Online Jobs Scam – How to Find if a Website Provides Fake Online Job

Are you searching for some online jobs that can make you money? Don’t pay anything or register anywhere, until you read this article.

This article will educate you to understand about various internet jobs scams & how to identify them even before you pay any registration fee for any CD package.

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So you have seen some website, read about the various home based online jobs they are providing. The website say, you can make this much money or that much income by working on these simple programs & that is very easy etc. etc.

You are excited, want to start as soon as possible but suddenly you came to know, that the website is asking money for registration. And because you are needy for online jobs, you pay the website.

After you pay the  registration fee, they will send you some username & password to access the member area or send some CD or DVD package. To make you more comfortable, these sites even has the facility to send you their kit on ‘cash on delivery’ basis so that you can pay, at the time of receiving the material.

Everything looked good!

You paid the money!!

You want to start the work & earn money through their kit, package or member area (whatever), but even after 1 month, 2 month or a complete year, you did not earn anything.

You called them or email them. No proper answer or even no reply. And you thought everything on internet is scam.

No! No!!

Everything is not scam. It was your mistake!

You did not educate yourself before buying anything.

The website said ‘we provide simple & easy online jobs' and you accepted. That was your mistake. You will get thousands of scammers & they will fool you again & again until you have the ability to identify them.

So do you want to know how to identify about these scam websites who provide fake online jobs?

Exposing Online Jobs Scam

Before giving you the idea to identify a fake site, I just want to tell you that-

  1. There are genuine programs as well on internet, that can earn you good income. You can read our story of online jobs to check how & how much money I am making.
  2. There are very few sites who provide genuine information & you have to work hard to find these sites.
  3. Not all sites who ask money are fake. I will explain you that also.

Identify a fake internet jobs site in just 10 minutes

So before paying anything on fake sites, can you spend your 10 minutes to check the following points to know how to identify a scam site.

If not, then you have to spend hours understanding what you have to do with their kits/package or in their member area. And I am sure, even after spending months, you will not make any money.

So get ready to check these 7 points in every site.

1. Have you seen any real person on the site

Yes, you are paying your hard earned money but you don’t know whom you are paying to. You must know the name of the website owner & his face.

Here are 2 simple points to get sure yourself-

  • Check the ‘About’ or ‘About us’ page on the website just like we have given on our website ‘’. He must have name, real image of him, with their Facebook or Google+ profile link.
  • If you check the website name in Google then it must display the name & image of the Google+ profile in the result. e.g. If you check my website name in Google, you can see my name ‘Priya N’ & my Google+ profile.

Even if one of the 2 is missing, it means their package is fake. But if you don’t see owner name in About page or Google search result, then its a clear indication of online job scam.

2. They provide live training for their online jobs

This is also one of the easiest way to identify, if a website is providing a fake & useless online job.

Call them and tell them that you are interested in live training. I am sure, a fake site will never provide training because they don’t know what to teach you in the training.

Live training means either they provide the training in their office or through Skype.

3. The owner of the site himself makes money online

I find it very funny about the scammers. They have never earned anything from any internet program but they teach the world how to make money online.

I am making full time income on internet from the last 9 years & I developed one of the best training package for online jobs but still I am giving this absolutely free (signup here) but these fake sites does not have idea of online income & they sell useless things to the world.

So if you are interested in some sites, tell the owner to meet you personally & show their online accounts where they are making money.

You can yourself judge from this factor.

4. You must have the phone number of the owner

There is nothing like a company on internet when it comes to ‘make money online’. Its purely run by a single owner or two. Your money goes in their pockets only.

Then why don’t they give their phone number to you. It means they know, they are providing fake internet job & what will they explain when you don’t understand something from their package or member’s area.

5. Check review of the website to find complaints

Scam sites can’t escape from this. If they have unsatisfied customers, they can find their complaints on various forums or consumer complaint sites.

e.g. if you check the review of Bharat Online Work, you will lots of complaints & scams related to

So how do you check their review & complaints?

Its simple. just open & type the following keywords-

  • ‘Name of the site’ review (e.g.  BharatOnlineWork Review)
  • ‘Name of the site’ complaints
  • ‘Name of the site’ fake
  • ‘Name of the site’ scam

e.g. If you want to check the review of my site, then replace ‘Name of the site’ with either MoneyConnexion or

Don’t limit your research to first page only. Search each & every result on next pages as well.

Don’t get fooled by the positive comments on any compliant site because they fake comment written by the site themselves. Because if user is satisfied, he will not go to any complaint site & write good comments & if he does, he will surely leave his phone number.

