8 Reasons to Start Your Own Affiliate Marketing Business to Make Money Online

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. In fact it is a dream of many bloggers that one day they become a successful affiliate marketer.

If you are a blogger then you should start thinking of affiliate marketing now.

I am ready to give you eight good reasons why you need to become an affiliate marketer.

reasons for affiliate marketing

1. The Start Up Cost is Not Much High

This is nothing new.

In fact I should say there isn’t any extra cost for starting affiliate marketing. If you are already a blogger then you can start affiliate marketing without having to invest anything extra.

A blogger can easily graduate to affiliate marketing by doing few tweaks to his or her website.

It wouldn’t be so difficult for you if you are already a blogger for some time now. However later on cost may increase.

2. No Product or Shipment Required

This is one of the beauty of affiliate marketing. You sell the product but you don’t need to develop it, own it or deliver it.

Your role is purely to sell this & every care is taken by the merchant from billing to shipping the product.

3. Affiliate Marketing is Where the Real Money Is

This point should be on top because it is very obvious.

Why affiliate marketing because there is a lot of meat in it.

Revenue you generate from affiliate marketing is 2 to 4 times higher than the revenue you generate from Google AdSense.

Selling a product generates more money than getting clicks. Selling is a bit difficult than getting clicks but the money is really great.

It is the income that makes a big difference between a blogger and an affiliate marketer. But you need to learn the tricks of selling the products through your blog or other methods.

4. Easy to Scale Affiliate Marketing Business

Once you have graduated from blogger to an affiliate marketer it’s time to scale up.

If you are being able to sell products to customers then you got to expand by incorporating more sophisticated affiliate marketing techniques.

You just can’t scale up with a website that is suited for blogging only.

You have to integrate auto responders, buy a database, run campaigns etc.

All of this can be done easily because you get readymade help from various service providers.

5. Implement Most Tested and Successful Business Model

As I said earlier you don’t have to work very hard when it comes to implementing business model.

There are a lot of tailored services that you can incorporate to get desired results.

In other words you don’t have to reinvent the wheel because you can always reengineer it. However these services are not free and you have to pay them.

You don’t have to worry because your profits would cover the money spent on buying such services.

6. Monetization Resources Available

If you want to increase your profits then you have to monetize your website and entire strategy.

You don’t have to worry about this because you get all the help online.

Whether it is about landing page or acquiring a quality database you get all the help online.

There are services that can help you in generating more leads and running your campaign effectively.

All that you have spent on monetization can be recovered easily from the profits that you make.

7. Whole World is Your Marketplace

You can sell a product 24×7 to the whole world without worrying about the geographical boundaries.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in USA or in Australia you can sell it to anybody anytime.

Although you can sell to every other country in the world but you can to bunch English speaking countries.

There isn’t any problem when it comes to transaction because it is being already taken care of.

Unlimited access to marketplace really increases your profit margins.

8. Why Depending Upon Google

This is another great reason to start affiliate marketing. You don’t have to depend upon Google too much.

Yes you do have to when it comes to traffic but not as your payer.

You should always look for diversifying your income. It is good that you have other companies that are paying you.

This helps you not to depend upon one particular company.

9. There is No Limit and You Can Make a Million Dollar

We already talked about this. But I want to emphasize that affiliate marketing can really make you rich.

It is because the money is really great.

You can easily make up to $50K per month. It is not difficult if you are a serious affiliate marketer.

In fact many are making over $100K per month. So the money is really great and you can be a millionaire.


All of this sounds great but I need to caution you before you think of affiliate marketing.

Here are some important caveats before you dream of making money with affiliate marketing.


To be honest affiliate marketing is not for beginners. Actually you don’t start as an affiliate marketer you indeed graduate to it.

So you have to a blogger for some time and then graduate to an affiliate marketer.

In other words you simply don’t start with affiliate marketing without any background.

You have to have an experience of at least 2 to 3 years in blogging.

Experience with Blogging and Marketing

As I said earlier you have to an experience of blogging and marketing too.

You need to know about running campaigns, creating landing pages and many other marketing techniques.

Knowledge of SEO is very important for being an affiliate marketer.

So it requires a vast knowledge and experience from diverse background.

No Easy and Quick Money

I will conclude by saying don’t get an impression that affiliate marketing is easy.

You don’t make million dollars or even half a million dollar so easily.

You won’t be rich overnight as mouthed by many so called marketing gurus.

Affiliate marketing is a long haul and you will take years to generate an income.

Selling is perhaps one of the most difficult things.

I wanted to be honest so I gave you both sides of the picture.

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