New & Smart Ways Online Thieves Use to Steal Credit/Debit Card Info

I was thinking of writing an article about new & smart ways of credit and debit card fraud adopted by online thieves. Few days back, Times of India published an article about the same.

I read the article and found out there is nothing new for me. I had an experience of credit and debit card theft.

However, it was back then when fraudsters were not very tech savvy and there were only few methods known by them.

But now they have become smarter than the cops while committing a fraud. Hence, I wrote this article to help you about the fraud and how you can prevent it.

Rise in Credit and Debit Card Fraud

There is sudden rise in credit and debit fraud last year in Mumbai. In 2013 there were only 32 registered cases and in 2014, there were at least 159.

It means over 500%rise in bank card fraud. You could imagine the level of fraud going on right now.

Here is some data to prove my point. steal bank card info

Year 2010

  • Cases Registered: 10
  • Total Arrest Made: 9

Year 2011

  • Cases Registered: 20
  • Total Arrest Made: 19

Year 2012

  • Cases Registered: 8
  • Total Arrest Made: 6

Year 2013

  • Cases Registered: 32
  • Total Arrest Made: 20

Year 2014

  • Cases Registered: 159
  • Total Arrest Made: 30


  • Cases Registered: 239
  • Total Arrest Made: 74

After going through this data you could make out how things have changed so far. 66.5% of the cases were registered in 2014 only.

Credit and Debit Card Fraud

Credit and debit card fraud is not a new thing. We all know that one should not give the details of credit or debit card to strangers.

But now with the advent of Internet and especially social media fraudsters have become more tech savvy.

Fraudsters will pose as bank executive and ask for confidential information like upgrading a card. You might receive phone calls from these fraudsters asking you to give your personal details.

Account takeover was another very popular and non technology method to commit a fraud. They will take over your account and replace your email and physical address with theirs.

But now these methods are well known hence they’re going for something new-

Modus Operandi of Credit and Debit Card Fraud

Now let us look at some of the modus operandi of credit and debit card fraud.

“SALAMI Attack”

Here fraudsters use an online database to retrieve information and deduct small amounts from every account over a period of time.

This is not uncommon but new method used by the fraudster to commit a crime.


Cloning is new and less frequent way fraudsters are using. Here fraudsters are using details on the magnetic strip of your card for creating replica payment cards.

Cloning is quite new however using malware software to gain access to your computer is quite common.


Phishing is a way by which fraudsters send an authentic looking email to your inbox and entice you to their fake website resembling original bank’s website.

Then they ask your details. They could also hack into your account.


Skimming is also a well known and still very popular. Your card information is stolen using various skimming devices during a legitimate transaction like when you are purchasing at a shop or a gas station.

‘Card Not Present’

Card not preset is also not new. Many website still allow transactions without two factor authentication. Hence it makes easy for the fraudsters to get into your account.

Friendly Fraud

Last is friendly fraud. Here fraud is committed by your one of close friend or a relative. They get to know the details of your card.

Precaution Need to be Taken By Customers

Although banks have stepped up security of their systems and sending SMS alerts to their customers but you need to take all precautions from your side.

So what those precautions are that you can take to avoid such fraud.

Here are some tips that might help you to securing your credit and debit cards.

  1. Always check for the authenticity of the site you are using. Make sure that the website is of your bank.
  2. Check all your credit and debit card statements weekly. If there is anything wrong you will get to know.
  3. Never show your CVV/CVC number at any cost.
  4. Never give your card with PIN at shops or petrol pump.
  5. Try your best using original software and other applications on your computer. This will reduce malware attack and save your password.
  6. Don’t give any of your card details to anyone. Keep it a secret.
  7. Complain to police and bank if there is a theft on your credit/debit card.

After reading this article it will open your eyes how credit and debit card fraud has become a menace in Mumbai.

Reference:-Times of India, January 18, 2015


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