RCM Business – Do You Know These Facts About RCMBusiness.com

RCM Business is one of the top MLM company in India right now. It has become popular over the years because of its excellent marketing strategy and the benefits that a customer gets.

If you are thinking of joining RCM Business then I strongly recommend you to read this article so that you can know some of the facts which you can’t know either from your seniors nor from the official website RCMBusiness.com.

I have worked with RCM for more than 2 years now. And I know everything about the company, hence I could guide you in way that you will never get things wrong way. I am sure, it will give you some of the useful information that can help you to decide if you want to join this company-

Even if you are already joined in RCM business, you will find some of the important things for you

RCM Business

So here are some of the points that you need to ponder upon.

About RCM Business

RCM Business belonged to Chabra Group. The company is growing rapidly and it has more branches in India than ever.

It has over 8 million distributors, around 100 depots, more than 5000 PUCs, 1000 bazaars and shopping points and around 750 good quality products.

The company is booming when it comes to network marketing. RCM Business is committed to high quality products and original services to distributors.

RCMBusiness.com is getting new distributors and it has also outsourced their job to people like you and me.

RCM basically a clothing company has become a giant when it comes MLM or multi level marketing company. Perhaps it is India’s biggest MLM company.

RCM Business

First you got to understand the business of RCM. RCM is basically a kind of MLM program where you spread word about the product and you get membership.

If you get more membership under your leadership then you make more profit. You got to convince people by telling advantage of their products and how they could make money by enrolling more people.

You have to do following things in the RCM business.

Become a Member by products or there is a paid membership

First you got to enrol in the RCM program and become a member. A member could be paid once. Once you become a member you get an authority to sell products to other people.

Becoming a member means you are part of a large network and you will be creating more members under your leadership.

You have to find new customers and sell products given by the company

As soon as you become a member you will get various products like grocery items, food items, toothpaste, soap, medicines, clothes, etc.

You have to sell these products to people and tell them to enroll the RCM program just like you did.

You must be smart enough for selling those products because you need to persuade people that you have something great to offer.

As you enrol new customers you get benefits and more money

Getting a new member under you means you are expanding your network. More members you enrol the more benefit and money you make.

If a new guy registers for RCM program for say Rs 4500/- then you get a cut on that. Hence if you enrol 5 to 10 people daily then you get 10 times more commission.

Thus you have to enrol more people and expand your network as much as you can. A successful MLM marketer is the one who has the biggest network of members under him or her.

Keep on increasing your network day by day

Now you got to expand your sphere of interest. You have to keep enrolling new people daily and that is a challenge.

You will not succeed if you cannot enroll new people in your network. You must be smart enough to learn various tricks about getting new members.

You could learn it from seniors and others who have great experience.

Focus on advertising skills and leadership quality

I will continue with last point saying focus on adverting skills. If you have to enroll new customers then focus on advertising.

You will be putting ads on newspaper, internet and public places like bus stops, college campuses, hospitals, parks etc.

Advertising must be powerful so that you can get member.

You also need great leadership quality.

It is because you would be managing dozens of new members under your leadership.

You got to guide them and tell everything what they need to do. Your success depends upon their success hence you have to ensure that they succeed. Teach them how to operate the website rcmbusiness.com and how they can enrol the new members.

So leadership quality is very important.

RCM Frequent Q and A

Q: Can you and your family buy and use products regularly?

A: Yes all your family can buy and use the RCM products and everyone is doing it.

Q: After you bought products from the company, do you get anything back? Or Manufactures, Dealers or Distributors give a share of profit or some income?

A: No, you will not get any money back or share of their profit. It is because you make your own money and you don’t have to depend upon distributors or dealers.

So you do not get anything back after you purchase RCM products.

Q: Are products cheap or very expensive?

A: Well, the products are generally cheap but some of them could be expensive also. So you have to choose according to your need.

Q: Who is prime beneficiary of all this, Manufacturers, Dealers, Distributors or the Customer?

A: If you want to know the reality then all of them are beneficiaries. But in the end you make most of the money as you get more members under you.

Q: I want to get in-depth knowledge about the program and the company. How do I get that?

A: Well you could visit their website www.rcmbusiness.com and find out more information. Read every page their and understand about the company. Moreover, you could also talk to their customer support and find out more information talking directly to agent there.

Q: Could I make money with RCM MLM program and become rich?

A: Yes there is an opportunity but you got to smart enough and know how to use RCM. You can definitely become rich if you work hard.

RCM Business Direct Seller

For becoming a direct seller for RCM you should have following documents.

  1. Two Passport size colored photograph (Applicant Name & Father/Husband Name on Back Side ).
  2. Self attested photocopy of any of the following documents for photo identification.
    1. Passport (Valid)
    2. PAN Card
    3. Voter’s Identity Card
    4. Driving License (Valid)
  3. Self attested Photocopy of any of following documents for address proof:-
    1. Telephone bill not older than 6 months
    2. Bank account statement not older than 6 months(Attested by Bank)
    3. Electricity bill not older than six months
    4. Ration card
    5. Passport (Valid)
    6. Driving License (Valid)
    7. Voter’s Identity Card

Product Lists

Some of the products that RCM has are the following


RCM Fraud

Finally I would conclude by saying you have to be very careful when it comes to MLM frauds. Today most of the MLM programs are fraud like Speak Asia which was the fraud of the decade.

Hence, before making any decision you have to be careful and find out every single detail about the company and their plan.

Always speak to their customer support and find out more information. This way you can surely avoid a big fraud.

This article is contributed by Shashi Suman from Bangalore who likes to write about MLM topics.


  1. Actually I’m just product user.. but now onwards I’ll start my business in rcm.. I got clarity by this information.

  2. I want to join Rcm businesses
    Is there any training programmes for new joinee…


  3. Sir i am new and am thinking to open one RCM shop at our locality there is only one shop of RCM and most of the time their shop are empty every product they bring are taken away by the agents to sell. So am thinking to open one RCM shop by investing 6lac will it be beneficial for me by just selling the product but no activity at down line.

  4. Kisi bhi kaam me paise kamane ke liye mahant karni padti h or sabhi mlm compny me apko kamyab hone me kam se kam 5 saal lagege or uske liye bhi apko roz ke 4-5 ghante dene hoge sath hi yaha paisa apko koi kampani nhi deti logo ka paisa hi apko milta hain jaisa apka paisa kisi or ko mil raha hain vaise hi apko kisi or ka paisa milta hain.rahi product ki baat to aaj kal ramdev ke product me bhi kahi na kahi milawat hoti hain or ye to nayi nayi compny hain jinka koi proof nhi product ka apka so mere hisab se mind use karo paiso ke piche mat bhago….

  5. Proudly”RCM is great company with
    Healthy,useful and affordable products and superb plan.
    Our products are promoted by”Amitabh bachhan”
    Contact for Joining

  6. I appreciate what’s you write. More people needed to be educated, after all Money comes after hard work.



  7. great blog .already i have member since2009 looking working with great leader which support me from mumbai

  8. Priya dear i have joined RCM in 2009,can i start working now? your blog ecoureges me today. suggest me which is right.

    • Indias most popular MLM company is RCM.
      Because no investment , no risk

      RCM ne muje jina sikhaya . our me aaj apne dum par kada hu .
      per month ₹23,000 bina kisi job ke
      Only RCM se

      #####JAI RCM #######


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