, nitric process, pyrolysis, hydrometallurgy etc to get gold and other metals from it.

So these were some of the techniques used for removing gold from various parts of computers like CPU, motherboards etc.

These methods cannot be used in your home because most of them are for industrial purposes. If you want to do in your home then you have to be very careful with chemicals and melting some of the metals.



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