Pay your Bills on Time to Avoid Fine

Many people make the mistake of not paying the bill before the due date. And many people do this frequently. This led them to pay extra money as a fine (penalty). Fine on credit cards is very high if you failed to pay before the due date.

In our regular life we get several kinds of bills on monthly or quarterly as credit card bill, telephone & mobile bill, electricity bill and some instalments. If you failed to pay the bills on time you will pay it with added fine, you will feel that you are being cheated because you think you are forced to pay extra for no reasons.

But unfortunately you have to pay it. If you are a government employee, the bill amount will be deduced from your salary in advance.  To save extra money, you should pay your bills on time.

Here are simple steps that will help you a lot in this matter. Pay Bills on Time

(1) Make a budget

Many people don’t pay bills on time because they are financially unable to pay it on time, but if you make budget for it, you can manage it.

(2) Make a list of reoccurring bills and instalments

A list of your reoccurring bills and instalments will help you a lot if you are a forgetful person or a very busy person. You can make a list in an excel file with details as due date and amount.

(3) Verify payment options

You should choose the best and easiest methods to make payments. Sometimes you have to pay the bill by visiting the payment collection center.

But if it is possible you should choose online payment systems as net banking and debit/credit cards. These payments are instant. If you make payments via check, it can take some time in clearing process and amount deposit.


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