A Perfect Plan to Join New Members & Grow Network in MLM

Someone showed you an MLM plan, you joined this with enthusiasm & thought you can easily add your friends & relatives under your network & make great money.

You started giving the presentation to your known people, you tried to show plan for each and every people but very few of them showed interest, you got de-motivated & left the company in the first month itself.

What went wrong?

How some people can have thousands of downline under their network and some can’t join even 2 people in their lifetime.

The only difference between them is leadership & planning!

No one is a born leader so you need to develop leadership qualities in you & if you don’t make a perfect plan then you can’t get success in MLM.

Before I go further I want to tell you my experience in MLM. Here is the history-

  • First MLM presentation that I attended was Japan Life in Khar Mumbai in 1999. I was so motivated to join the company that I tried my all possible ways to collect Rs. 1 lac but failed to collect even Rs.5000.
  • The first company I joined was Versatile private limited in year 2000. I was a fresher in MLM world. So what! Many big networkers made it big in the first company itself. But I failed. My team never grew more than 5. I could see, even the illiterate taxi driver who introduced me to the company was doing  great in the company.
  • Second company I joined was Free India Concept. I was in a different city & had no friends & relatives. So I started promoting through newspaper ads & other offline methods. I was not successful even in Free India but I learned a lot by attending number of big events in Free India, observing successful people & meeting hundreds of unknown prospects through newspaper ad.
  • Later on I joined many MLM companies & I was successful in each and every company. My downline in each and every company was more than 1000 & in one of the company my team was more than 5000. Some of these companies were MyVideoTalk, TVI, SpeakAsia etc.

I regret that I joined SpeakAsia because the intention of that company was not good & it proved to be a fake company.

Perfect Plan to Grow your MLM Network

I gained a lot of experience in MLM. The plan I am going to show you works very well & you can really achieve great success in MLM.

mlm perfect plan

So read this here-

Develop leadership qualities

If you have these qualities then its well and good & if you don’t have these qualities then you must read this article.

A leader can speak to anyone, anywhere and on all occasion. You must have confidence in your system so that you can tell about your company & show your plan confidently.

Everyone wants to join with the leader. If your prospect is ready to join, the next thing he will think that whether you can provide him support or not.

He must have confidence in you & the power to motivate your downline.

Know the Company & Plan Perfectly

Most of the people do this mistake and lose their prospects when they are unable to satisfy their answer.

So you need to know each & every details about the company, their owners, the product the are offering, their USP, branches they have & most important the income plan because most of the people join network marketing for making money only.

After you are confident that you know each & every thing, you can start promoting your MLM.

Note: Don’t join a company if you find these 2 things in the company-

  • If the product, company is offering is not a useful & unique product.
  • And if the plan looks like money rotation scheme.

Make your list & sort it with high to low potential candidates

So don’t be in hurry to show the presentation to the first person that comes in your mind. Instead make a list of all the people you know.

The best way to do this is by checking the contact list of your mobile & sort them with high potential candidate to low potential.

The reason is because if you go directly to low potential candidates then they will try to ask dozens of irrelevant questions like ‘how much you have earned’, ‘product is of low quality’ ‘what is the guarantee’ etc. which are difficult to answer & if they reject, you may get de-motivated.

So first develop the confidence & earn some income by joining the easy prospects in your circle & start from high to low potential contacts.

Arrange some party or get-together

The biggest problem comes when you invite your prospects. As soon as you use the words like plan, presentation, company, scheme, income, they try to avoid you by showing you their busy schedules or other excuses.

So these are the old things now.

You need to arrange some party at your place & invite your most potential & close contacts to that party.

Make sure, you also invite one of your top senior who is earning great income in the company because our friends take us lightly.

They will be more focused if an unknown person gives the presentation. And by doing this, you are becoming more confident for future presentations.

If you want better results then invite them individually because if you invite a group and even if one person is negative then it will affect other people in the group.

Once you are experienced, have a small network & received 2-3 payments then it will boost your confidence.

Now you are ready to show the plan on your own. If you are unable to invite more people, you can directly visit their home. You can also ask junior members under your team to arrange similar parties & then be there to show the presentation to their prospects.

Hire a place for regular presentation

This is the time to multiply your network. If your team is growing then its time to rent a place for giving presentation. You can ask your seniors to finance partially. It will be great if you choose a central location e.g. Dadar in Mumbai.

You need to train & motivate your team members to invite their friends & relatives. Don’t ask them to show any presentation until they are fully prepared & confident.

If you have a team size of 100 & even 20% of people bring 1 member daily & only 5 out of 20 converts, you have 5 members daily (150 members monthly) under your network.

This is the power of network marketing!

Work efficiently with your seniors & juniors

You need to utilize the power of both your seniors & juniors. You need to use the support of your seniors at all level. Support like giving training to your network, providing financial help or even some company level support.

Your downline is your power & they are responsible to grow your business.

You need to have at least 2-4 leaders in every 100 members. You need to provide them training for developing leadership qualities, showing effective presentation & how to get motivated all the time.

Promote your MLM outside your known circle

If you want to make it really big in network marketing then you need to build your network in all the different cities of India and if your company is global then you can think of promoting your business in other countries.

Here I am going to show you some of the best methods of promotion in short. In my next article, you can find the detailed planning of promoting MLM offline & online.

Methods to promote offline

  • Design a good flyer & distribute copies in the crowded area. You can hire someone & keep and eye on him so that he will distribute this properly.
  • Similar to flyer, you can also design handbills and distribute through a local newspaper.
  • Advertise in local & national newspapers. Always check for good deals in ads rates.
  • Advertise through local cable operator.
  • Contact radio channels.
  • Order custom design T-shirts for your friends or people like milkman, delivery boy, vegetable vendors in the market etc. who deal with hundreds of people.
  • You can advertise on your car.
  • Design an attractive business card & give it to each & every person you meet.

Online methods of promotion

  • Create a simple website, write about your company, product, plan & about yourself. Use the name of your site in all the offline & online methods.
  • Either you can do some quality SEO to get the potential traffic from Google or use the paid method of Google AdWords.
  • Create a Facebook page and promote your website there. Update your FB page on regular basis with company news, achievements or even humor.
  • Promote it through free classified sites.
  • Advertise in MLM forums. Search Google for different forums, join it & promote your company.
  • Search for blogs on MLM, make money, extra etc. in Google & write quality comment with little promotion of your company.
  • You can see more than 50 methods to promote online here.

Believe me, the above plan is simple to implement & its a foolproof plan for joining new members & multiplying your network.

If you are a successful network marketing leader, your comments are appreciated.

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