If you find complaints, it means their online jobs package is useless.

6. Proper ‘contact details on the site

Their ‘contact us’ page on the site itself can tell you, if you are going to deal with a fake site or trusted site.

Most of the scammers who provide useless online jobs don’t want to reveal their contact details but still you will find a ‘contact us’ page on their site to look their site as genuine.

But if you check the address on ‘contact us’ page properly, you will find that the address is incomplete.

They do it purposely so that nobody can reach their office.

So how to check if the address is incomplete?

If you read the address properly, you will notice 1 thing that they don’t have either ‘office number’ or ‘building name’ or the ‘street name’ in their address. Only 1 thing will be missing from their address.

Another way, you can confirm their address is by sending a courier or a postcard to their address. Write your mobile number & email in the letter & just ask them to reply by email or SMS to confirm if the courier is delivered & address is right.

7. Check if they provide support for online jobs

Its not a surprise if you find some contact number on the website. They provide this to increase their sells. They know, if people see the contact numbers, they trust the website.

There is no big deal to mention a phone number on the site. They provide this to handle enquiry & not ‘after sales support’.

So you need to get sure that, they will provide support after paying them for online jobs.

So how can you be sure before paying money?

Its simple, just note down their phone numbers & call them. Try to pretend yourself as an existing customer ask the question like, “I received their package/kit & trying to understand but not getting anything”.

Ask for guidance & explanation on “how to work” on phone. And I am sure, they will not.

I tried this with 1-2 websites & I got the answer that send your query to the email ID. And it takes around 2-3 days to get the useless reply.


I am sure, if a website fulfills all the above 7 points, then they are a genuine website & you will learn something from their package or whatever.

But if the website does not satisfy 1 or more points, then the chances of ite being fake are more. Beware of the scam run by these online jobs provider!


  1. Whatever you do… PLEASE be WARNED: DO NOT SEND MONEY TO ANY ONLINE COMPANY NO MATTER HOW GOOD IT SOUNDS UNTIL YOU FIRST SEARCH AND FIND OUT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN ABOUT THE COMPANY. If it sounds good to good it probably all bad. Making money online is possible but you have to be patient do your research on a company. Ask question to other bloggers and take notes, but most of all be safe.

  2. Mam I see job offer from US on internet as Domestic Helper Employer Jonathan glen send me employment contract and said me to sign I did and je gave me agency name and said me to send all requirements to agency which is Radius Travel Agency Limited Company . Now employer will pay $600 . and when I will pay 600$ then agency will start process for making my documents. Plz reply me what should I do.?

  3. I applied for realifojob they told that your package will be came within 5to7days. I came to know that this was the fraud company how can I avoid myself from paying regeneration fees. Please help me. Thank you

  4. even i am a victim. the company I Biz Infosys mumbi in masjid took 4,750 as registration fees n dinnt give the proper info. after 2 months they saied that i am disqualified after 2 months as my wprk wasn’t good. also dey say dey refund 1750 in 10 months if u do or not do the job n also dey say on other hand dat if u dont work with less mistakes for 2 months u r disqualified. now, is it sense? they are liars. please shut that fraud company.

  5. i have done a big mistake i transfer amt of 985 in actually there was vacancy printed in newspaper there is 300+ sits for engineer post any Btec student can apply for this post this was the post of technical engineer,so i saw in news paper and i did a big mistake and i filled the form online by transfer amount of 985. so please be care fully… and now if i see that website its shows website is not valid.

  6. mam… i m in vain.. and dream for [email protected] …these are the fake sites and they took money from me.. please mam tell me what to do next its very urgent …mam please tell me.. i shall be very thankful to you

    • is a job site. What problem did you get with that site? How can I help you?

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  29. Hi Priya,
    Your mail is excellent as it is very informative and useful for those who look for genuine online jobs. I was scammed by one site, who are still present on the internet with their Royal look to scam the searchers.That time I was not aware of the points you have narrated now. I am still looking to take up a full / part-time genuine Typing / Data Entry jobs that could be performed from my home, but I could not find one. May be you can provide some sources. I sincerely appreciate your efforts to guide the aspirants of online jobs and wish you all success and well being.

  30. Dear Pritam Nagrale and Priya N,

    My name is Harshya D from Kalyan, Mumbai, 28 years old. Working with a BPO company as Data Entry Operator.

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    • Please check all the points mentioned here & compare them with these sites. You will definitely find the answer.

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    • Hello Roger,
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